How to Clean a Nespresso Machine


Are you a coffee lover? Then this is the right place to gain information about the machine and tools utilized to make and serve coffee. In modern times, the machine that revolutionized serving coffee to the masses is the Nespresso coffee machine. Nespresso is used by thousands of people across the globe daily and growing by each day. This wonder machine is easy to use and gives to the freedom to make the perfect coffee for yourself or your dear ones. The article guides and explains the process of “How to clean Nespresso Machine”.

To get the subtle smell and taste of coffee, it is vital to clean the machine regularly to maintain hygiene and keep up its quality. We will now dive into the cleaning process, which needs to be routinely undertaken.

How to Clean a Nespresso Machine-CS
Lady cleaning Cafe and Nespresso Machine

Process- How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

Two methods we can use to clean a Nespresso machine.

Daily cleaning

We will first look into the daily cleaning that needs to be done before making that first cup of your daily dose of deliciousness.

  • Daily cleaning of the drip tray and the coffee capsule is essential so that the coffee stains do not accumulate microorganisms that are unhealthy and unhygienic. Remove the drip tray and capsule from the Nespresso machine and clean it with mild detergent and a clean cloth. Any build up on the tray or inside the capsule must be scrubbed away. Clean, rinse and let them dry out in the air.
  • Wash the tank of water every day. Remove the water tank and the cap from the machine when you are washing your drip tray. Wash all components with mild detergent for dishwashing. Rinse with warm water. Consider cleaning the lid and water tank every few days if you don’t use your Nespresso machine regularly. Clean with a cloth and let it dry completely before reassembling the components. Cleaning the water is necessary as sitting water may help in the growth of molds and bacteria.
  • Clean the lens, which detects coffee capsules by wiping with a microfiber cloth or linen. Do not use water or detergent as it may damage the lens.
  • One should clean the machine’s external parts should be cleaned regularly with a damp piece of cloth. Wipe the body and the covers often so that permanent staining does not take place. One should clean the coffee outlet periodically along with the inside walls of the capsule holder.
  • Do not use strong abrasive detergents or other liquids to clean the parts of the machine. Odorless and mild cleaning agents should be used. Refrain from using any sponges and use only soft cloths.

Descaling the Machine

Now we move on to the next phase of cleaning the Nespresso coffee machine. This process is called descaling. Descaling is when we try to clean the buildup minerals, which occurs after regularly using the coffee maker for a while. A coffee cup consists of 99% of water, and water contains all kinds of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., which build upon the heating elements of the coffee machine. Not descaling the coffee machine on time may cause the heating element to burn u

Why should we descale the coffee machine?

Mineral buildup on the heating element hinders the water from being heated to an ideal temperature needed to extract the coffee beans’ essence and taste from the coffee beans. The buildup can block the water pipes and drains. It can also damage sensitive components of the machine. Additionally, The coffee will not be hot enough to enjoy as the water may not be hot enough due to the buildup of the minerals inside the coffee machine. Descaling of the machine must be done every quarter of the year or after 250 capsules are used. Nespresso coffee machines also have an indicator LED, which indicates when is the right time to descale.

How to enter Descaling Mode?

To start with the process, empty the capsule and drip trays and fit them back into the machine.

Switch on the machine in descaling mode. To enter the descaling mode requires pressing a different set of buttons.
The Vertuoline machine requires a power button to be pressed for seven seconds for descaling mode.
Similarly, in Prodigio, three buttons are to be pressed for approximately six seconds.

Descaling Liquid

Next, add the water tank’s descaling solution along with 16oz of water and put a container under the coffee outlet to collect the drained water. This is important of Process:- How to clean Nespresso Machine.

If you do not want to purchase the descaling liquid, you can easily make it at your home. It is simple and needs everyday household products.
Add one part of citric acid to 20 parts of water or equal parts of vinegar or lemon juice to equal parts of water to make the descaling solution.

Rinsing Machine

It is essential to rinse the machine with clean water twice when using lemon or citric acid solution. With vinegar, rinse the machine five times.

Press the button and start the descaling process. Water will run through the machine and will be drained out through the coffee outlet. The machine will automatically stop when water is altogether expelled out.

The drained water collected in the container should be poured back into the water tank and repeat the process until the machine automatically stops.
Empty the container and water tank properly. Thoroughly Rinse the components with lukewarm water. This is important of Process:- How to clean Nespresso Machine.

Air-dry the parts and reassemble the machine. Again, fill the water tank with clean water and put the container to collect the drained water from the coffee outlet. Start the machine by pressing the button and wait for the process to complete. Clean water will rinse any residue which may have left in the internal parts of the machine. Repeat this process once more time.

Press all the buttons to exit the descaling mode after cleaning the machine twice with clean water. Wait for 15 minutes and let the machine dry before making a delicious cup of coffee.

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