How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda


How to clean a coffee maker with baking soda? Coffee is an essential component of our regular breakfast menus and working hours. What could be better than to get your coffee maker at home? And you also get relief from the coffee maker in your office that you appreciate. Yet bacteria, coffee oils, and hard water deposits are easily harbored by a commonly used coffee maker. If left unclean or when the cleaning is not performed correctly when in operation, the machine will fail you. There are many ways you can wash a coffee pot.

Not only is a well-cleaned coffee maker convenient, but it is easy and secure to use. So a must-have thing for a coffee freak is learning how to make coffee and clean the unit.

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You should not wash your coffee maker once every few years for one cleaning. Instead, it would help if you did it occasionally. Like once a month or two, depending on how much you use yours. To clean it efficiently, you also want the process to be quick, reliable and you don’t want to risk harming your computer. 

Baking soda is an element discovered in every kitchen in so many homes. We clean home appliances much of the time using baking soda, such as the microwave, kitchen tops, and kitchen sink. But to clean your coffee making machine, you can also use it. What makes baking soda the perfect ingredient for cleaning, and how do you use it for cleaning?

Why Should You Clean Your Coffee Maker Machine?

coffee maker machines
Coffee maker machine

A coffee maker that works a few days a week or a few times a day should be cleaned regularly. This should be approximately once a month and done from the inside out. Impurities may form deposits in the tap or even bottled water that builds up and ultimately influences how well the coffee pot operates. Ground coffee beans have natural oils, which, after each brew, cling to the sides of the carafe and filter basket.

Damp areas in the machines’ water reservoir can attract bacteria and mold and the tubing that pipes the water through the soil. Hot water will not destroy bacteria; neither will it kill acidic coffee. The coffeemaker and carafe need a good acidic cleaner that is natural and gentle to remove these stains and impurities.

Why Baking Soda for Your Coffee Maker Machine?

Another natural and powerful way to clean a coffee maker is baking soda. It’s a safe way to remove odors. HealthGuidance advises adding to the bottle a quarter cup of baking soda, then running the coffee maker through a brewing cycle. Make sure warm water is used, and the mixture is mixed together. Before starting the coffeemaker, it is necessary to ensure that the baking soda is dissolved. 

It is likely that if the mixture is in clumps, the system could get clogged. Naturally, baking soda is abrasive and better than harsh cleaners. You can mix baking soda to clean off stains built up both in the coffee pot and in the machine for this purpose.

What Makes Baking Soda The Best Cleaning Component For Your Coffee Maker?

Baking soda is healthy and has natural ingredients. For this, it is considered a perfect home cleaning component for your coffee machine. Moreover, you can easily find it in every household as it is cheap. The use of this soda is widespread. Using it to wash your facilities will help with:


Deodorizing goods in the kitchen is one of the advantages of using baking soda. It helps to get rid of the different smells that accumulate after a while. Apart from the coffee maker machine, you can also use it to eliminate the unwanted scent from your surfaces, rugs, chairs, home curtains, and carpets. It almost immediately eliminates any unwanted odor from the days or weeks of use.

Ideal Grease Cleaner

You can use baking soda for cleaning kitchen tops, the sink, and even the stove or oven when you finish cooking. It’s a natural cleaner for grease. Can baking soda be used to extract grease from your coffee maker? There are occasions when the computer is placed very close to the stove, enabling grease deposits’ build-up. All this grease can be and will be replaced by baking soda. It is very alkaline.

Effective Stain Remover

Often for days or weeks, the interior of your coffee maker has stains from using it. It is a reliable way to remove stains from your coffee maker or reservoir’s interior by letting it baking soda sit and sprinkling it for some time before cleaning.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Before you can clean your coffee maker, there are two things you need to plan for. You need a solution first. A quantity of baking soda (a spoonful or two) and a liter of warm water are required. In it, dissolve the baking soda. The mixture you prepare is based on your system’s dimensions. Your coffee maker is the second element in the planning. Before you begin washing, please remove everything and make sure it’s empty.

Your coffee machine should be washed as often as possible. The first thing is to start by pouring the reservoir mix and let it sit for some time. The method helps the inside wash out the solution, removing all the foul odor and unwanted stains. You can even flip them on and allow the alternate brew to take place.

Pour the solution into a skillet after the next process and remove all the removable units. Disconnect the filter from the machine.

With a few of the solutions, fill out your coffee maker carafe and shake well. To avoid clogging the machine, make sure the baking soda dissolves completely. Using a gentle sponge and your scrubbing brush, wash the interior of your pot after shaking. 

Drain and put the reserve tank in the kitchen. Using the baking soda blend, clean other components such as the filter thoroughly.

Rinse your coffee maker after the washing process. Using clean water and wash it for the second time at least. Fill the tank with fresh water, then turn the pump on and let it brew. In the carafe, the water will flow and clean it.

After cleaning the inside, it’s time to wash the outside. Get a sponge and soak in the mixture of baking soda and warm water. Squeeze the water out and clean the outside. Pay attention to any dirt, stain, or blot on the outside of your unit. The moist towel can remove that. Wipe the exterior of it and bring it where it is meant to be. Prepared for use it is.


Not only is it necessary but mandatory to clean your coffee maker. You need to ensure that you follow the manual instructions while cleaning at all times, particularly for safety purposes.

It is also necessary to leave the lid open when you are not using the coffee maker to help avoid dampness, in turn preventing the growth of bacteria. It also requires sufficient aeration for the coffee maker and decreases the chances of bad smells. 

Let the baking soda do the trick as you enjoy your coffee!!

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