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Everything about Iced Americano

If you are not just a fan but a die-hard lover of coffee, then you will know the most genuine tasting coffee. And you are still a newbie in the world of coffee; then we will give you some hints. The coffee recipe about which we are talking will give your taste buds a truly raw, unmasked taste of coffee with sugar or milk. That is the reason it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you guessed the recipe to be of iced americano, you would surely turn into a good coffee enthusiast. Now you know our blog’s topic for today, i.e., Everything about iced americano.

Everything in this coffee is pure, nothing to adulterate. And that is the reason why very few courageous people with a refined palate are the only ones who can withstand the coffee’s bold flavor.

An iced americano is a perfect option for ditching sugar to lose or maintain some weight or a keto diet. But it is not like other ‘dieting’ stuff, which tastes bland. The iced americano is not only tasty but also healthy. Although it will take some time for you to adapt to the taste, you will surely get used to it. Moreover, it has a strong kick of caffeine.

There are quite many coffee lovers who swear by this coffee only. And shouldn’t they. This coffee is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a stress buster and exhaustion reliever by the end of the day.

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What is an iced americano?

Also famously called Caffè Americano by our Italian friends, an americano is an espresso-based beverage.

With the espresso machine’s help, the hot water is pressurized over tightly compressed coffee grounds, resulting in a concentrated coffee called the espresso.

And finally, to make an americano, water is added to two shots of espresso generally. You can go for a single shot of espresso also if you are a beginner. As this drink is watered-down, it is an excellent drink for those who find the flavor of espresso shots too strong.

So now you an americano in your hand, and to turn it into iced americano, everyone knows what you need next– ice. Usually, americano’s recipes include espresso shots and pouring of room temperature water. However, in iced americano, the room temperature water is substituted with cold water and ice. To enhance your flavor, you can even add sweeteners like creamer, milk, or coffee syrup.

How to make an iced americano?

Look at you now. Aren’t you curious to learn iced americano’s recipe? It is all simple. You have to make an americano with an expresso machine and add ice to it. Here’s how:

Preparing for two. You will need-

  • tamper
  • grinder
  • scale
  • espresso machine
  • cold water and ice
  • 14–18 grams espresso coffee beans


Step #1: Get The Good Beans

Although coffee bean’s choice is personal, you need quality coffee beans to make an americano. While making an iced americano, one has to dilute the espresso shot, leading to amplification of any other taste flaw in the beans.

Step #2: Measure The Beans

If you are an iced americano lover, then a single shot will never be strong enough for you. Therefore, to make double shot espresso measure around 14-18 grams of beans.

Step #3: Grind The Beans Extra Fine

To make this great and tasty espresso, you will need a grinder. And grinding is the first step towards holding an iced americano cup in your hand. Grind the beans finely to prepare the espresso shots. Anyhow, if you find your beans not up to mark even after grinding, try to experiment with them again, but this time prefers more fine grinding. It will allow you to judge the taste difference.

Step #4: Time To Tamp

This step is the most vital one for iced americano making process. There are man machines in the market that will automatically tamp for you. But there are some which won’t. It does not matter. In case it is traditional tamping or automatic tamping, either way, it is time to tamp. So tamp it good.

Step #5: Place The Portafilter Into The Machine

After finely grinding and tamping successfully, now it is time to put the portafilter into its spot on the machine.

Step #6: Making Of Espresso

After so many efforts, we are finally here. The aroma of a fresh double espresso shot is in the air. You are all ready to make your cup of iced americano. Exciting, isn’t it?

Step #7: Get Some Cold Water And Ice

So the discussion over the water’s temperature is daunting. It is a personal choice. If the person wants room temperature or ice-cold water with ice, we should leave this on them.

Step #8: Pour The Espresso Into The Water

Okay, for the starters, the water to espresso ratio solely depends on your taste and your courage. Commonly it is two parts water and one part espresso. But as we said earlier, it all depends on you. Another thing to keep in mind while mixing is that, to blend the espresso and water perfectly, pour the espresso into the water and not the other way around as pouring the water messes up with taste and the beautiful crema.

Step #9: Enjoy Your Iced Americano!

Time has gone when being typical was in. Earlier served black, today iced americano fans are getting all experimental with their taste buds, thus trying out new things by adding sugar, milk, creamer, and coffee syrup. Fill your boots with anything you like and then sit back and relax to chill out in summer.

How many calories in an iced americano?

If your iced americano is two or three-shot rich espresso with cold water and ice, more or less, it will have at least 15 calories but zero sugar. However, calorie intake depends on how much tall drink your order. So if you order 12 fl oz, then your calorie count will merely be ten calories. If your order contains 16 fl oz to 24 fl oz, the calories are 15 calories and 25 calories, respectively.

Summer Time With Ice Americano

Summer is right around the corner. So start listing down your favorite summer drinks, and if iced americano is not one of them, then you are missing something great. Add it and try it. You will not regret it.

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