Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino


What is frappuccino?

Frappuccino is an iced cappuccino that is blended with a milkshake. That’s about it and as simple as it gets. There can be other flavorings and other toppings added to make some variety. Also, Frappuccino is a trademark drink of Starbucks. Only they can market and sell it anywhere in the world.

The product was discontinued for some time before Starbucks re-launched it again in 2019, and people loved it. If you have a look at the Frappuccino and taste it, it’s essentially a liquid dessert. The whipped cream, the topping, the coffee, milk, and ice cubes together make it a wonderful drink to have.

How Starbucks makes Frappuccino?

The way Starbucks makes it, it uses Frappuccino chips, vanilla syrup, and a rich mocha sauce and blends it all together with the other ingredients, which are coffee, milk, and ice. The ingredients look simple, but you would realize how the final flavor, taste, and texture make it so famous with everyone when you taste it.

mocha cookie crumble frappuccino
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And we have not yet forgotten the cookies part. Crumbled Oreo’s are used in the recipe that gives the drink its unique flavor and also the much-needed thickness. The drink tastes like a smooth, creamy, sweet, chocolaty flavored drink. You can head over to the nearest Starbucks to enjoy this drink whenever you want to, and that does not mean you cannot make it at home, at a friend’s night out, or at a social event.

The name Frappuccino is surely trademarked, but that does not mean you can’t make one of your own at home. So follow along as we share the recipe and the exact process of making the Frappuccino with you guys.

The Frappuccino making process

It’s extremely easy to make your own version of the famous Frappuccino at home. However, you can start off with this recipe and then try giving it your own little spin after a couple of tries. Usually, people will play around with the contents and the toppings. Different toppings will certainly add a different look and give a wonderful flavor.

This process that we discuss below is exactly similar to the Mocha Cookie Crumble from Starbucks, and there is no secret about it. Anyone can have the Frappuccino at the outlet and figure out their ingredients. The taste and look are how it quickly became our favorite!

List of ingredients

  • You need a lot of ice. So take a tray full tray of ice cubes.
  • As a variation, you can also make a tray full tray of frozen coffee ice cubes. For this, you just need to have the coffee brewed use ice cube trays to freeze them. Done!
  • Around 1 cup of milk and it can change as per taste and consistency
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons and add or reduce as per taste preferences
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup – This one is crucial for the taste, so I will recommend at least 2 tablespoons and can change as per choice.
  • Chocolate Chips – Take around 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Oreo Cookies – Take 4 to 8 Oreo cookies that are crushed. Take out the middle creamy layer off before you crush them.
  • Chocolate whipped cream. You can buy this ready-made from your local grocery store or make one yourself at home. To make at home, mix 1 cup whipping cream, 1/4 cup sugar with 2 tablespoons cocoa and beat them together

Follow these steps given below to prepare Frappuccino

Step 1

The first step obviously is to get the coffee made first. You can start by making your favorite brew of espresso or any other coffee. Just ensure that it is absolutely fresh as we have seen from experience that a fresh coffee gives a much better taste. Grinding your own beans – nothing better than that and making the best coffee to start with this recipe.

Step 2

Crush the Oreo’s. Take out the middle sweet, creamy layer of the Oreos and retain the cookies. Do that for all the cookies and crush them. We would place them in a plastic bag and beat them to crush them evenly. Retain a few bits of the crushed Oreo’s for later.

Step 3

Combine the coffee, the crushed Oreo’s, chocolate chips, sugar, milk, and chocolate syrup in a blender. Do not pour the entire milk. Pour just half and add if you feel it is too thick. Pulse it in the blender until it’s smooth. Ensure all the ingredients are evenly blended like syrup.

Step 4

Finally, add ice to the mixture. Do not add all of it. Add a few cubes, blend and see if you need more. The syrup-like consistency must flow easily. We use iced cubes to cool the drink and also to control the thickness of the final drink. So keep a close watch when you blend.

Step 5

Take a glass and pour the contents of the blender into it. The base is now ready. Do taste it to see if the taste and flavor are fine. The drink must have a distinct coffee flavor with enough sweetness to match your taste. If not, make some adjustments.

Step 6

Use the whipped cream to top it. Lightly sprinkle the whipped cream layer with some bits of crushed Oreos, and drip some chocolate syrup for that added touch of sweetness. There, your Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is ready.

Step 7

Dive in immediately after your photo sessions and enjoy its taste. You are going to love this one for sure. Show it off to your friends and share the recipe as well. Though not very healthy as it is loaded with sugar and calories, it’s certainly one for those cheat days when you want to treat yourself.

Frappuccino – other variations

  1. You can add ice cream to the recipe as it has the same creamy texture and sweet taste as the drink. So you can take a couple of scoops of your favorite Vanilla ice cream, add Oreo’s, chocolate chips, and whole milk. You can do away with sugar for this one, as ice cream already has a lot of sugar. Too sweet, and you will end up spoiling the flavor. Also, try to ensure the ice cream is rich as the shake will come out better tasting.
  2. You can use whatever milk you are comfortable with. For those who are vegan, you can experiment with Almond milk, Soy milk for the drink.


The hype is real! It’s the stuff dreams are made of. You have to make this incredible recipe to believe it. It’s only then you would know why people are such big fans of it. Overall the recipe is quite simple and easy to make.

So if you want to make it, it is just going to take a couple of minutes, provided the ingredients are already available, and you do not have to run to the grocery store. It’s a must-do, and you must also try some variations with it to give it your spin.

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