How to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar


The majority of coffee machines you’ll see are referred to as ‘coffee makers.’ This is because one kind of coffee is usually brewed in the machine. Nothing at all is wrong with that. But maybe you’re curious why the unit we’re going to see today is called a coffee bar? Ok, here’s a clue: it’s called a coffee bar because, like a coffee bar would, it can brew something! Well, maybe it can’t brew something, but it can brew several different coffee types that taste differently. How to clean ninja coffee bar?

It can often be difficult to clean a coffee machine that can do so many things, especially if it has so many distinct parts. Fortunately, with the Ninja Coffee Bar, this is not the case. Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of holding a spick and span of Ninja Coffee Shop, just like the day you purchased it!

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What is a Ninja Bar?

Before we know how to clean a ninja bar, we need to understand what it is. A Ninja Coffee Bar is a complete system for brewing. Anyone can brew multiple filter coffee sizes using one machine, from a full carafe to a strong 4-oz cup. Besides, you can brew coffee with different brew strengths. Using a built-in milk frother, the machine can also foam milk.

The carafe comes with dual coffee makers, depending on the model you choose. It can be thermal or glass. 

Cleaning and maintaining a ninja coffee bar regularly is one way of appreciating this machine and making it last longer. It is easy to clean a coffee machine, but many people do it incorrectly. 

How Often does the Ninja Coffee Bar Need Cleaning?

It has a neat feature to assist you if you are not too adamant with washing, or you can’t seem to remember to clean your appliances. On the lower left, it comes with an indicator. This light comes on when the computer needs cleaning.

You don’t have to wait until the indicator comes on if you are an elegant guy and if you can make the time. Every two months or so, you should arrange your time to clean the Ninja coffee machine. You can opt to clean it once a month if you happen to use the machine every day.

You can either clean or descale your ninja coffee machine. By using either vinegar or a descaling solution, you can clean your ninja machine. We need to know the difference between the two to give your machine the best care.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Descaling a Ninja Coffee Maker?

We need to identify the components that add impurities to your coffee maker to understand the difference between cleaning and descaling. In itself, coffee is an oily material. The coffee oils accumulate in the machine as you continually use your coffee and form a rancid residue. There is only one way of getting rid of this residue, which is cleaning your coffee machine. Often it is essential to clean the machine because you cannot use a dirty coffee maker with a significant accumulation of rancid residue to brew delicious coffee. 

Descaling, on the other hand, is the coffee maker’s process of removing mineral buildup. Where does this accumulation of minerals come from? Well, your coffee cup is almost entirely made of water; without water, you can’t have a coffee cup. Water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. These chemicals pass through your coffee maker, and over time, as limescale, they build on the coffee maker’s heating system. 

Descaling is, therefore, the removal of this accumulation. Descaling your coffee maker is essential because limescale can adversely affect the heating system of your coffee machine. It prevents the water from reaching the right temperature for brewing, obstructs the flow of water, and ultimately spoils your experience. Your coffee has a tepid and slightly unpleasant taste if you don’t scale.

How to Clean Your Ninja Bar

We need to do two different kinds of cleaning. One is a daily type of cleaning,’ after each use.’ It is a simple task that keeps your coffee from tasting good. A ‘deep clean’ is the other type of cleaning that we need to do every two months. The main purpose of deep cleaning is to keep the machine free of oil and mineral buildup and keep the machine working like new ones.

Daily Cleaning Guide

Filter basket

First, remove the filter basket from the Ninja once your coffee has finished brewing, discard or compose the coffee grounds used or use them to make a body scrub!. With water and dish soap, wash the mesh filter and thoroughly rinse it. Remember, you don’t want any dishwashing soap left on the filter, so you should pay attention when rinsing. Place the filter basket back in its place once it is clean.

Coffee Ninja’s exterior

Next, you are going to give the outside of the machine a perfect wipe. To wipe down the exterior of the machine, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth. This will help to clean any coffee that spilled on the machine.


Cleaning the carafe is the last step. The carafe can be cleaned in the same way you’d wash a mug. The tick here is the use of soft, soapy water and a good rinse.

How To Deep Clean Your Coffee Ninja Bar

You can soon see that the clean light is illuminated after owning your Ninja for a couple of months. This means that the computer has observed the buildup of minerals and oils. To clean your Ninja Coffee Bar, you can use vinegar and water and restore it to its former glory. Follow the instructions below!

1. Make sure that the machine is empty, the water tank, carafe, and coffee basket.

2. Pour the clear vinegar into the water reservoir to the travel mug indicator line and fill the tank to the waterline mark with fresh water. Then, fit the water tank back onto the Ninja and place the carafe under the coffee outlet.

3. You will press a clean button. The cleaning cycle will then begin with this click. Click the clean button again after about 1 minute. This will cause the cleaning cycle. What you just did was pull the water out of the tank through the machine’s tubing. It will allow the vinegar to get to work and all that nasty buildup to be dissolved. Now we’re going to quit the system for 30 minutes.

4. Click the clean button on the machine again when 30 minutes have passed. This will restart and complete the period of cleaning.

5. The cleaning cycle is now complete; you need to conduct two cycles of rinsing. Remove and thoroughly clean the water tank, the carafe, and the mesh filter basket. Fill the water tank with clean water, return the filter basket to the pump, and put it back in the machine. Push the clean button and, uninterrupted, let the Ninja run the loop.

6. Lastly, discard the rinsing water from the carafe. Refill the water tank and once again run the clean cycle. Throw this water away, and your Ninja Coffee Bar is really about to go!

Wouldn’t you agree with us that it’s not a huge deal to clean your ninja coffee bar?

Step-by-step, following our strategies can make such a difference in the taste of your cups.

Get to work, now that you know how to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar!

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