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Can you guess how many coffee cups are consumed every year?… The answer is more than 400 billion cups. Yes, that is quite a significant number to count. Thus, making the fact undeniable that coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide. And as the cooking methods are advancing exponentially, coffee lovers add it to almost every other recipe. From cookies, brownies, cakes to coffee rub crusted pork roast and coffee crusted steak recipes. But today, our blog will talk about coffee as a beverage.

Every coffee lover has its own style of preparing their cup. Some like it strong, some mild, and some go for light. Some like to add coffee syrups to make their drink a little bit sweeter, and others might just go for milk. Whatever your style be, but do you know a majority of cinephiles also love to add honey in their morning brew? Dripping some honey into your coffee mug will not only make it taste delicious but will also provide you with a variety of health benefits. So without wasting any of your time, let us dig a little deeper into drinking your coffee with honey.

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Honey Is a Great Sugar Alternative

If you’re skeptical about everything that tastes sweet, then let us tell you that honey is the best sugar alternative available out there in the market. In short, if you are someone who is looking for a sugar substitute to cut calories, go for honey. Although you will find some “experts” claiming that honey contains much more calories than sugar, but if you take your time, you will see that honey is sweeter than sugar; thus, you will need a lesser quantity of it. Ultimately, cutting over your calories.

Another thing is that the honey has a lower GI value than sugar, implying that it does not raise blood sugar levels quickly.

Who Started the Honey in Coffee Trend?

If we talk about honey’s history, it is a part of our life for almost 8,000 years. Despite this, no actual evidence or even a telltale of the first person to add honey to coffee is known. But we are sure that person must be an experimental coffee lover. And today also, these innovative coffee enthusiasts do not fail to amaze. They add cocoa, cinnamon, salt, and even nitrogen to their brew. Yes, nitro coffee is a thing.

Honey vs. Sugar

Are you still hanging on the verge of deciding what you should be adding to your hot cup of coffee – sugar or honey? Do not worry. We will give you every bit of facts about both of them.

Although both work as a sweetener in your brew, their nutritional benefits vary. The composition of both honey and sugar includes carbohydrates, primarily glucose and fructose. So what is the difference between them? Why should you switch to honey in your coffee? Which is healthier? Here’s what you need to know.


As we all know, honey is made up of nectar that is collected from various flowers. But do you know that there are around 300 varieties of honey?

Some of the varieties

  • eucalyptus
  • golden blossom
  • tupelo
  • wildflower
  • alfalfa

Each type of honey holds a distinct flavor and color, which it gets from the flowers from which it is collected. Another fact about honey is that it highly contains trace of some very beneficial components.

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Healthy Components of Honey

  • antioxidants
  • minerals
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B
  • amino acids
  • enzymes

These components are way too much beneficial to our health. Further, there are quite many antioxidants that are found in honey. These antioxidants are classified as flavonoids. Flavonoids hold anti-inflammatory properties, which may render some health benefits.

Pros of adding honey in coffee

  1. Raw honey may help alleviate your allergies.
  2. It contains traces of vitamins and minerals.
  3. A small amount of honey can be used without sacrificing sweetness.


  • It might not be safe for infants younger than a year.
  • It is primarily made up of sugar.
  • Honey is high in calories. (only if you use the exact amount as sugar)


The composition of sugar includes fructose and glucose, which together form a compound called sucrose. And unlike honey, sugar does not contain any vitamins or nutrients. Although several kinds of sugars are available today, like white, brown, and raw, they are not much different from white sugar when it comes to nutritional value. Anyhow, their uses while preparing food may vary.

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  1. It has a long shelf life.
  2. It’s low in calories.
  3. Sugar is a naturally occurring substance.


  1. Sugar is a little harder to digest than honey.
  2. It can cause weight gain.
  3. Sugar increases the risk of certain diseases.

So now you have a vast knowledge about both honey and sugar. Therefore, let us move forward to the variety of honey you can choose from to add to your coffee.

Choose Your Favorite Honey in Coffee

Do not be discouraged by a single bad experience of not liking the coffee’s taste when you first added it into your mug. The honey is not at fault. Sometimes the combinations of certain coffees and some kinds of honey don’t go together. So keep on experimenting until you get the right one for yourself and for recommending others. And yes, we know everyone can not be a honey expert. That’s why we have listed down some for you.

Choose Your Character

  • Fireweed – Having a smooth buttery texture with a sweet, complex flavor makes this honey a great coffee companion. And this could also be why this honey is so popular among the people of the United States.
  • Chestnut – Slightly with a bitter taste, this honey comes straight from the nectar of Chestnut trees. This type of honey is quite a popular choice in Italy. However, it might not be the first choice of a coffee lover, even though it works well for some who have diabetes. Blue Gum – Having a dense texture, this honey probably tastes better on toast than coffee.
  • Avocado – Yes, this is the fruit’s name, and no, the honey does not come from the fruit itself. The pollen is collected from avocado flowers. This honey holds a delightful buttery taste.
  • Alfalfa – Alfalfa honey improves intestinal bacteria or gut microbiota growth.
  • Acacia – If you like to have your morning brew slightly sweeter, add acacia, honey. It is by far the sweetest one in the market.

The list of honey does not end here. You can find many types of honey on the market, but these are the most popular among coffee enthusiasts. Ultimately, the decision is yours to decide whether you want to add sugar or honey in coffee. Nevertheless, we would surely like to suggest that a little experimenting with your food wouldn’t hurt.

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