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Almost all of us are hooked on coffee or some beverage that we relish first thing in the morning, and most can’t even start their day with a dose of their favorite beverage. It can be coffee, tea, green tea, lemon water, or something else. Waking up and having a beverage to wake up the mind has become a lifestyle for almost everyone. It’s good to let go of the sleep and sip the beverage early in the morning with your favorite music in the background, or reading the newspaper or watching TV. Here’s a look on some of the best funny coffee mugs on the internet.

Funny coffee mugs

While some can wake up feeling fresh, energized, and ready to hit the world, there are always a few days when everyone is tired, overworked, underslept, fatigued, and wake up with those sleepy eyes. A funny coffee mug will make you feel good and give an excellent start to the day. We have also come across people who have to at least 3-4 funny coffee mugs each, just because they are so much fun and act as decorative items. 

The funny coffee mugs are also ideally a good gifting item, with the best value for money. Not just for yourself, it’s an ideal gift for your family, friends, and colleagues at work, for they will be using it regularly and will remind them of you. Apart from drinking coffee, they can serve multiple purposes, like holding some stuff in the home or office, a funny paperweight, a collectible, or anything else.

Therefore, gifting coffee mugs has become a culture in itself. The messages and design of coffee mugs are all open to imagination, and you can also have coffee mugs inscribed with your messages. Overall the funny messages on coffee mugs can be anything in the form of the below:

  • Some funny pictures (even of the people themselves)
  • Some jokes or puns (maybe private jokes between you and them)
  • Themes like hobbies, pets, animals, travel, etc.
  • Attitude and personality
  • Humor and funny statements
  • Memes 
  • Sarcasm

Let’s start with reviewing a few of the best and funny coffee mugs we found for you online. I am sure you find a lot of them hilarious and very unique. 

The Original Toilet Mug

This is the best example of how hilarious and interesting coffee mugs can get. I hope with this first example, we have set the tone for this article. It’s perfect for home, office and is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who will appreciate the humor. Imagine clicking a picture of you drinking from it or watching someone in the office do it, I am sure it will lead to laughter every time.

It’s a silly toilet-shaped mug made with high ceramic material and holds 12 ounces of a drink. It can also double up as a decorative item, a place to store paper clips and pens on your office desk, or an ice cream bowl, or anything else that comes to your imagination. 

the original toilet mug
The original toilet mug @Amazon

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

This coffee mug adds a fun element wherever you use it. Lately, poo-related memes and memorabilia have been in trend, and this is a part of the same. The brown color and the coiled cup design are shaped to look exactly like poo. It lets the world know you are funny and give a damn about what the world thinks. Made of high-quality ceramic, it can hold 12 ounces, is a great gift, and can be used anywhere in the home or office. If coffee actually makes you poop, then this cup adds loads of irony.

It adds a fun element to your mornings and will make your photos look interesting. Use it at work, and it will provide even more laughs, and you certainly can’t ask for anything better than that. It is easy to clean but not easy to use as the design around its opening does not let you sip the coffee easily without dripping from the sides. However, if you can adapt to it, it’s a wonderful product. 

coffee makes me poop
Coffee makes me poop @Amazon

The Underwear shaped coffee mug

As the name suggests, the shape of the mug takes on that of underwear. Although not easily visible on the first glimpse, if you notice it, you would start at it for a while in disbelief and then burst into a round of laughter. This is exactly what it was designed to do. Imagine the same happening to people around you when you walk around and have a conversation. They would not instantly realize that you can catch the fun and repeat it with all the people around you when they do.

It’s a nice dose of some humor and lightens up the mood. People will appreciate your sense of humor. This is a big mug and can hold 20 ounces while it weighs 1.3 pounds or 0.08 pounds. A perfect table weight for your papers and files or a mug on your office desk to hold the staplers scales, pencils and other office stationery. It can also be used on the kitchen counter or the dining table to hold cutlery, knives, or other similar items.


underwear mug
Underwear shaped coffee mug @Amazon

The Prescription Coffee Mug – Ceramic Coffee Cup in the Shape of a Pill Bottle

This one is perfect if you are a doctor or work in health care or pharmacy. It is shaped and looks exactly like a prescription pill bottle though large in scale. Coffee is indeed the best medicine for those morning blues and sleepy eyes, so this coffee mug and its message are quite apt. It’s the ideal mug when you need a laugh and humor to lighten the mood at work or home.

