French Press Coffee


We think that every single coffee lover should have a French press in their kitchen. It’s hands-down one of the best ways to make coffee… it may even be our favorite brewing method!

French presses are pretty easy to use and don’t cost a whole lot of money. They produce some exceptional cups of coffee too, if you know how to use them! Coffee straight from the French press is bolder and thicker than drip coffee, so it’s perfect for people who like a rich, substantial cup of coffee in the morning.

Some people say that French press coffee is bitter or grainy, but that only happens when it’s brewed improperly. So today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know to make the perfect cup so that you can enjoy this awesome brewing method!

French Press Coffee

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Parts of a French Press Coffee Maker

French press coffee makers have a few main parts—the beaker, lid, plunger, and filter. Down below we’ve outlined the main parts and their importance for making a great French Press coffee maker. Without these parts it’s difficult to make an amazing and delicious French pressed coffee, you’ll see why!

The Beaker

The beaker is the big glass container where the coffee gets brewed. It kind of looks like those beakers we used in high school chemistry class, so the name is pretty appropriate! The aesthetics of the beaker add to the classic touch of using a french press too! 

The Plunger

The plunger is connected to the lid and the filter. After you’re done brewing your coffee, you’ll push down on it to press the filter into the coffee grounds. The pressure plays an important role in achieving a great French pressed coffee, no wonder it’s called the French press!


The filter is usually made out of metal and connected to the plunger with a metal rod. It prevents a bunch of coffee grounds from spilling into your cup when you pour your coffee without blocking the coffee’s natural oils from entering your cup.

Paper Filters

Paper filters absorb the coffee’s oils, so you miss out on a lot of the bold, natural flavor of the coffee by making it with a filter. That’s why we love the French press—it produces a much more flavorful, rich, delicious cup of coffee!

All the metal elements are high quality stainless steel that won’t rust. The beaker is made of thick, heat-resistant glass, not plastic, which is a big plus. It’s a well-made, durable coffee maker that will produce exceptional cups of coffee and last for years to come! Did we mention… It’s available in an assortment of colors— from black, to copper, stainless steel, and more!

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