How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig


Iced-coffee has become one of a favorite summer must-haves. In this weather, you seriously cannot imagine drinking hot coffee! It’s so cool and refreshing, particularly during the summer! Think about having fun in the sun when it’s summer with a steaming cup of brew. This can be… adventurous, right?  This is the reason why you need a coffee machine from Keurig to make iced coffee. This coffee served with a little ice will make it good!

Origin of Iced Coffee

Coffee poured over ice is so simple, flawless, and has a perfect test. The flavor would make you wonder who found this refreshing drink first.

In the mid-1800s, French colonial troops in Algeria allegedly invented iced coffee. This was to help combat the sweltering sun. The soldiers will combine coffee syrup and cold water to allow them to cool down in summer.

Iced-coffee has become one of a favorite summer must-haves. However, how is this coffee prepared? Read on as we explain how to make iced coffee with Keurig!
A glass of iced coffee

A word on the Keurig Coffee Maker

Now and then, we need to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee. Unfortunately, at a coffee shop, they will cost you around $5 a pop. This can get out of hand pretty fast if this is your go-to. Did you know that you can make your iced coffee at home with a Keurig? Yes Yes! To find out how to stay tuned.

Keurig provides a dedicated “iced coffee” on its coffee maker. This can brew a smaller, hotter cup of hot coffee to pour over ice. The taste is not diluted. It’s an excellent choice to have. Following the how-to recipe with any Keurig machine will give you the same result as iced coffee to keep you working smoothly during the day.

Most individuals opt for a Keurig because of its speed and comfort. In return for these features, these machines, and other pod brewers like them, effectively compromise some aspects of quality brewing and sometimes a lower price point than their higher-end rivals.

Often it would be best if you got the job done. This should be with minimal hassle on your end. The Keurig method will certainly handle this task. Plus, if your other alternatives can only brew in larger batches, sometimes single-serving machines can come in handy.

What You Need to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

K-cup of Your Choice

Coffee gives you a variety of lists to choose from. For those who like their coffee pure and simple, there is the Nantucket Blend for Iced Coffee. There are also hazelnut and vanilla options if you prefer a hint of extra flavor. A delicious sweetness served over ice is also a choice that you can also have.

More coffee is packed into the iced coffee, and there are some remedies to avoid a weak brew if you prefer to stick to your regular K-cup.


Making ice from coffee instead of water is a better way to make your iced coffee. Using your Keurig is simple to do. If you like, you should stick to ice made from water. The odds are, however, that you’ll end up with a drink that lacks taste. You can find this weaker version unsatisfactory if you enjoy your daily Keurig coffee.

Bottled or Filtered Water

The water that you put into your Keurig will influence your drink’s flavor. Use bottled or filtered water instead to prevent any unpleasant tap water flavors.

Milk or Sweetener

This is optional and based on how you want your iced coffee.


A wide variety of Keurigs is on the market. Of the varieties that are in the market, they will all work perfectly well.

In case you need a new machine and expect a lot of iced coffee to be made, look for one with tiny serving size. Something that is ideally 3 ounces. This will help in balancing out the added ice, and you are sure of a stronger brew.

Stainless Steel Cup

Once your coffee is ready, you need to add hot coffee to the ice. That means you need a drinking vessel that can cope with both extreme temperatures. Don’t use any glass. It is likely to shatter, endangering cuts and scalds.

A transparent plastic cup is an option that may be enticing. This will let you see your drink bobbing around with all those ice cubes! Besides the environmental impact, there are concerns about the chemicals that plastics can leach into the body.

Mug or Heatproof Glass

This will help with the “no coffee brew.” It can just carry hot water so that it will be okay for any heatproof drinking vessel.

Ice Cube Tray or Portable Ice Maker

This will help in preparation of the ice cubes as well as holding the cubes during coffee preparation.

Step by Step Preparation

Machine Preparation

Switch your Keurig machine on and start brewing the smallest cup size. You can either settle for 4oz or but 6oz for a start. Brewing two smaller cups of coffee will start you off with a stronger taste to counteract any dilution from the ice instead of one big cup.

Prepare Your Stainless Steel Cup

Fill your stainless steel cup with the ice cubes. We advise that you use ice cubes for coffee instead of water. Ice cubes made with coffee will take your iced coffee to a whole new level.

Choose Your K-Cup

We propose an “extra bold dark roasted coffee to keep your iced coffee-flavored. Of course, your choice should be based on your preference. If coffee with a lighter flavor is what works best for you, then choose a milder roast.

Brew Your Coffee

Insert a K-Cup and placed it on the tray. An 8oz measuring cup will be sufficient for quick pouring. Click “brew.” Insert a new K-Cup once the brew is full, and brew again. Depending on the size of the cup you brew each time, you should now have an 8oz-12oz of coffee.

Flavor to Give it a Taste

In your hot brew, mix any desired add-ins. You can add sugar, stevia, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, milk, etc. Although the coffee is still hot, mixing it now will ensure that the sweet stuff dissolves nicely. You should note that sugar and cold liquid do not also mix. Besides, cold milk will help cool down the coffee before you have the final pour.

Your Coffee is Ready

Over the ice, pour your coffee and give it a fast stir. The time has come for you to start drinking and get your buzz on.

This recipe is easier than you thought, right? It is the only secret to a perfect iced coffee. Save cash with this recipe and make a delicious iced coffee at home. Not only will you fall in love with the art of making it work, but you will enjoy the taste. You will be swoon over by the work of your hands. Give it a try, and you will save your money when it comes to iced coffee.

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