It looks quite bright, colorful, attractive, and visually appealing. So if you work in an office where you cannot use poop-type or toilet-type mugs, this one would surely be appreciated. People will stop in their tracks to admire it. This is a fun novelty item made from high-quality ceramic and can hold 12 fluid ounces while weighing just 0.5 pounds. Do read the funny messages printed on the mug. 

prescription coffee mug
The prescription coffee mug @Amazon

Beaver face coffee mug

With a large I don’t give a damn message on the side, the entire coffee mug is in the shape of a small cute beaver, complete with the face painting. If you read the message first and then check out the face, you are sure to laugh. That’s how it works. The face is very cute and funny compared to the strong message, thereby making anyone laugh. The way it looks, you can name it the silly-beaver and can be a good gift to keep for decoration or hold a few things in the home or office. It’s a medium-sized 16 fluid ounces mug and weighs under 0.4 pounds. 

beaver face coffee mug
Beaver face @Amazon

Original Dinosaur, “Coffee Connoisaur” Ceramic Mug

This one is for those who love puns and the funny expressions of the English language. The side label reads the term “Coffee Connoisseur” rhymes with the word dinosaur, and that’s the key to this design and label. It’s a cute-looking dinosaur design on the body as well as the handle, but to be honest, it looks more similar to a snake than a dinosaur. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent design and looks cute. So it can be an excellent gift for ladies or children. It weighs 1.2 pounds, easily holds 20 liquid ounces, and can drink your favorite “Fossil fuels”. It’s ideal for holding some stuff on your table at home or office as it’s huge.

coffee connoisaur
Coffee Connoisaur @Amazon

Funny Donald Trump Novelty Mug

Go for this mug only if you appreciate the humor, and so do the friends and people around you. The mug is based on a caricature of Donald Trump and certainly looks funny. The difference here is we are all used to watching comics and cartoons of famous people. However, they are in print or online in 2D. This is a wonderful 3D cartoon in the form of a mug that is beautifully done. It is a realistically carved and artistically hand-painted coffee mug, unlike others that are plain prints of Donald Trump’s face.

Apart from the fun factor or when the fun factor goes away, everyone will appreciate the art and effort behind it. That’s what makes this so special and the caricature is so spot on. It’s hilarious. This is the coolest, funniest, and most unusual gag gift ever. People will love this and appreciate your sense of humor, which is a good gift for your grandparents, husband, boyfriend, kids, or friends. It’s a generous 20-ounce coffee mug and can hold anything from coffee, chocolate, iced coffee, and detox tea. It’s a nice product and we sincerely hope they come out with more such mugs. 

donald trump
Donald Trump @Amazon

Punchout Coffee Mug

This one is also a caricature-like the previous one but does not explicitly copy someone in reality. It’s a nice depiction of a person getting punched on the side of his face and shows the real depiction. The way you hold the mug, it appears that the person holding the mug is the one who is punching. The art and design are amazing and look real. The look on the face is funny, which will make people laugh and appreciate the dark humor involved. Overall we loved the look and the concept and are a showstopper. People in your office will stop by to admire it. It holds 12 fluid ounces and weighs about 0.75 pounds. 

punchout coffee mug
Punchout @Amazon

Big Dill Mug

This is another one for those who love funny English terms and puns. For those who are unaware, dill pickles are actually pickled cucumbers, like every other variety of pickles. The mug’s design includes a handle that looks like a dill and, therefore, the phrase “No Big Dill” to rhyme with “No Big Deal.” Not just punny and funny, but it looks good.

The color combination of the bright green dill and the off-white mug go together very well. It’s an eye-catching design, and people notice it on your desk instantly. It is a little heavy at 1.5 pounds. Its made of high-quality ceramic but is not microwave safe. If you are a collector, this is the perfect piece to order and add to your collection.


big dill coffee mug
Big dill @Amazon

Original Queen of Everything Coffee Mug

This one is especially for ladies, and we can honestly say that it’s going to be a wonderful gift for your female friends, your sister, mom, aunt, or even your daughter. If design and look were paramount, this mug would defeat the rest of the mugs in the review here. It looks exceedingly impressive and can be a great birthday gift too. It’s a large-sized mug made from high-quality ceramic and can hold 20 liquid ounces, and weighs 1.3 pounds. An excellent gift for any coffee lover. 

original queen of everything
Original Queen of Everything Coffee Mug @Amazon


We have seen quite a lot of funny coffee mugs today, and there are thousands more out there. We have tried to select the best ones, and you must go out and buy one for yourself. They can be multi-functional, and you must go out of the way to be creative and use them in innovative ways, like e.g., keeping the poo-shaped mug in your bathroom to hold toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other stuff.

They are indeed extremely creative in design and can act as decorative pieces anywhere in the house. It’s important to remember that all these are delicate ceramic mugs and should be treated likewise. Even the colors and designs are delicate patterns, and rough use will damage them. Also, unless specifically instructed, most of them are not microwave safe.

Do take care of them as they are all delicate designs and can crack and damage more easily than conventional mugs. Most are dishwasher safe, or ensure you hand wash them carefully. I hope you loved the lineup of funny coffee mugs we showcased in this article and will but one of those. 

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