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What is green bean coffee?

Let’s talk about green coffee for a change of pace. Green coffee beans are beautiful, with a color resembling that of olives, and are becoming incredibly popular. Whether you buy green coffee for roasting at home or for other purposes, green coffee is definitely a good investment. 

green bean coffee
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Coffee beans are, in their natural form, green. And because they are untouched and unroasted, they have a lot of different properties than roasted coffee beans do. This is one of the main reasons why green coffee beans have risen to popularity in the health and wellness industry. 

And it’s easy to see: coffee, already, is quite the superfood and has a lot of benefits for us. Green coffee has even more benefits, although it isn’t as delicious to consume. 

Health benefits of green coffee beans

Instead of buying whole bean coffee (roasted), you can instead buy green coffee. This has a lot of advantages which we’ll explore in this section.

#1 Helps weight loss

…But in the best sense. While there is a common misconception that coffee helps weight loss because it’s a stimulant and you simply lose your appetite, that is not entirely the case.

Coffee, in fact, reduces the fat content in your body. Green coffee in particular, seems to be extremely effective at burning excess fat in the body, on top of increasing metabolism naturally to upwards of 10% of your natural metabolism. That means steady, sustainable, and healthy weight loss.

As little as a couple of pills of green coffee extract, a day can help you lose weight. 

#2 Full on antioxidants

Your regular cup of coffee contains more antioxidants than most other foods you eat. Coffee has been named the most important source of antioxidants in almost all of the world, particularly Europe and North America. 

Green coffee beans are much higher in antioxidants than roasted coffee beans. They contain a lot more chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that seems to be the most important of all present in coffee.

Antioxidants help fight against premature aging and fight a wide array of diseases, from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. Simply incorporating in your coffee could be -and this is not an exaggeration- life-saving. 

#3 Stabilizes blood sugar

One unforeseen effect of ingesting green coffee in studies was that patients seemed to very stable blood sugar levels. They started doing these studies on people with trouble keeping steady blood sugar, and the results were astounding. 

Green coffee slows down or blocks the absorption of glucose and keeps our blood sugar levels at a healthy range. It is invaluable for people struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity. 

Green coffee can be consumed in any number of ways. You can find it in pills, such as this product, or in powder form for mixing with beverages or food.  

Now, let’s talk about coffee beans- not coffee extract. We think buying green coffee beans for later consumption of coffee is incredibly advantageous for us. It makes us more aware how we drink our coffee but, more importantly, it results in fresher coffee.

Here’s why we we think buying green bean coffee is a great idea:

Why buy green bean coffee

#1 It stays fresh longer

If you’re not particularly aware of it right now, the usual shelf life of ground coffee is one month at best. Roasted coffee beans can last anywhere from one month to three- even six months if you know what you’re doing. 

But green coffee beans? They last up to three years! 

Even without doing anything to keep them well stored, green coffee is quite resistant and can last a whole year without exhibiting any signs of going bad. If you follow basic rules when it comes to storage- that is, dark, cool, and dry- they can easily last several years. 

More than three years would be pushing it. Anyway, we doubt anyone could have green coffee beans laying around for three whole years. If it were us, we’d drink them all in a few weeks. 

#2 More control over flavor

We always have moments where we buy a great coffee, yet there’s still something off about it. It would be perfect… if only it didn’t have such a strong after-taste. If it wasn’t such a light roast. And the list goes on and on. 

You probably have these moments as well. But what if you were the one in control of the flavor profile?

If you buy green beans, you can be much more in control of the flavor. By roasting at home, you’ll be able to do small adjustments to your coffee’s flavor until you find a flavor profile that hits just right. 

And of course, there’s a lot of enjoyment in roasting coffee. It’s an art and a science, and it’s incredibly satisfying. If you’re not careful, you can lose yourself in it and before you know it your whole world will revolve around coffee! Wait, that’s a good thing! 

If you haven’t roasted coffee before, we highly recommend it. Home roasters nowadays are small, easy to use, and relatively cheap. It makes for fresher coffee, a house full of the best aroma ever, and a hobby that you will most definitely love more than any other. 

#3 It’s cheaper

Lastly, we arrive at the pockets. And boy are those pockets going to be overflowing with money after you make the change to green coffee beans! 

Green coffee is, in average, only 70% of the price that roasted beans are. You can even get the same coffee you buy roasted for only half the price if you buy it green in many cases. It almost seems too easy!

And if you’re anything like us, depending on the amount of coffee you consume, you can save a fortune in a matter of months. With the amount of money you’ll save, you’ll soon have enough to make up for the investment you make on both a roaster and a grinder.

What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em green beans! 

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