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Most people looking to upgrade their living room with new furniture start with the coffee table. Why not! The coffee table is a multi-functional piece of furniture. Whether it’s made of wood, plastic, steel, or glass, your coffee table can serve as storage for books or magazines, a place to prop your legs after a long day, or simply a hangout spot to play your favorite game of chess.

A glass coffee table spruces up and adds some transparency to your home. These decorative pieces exhibit smoky tones, mirror effects, sophisticated finishes, and ooze elegance. If you’re a glass enthusiast, you will go for the best glass coffee table that’s a blend of creativity, funfair, quality, and style.

Tips When Choosing a Glass Coffee Table

The market has many products from several brands. It can overwhelm trying to decide on what best will work for you. Before you buy a glass coffee table for your living room, there are several things to keep in mind. Read on.

Decide on the Reason for Buying

First of all, decide on why you want to buy a glass coffee table. You may need a glass coffee table for decorating your living room or an ottoman-design option for that classic appeal.

Some designs are multi-functional, and you can use the glass table for serving snacks, coffee, and other beverages. You can look for one with long legs and use it as a dining table. The bottom line is to buy something that suits your needs.

The Functionality of the Glass Coffee Table

A glass table is the center of attraction in your living room. Besides that, it’s a versatile piece that can serve other purposes. For instance, an Ottoman-style table can hold some items, and it would help if it has shelves underneath. Some glass coffee tables have wheels or rollers, and so you can move them between rooms.

As manufacturers get more innovative, you can find something that can suit your specific requirements. Gladly, you can get a tailor-made or customized option by pre-ordering.

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After deciding on buying the coffee table, you can now get an appropriate size that will fit your living. Just make sure it doesn’t overcrowd everything else or make your room appear all clutched up. The scale of your glass coffee table should be in proportion to the couch so that it doesn’t look stroppy or out of place.

It’s essential to note down the dimensions of your living room, keeping in mind other pieces of furniture that you may have. The height should be ideally at least 1-2 inches lower than that of your couch.

You can choose a square or rectangular glass coffee table if your coach is straight or L-shaped for everybody to reach their food, drinks, or other stuff easily. A height of 16-18 inches pairs perfectly with a standard sofa. If the couch is raised, you can consider a taller table convenient for entertaining your guests.

If your chairs are arranged so that they face the middle of the room, then a circular coffee table would be an excellent choice. Another essential aspect to consider is the space between your coffee table and other items. Check on the foot clearance and ensure the table maintains an optimal distance from the rest of the furniture in the room.

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Design of the Glass Coffee Table

Think about the design when shopping for a glass coffee table. Luckily, there are several designs on the market. These include oval with storage, rectangular with display cabinets, teardrop, gorgeous mermaid, alpha or omega, and full glass table. For safety concerns, consider a table with round edges if you have kids and pets around.

The design also depends on the size of your living room. If you have a large room, choose a rectangular or square table. A round table is the best option for a small space since it lets you move with ease without worrying whether you’ll bump into corners. In addition, a glass top creates an impression of deepness, making your living room setup appear roomier.

If you have old or damaged glass coffee tables, you can have them repaired and save some money on replacements. Try some DIY designs or look for a professional to do the job. Then again, replace the top part with more colorful glass.


The price of a coffee table often goes hand in hand with the quality. Glass coffee tables cost more since they are delicate and require care when handling. However, this does not mean that you can’t find a superior quality option without breaking the bank.

If you’re buying online, you can check the ratings and customer reviews. The most important thing is to choose a stable table that delivers excellent value for your money.

The Durability of the Coffee Table

Even though a glass table is delicate, you wouldn’t want to bet your money on a feeble construction. Some brands have a reputation for providing glass table designs with outstanding built quality.

Whether you want a pre-assembled or a DIY option, a sturdy construction saves money and performs exceptionally.

The durability of a coffee table depends on the type of glass and the thickness. An all-glass table should be shatterproof and stable. It should withstand the weight of items on top.

Color and Decor

When shopping for a glass coffee table, the color and decor influence the feel of your living room. Fortunately, there are different color options, including the traditional transparent table. The color that you choose can add some warmth, appeal, a modern touch.

Dark colors are deep and can make your space look more squeezed up. Light colors can embellish small spaces and make them appear large. You can choose a blend of tones to match other things in the living room, such as cushions and colored vases.

Choose a Glass Coffee Table That Fits Your Needs

Looking at the things to keep in mind when choosing a glass coffee table, you can find a suitable option for your needs. The table should add more color to your interior and serve several needs. For a glamorous appeal, allow your creativity to take center stage and choose a table that will complement your living room décor.

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