Definitive Guide to Mexican Coffee


Mexican coffee is both the region where it grows and particular recipes to make the beverage. Read on how to make Mexican coffee in its most popular forms.

Mexico is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Mexico’s name is bound to be mentioned whenever coffee cultivation is being discussed. Since the end of the 18th century, Mexico has established a reputation for growing some of the highest quality coffee beans in the world. Mexico’s commitment to be at the forefront of coffee cultivation could be judged by how the country has fought epidemics to rebuild its coffee industry from the ground up. Thankfully, all that hard work has paid off, and practically the whole world now knows what is Mexican coffee all about.

Today, Mexico is one of the top 10 coffee producers on the planet. This distinction comes with a certain level of difficulty for the coffee growers. The perfect climate to cultivate coffee, as well as the local lands’ ability to produce high-quality arabica beans, does make it a little easier. The dedication by local coffee makers to make the best coffee possible through regionally cultivated beans only enhances Mexican coffee’s value to the world. 

Most of Mexico’s high-quality coffee is grown through its Chiapas and Soconusco region. Chiapas and Soconusco provide particularly favorable conditions to grow premium coffee. The beans produced through these regions seem to be the most sought after by importers and local coffee makers alike. Due to this reason, you could easily find Mexican coffee in various parts of the world. Especially within famous coffee shops that are known for serving beverages with distinct and premium flavor. 

Definitive Guide to Mexican Coffee
Coffee from Mexico @thepinnedcoffee

Coffee from Mexico

Mexican coffee isn’t only limited to coffee produced in the region. The moniker is also applicable to the specific beverages that are famous in the lands of Mexico. These beverages are slowly becoming recognized all over the world. Since these Mexican coffee variations are not as well known as lattes or cappuccinos, their recipes are not as easy to find to be replicated. 

We are here to outline the best way to make Mexican coffee in its most popular forms. You could enjoy this relatively unknown drink in the comfort of your own home. 

What is Mexican Coffee?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Mexican coffee is how it incorporates different flavors within a single cup. Other coffees such as espresso-based drinks comprise of a simple list of two to three ingredients. Mexican coffee uses a variety of flavorings and spices to pack a punch of taste in a single serving. 

Mexican coffee is not limited to just one variation of the drink. Since it uses a variety of ingredients, the beverage itself comes in different forms. From steaming cups of joe to cold coffee, you can pick your own variation of what is Mexican coffee to your palette. 

Definitive Guide to Mexican Coffee
Coffee flavored Tequila @xoxoshamira

Have Your Coffee With Sweet Flavors

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Mexican coffee is to make it with the classic flavor combination of cinnamon and brown sugar. The recipe is simple. Whenever you are brewing your coffee, make sure to add the following flavorings to it. Add a dollop of whipped cream at the very end, and you are all ready to enjoy a drink that is bound to bring a smile to your face. 

The ingredients that you will need are:

  • Dry, regular-grind coffee.
  • Brown sugar. 
  • Vanilla. 
  • Cinnamon.
  • Cloves.
  • Chocolate syrup. 
  • Whipped cream. 

Since these items are easy to find and can be considered staples for an average home. You can enjoy your Mexican coffee without making any special trips to the market. This is truly a great definition of what is Mexican coffee famous for. For a ratio of the ingredients, you can check the full recipe here.

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Enjoy Mexican Coffee With a Dash of Tequila

Mexican coffee isn’t just about using simple ingredients. A prevalent variation for the beverage comes in the form of coffee mixed with some alcohol. The recipe that you have to follow here is also quite simple. Instead of having to rummage for exotic and gourmet ingredients, you can find the following items within your pantry quite easily. 

Even if these ingredients are not available in your home at the moment, buying them wouldn’t mean that you are using them exclusively with Mexican coffee. You could utilize them among a plethora of other recipes after exploring what Mexican coffee capable of offering you a memorable tasting experience is.

Have a look below for the ingredients you will need.

  • Dry, grind-coffee.
  • Sugar/brown sugar. 
  • Cinnamon. 
  • Tequila.
  • Kahlua or another coffee liqueur.
  • Vanilla ice cream. 

This coffee recipe can easily give you another beverage to rest right beside your periodic desire for Irish coffee. With distinct flavors that combine into an exciting beverage, Mexican coffee in this form is nothing if not enjoyable. Get the full recipe here and try it the next time you are planning to relax with a drink or two.

Definitive Guide to Mexican Coffee
Licor de Cafe de Olla – Coffee flavored Tequila @alma_kulenty

With these recipes and the wider availability of Mexican coffee, you can undoubtedly enjoy coffee in new ways. Due to the distinct flavorings available in each of these recipes, there are high chances that you will find yourself going for these drinks every few days at the very least. 

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