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Are you looking for good coffee? It’s an eternal search. As coffee lovers, we’re never satisfied even after finding a new favorite coffee: we’re always on the lookout for better, more delicious coffee. This brings us to Illy coffee.

Illy coffe is all-Italian company and one of the oldest in the game- it was founded in 1933, which is, coincidentally, the same year that the moka pot was invented. That’s probably why Illy is one of the few brands that offer moka pot grind size options! 

We love Illy for many reasons, but here are a few quick reasons why Illy is great: 

  • All of Illy’s coffee comes in cans. But not just any can- this is Illy’s Unique Pressurized Coffee Packaging. This type of packaging is one of the most efficient for preserving the integrity of your coffee, from flavor to aroma to keeping the beans intact. 
  • The coffee industry is plagued by dubious agreements and shady practices, but Illy is at the forefront of the fight against such things. It’s been named one of the world’s most ethical coffees for seven years in a row!

Here are some of their coffees.

espresso from illy
photo by @andrianos_bakery

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast

Illy is a gigantic Italian coffee company that has been around for quite some time. They’ve got an impressive track record, and the Classico is the prime example of this. 

Classico is a roast that Illy has tinkered with for over 80 years, making this roast older than your parents. It’s a very balanced blend containing nine different varieties of premium arabica, grown under the supervision of Illy. 

So not only has Illy been perfecting this particular roast since as far back as the 1930s, but they’ve also been working hand-by-hand with farmers for more than 30 years, implementing programs that ensure that the beans our coffee is made of are all 100% in terms of flavor and aroma. 

It’s extremely balanced and rich, with a very pleasant caramel flavor that one just can’t get enough of.

Also comes in other presentations: Illy Classico Ground Espresso and Illy Moka Ground Classico 

Illy Intenso Dark Roast coffee

This coffee is for lovers of a different, stronger type of coffee. It’s a dark roast- and for Italians to call it “dark,” you know it’s the real thing. Like the Classico, this one is a blend consisting of nine different arabica varieties, all coming from different countries around the world, all from Illy-approved coffee farms. 

The Intenso is very bold, robust, and with flavor notes of deep cocoa. 

Also comes in other presentations: Illy Intenso for Espresso, Illy Intenso for Drip  and Illy Intenso for Moka pot

Illy Decaf coffee

Every brand has to have at least one decaf option, and Illy is no exception. Usually, they’re simply decaf versions of already existing roasts, but Illy has stepped up and crafted a unique, original decaf option that is sure to surprise you. 

This decaf offers a flavor profile much like that of an exotic blend- with flavor notes such as caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine. Now that’s the kind of coffee that you just can’t miss out on! 

Also comes in other options: Illy Decaf for Espresso

Illy Forte coffee

We introduced you earlier to the Illy dark roast. But what if you like your coffee so dark that even dementors run away from it in fear? 

Well, that’s what the Forte is for. This is a true dark roast in every single sense possible, with a very strong flavor with strong hints of dark chocolate and cocoa. In its aroma, you can pick up a delicious smokey, roasted nuts smell that just makes you swoon. 

For now, though, this coffee only seems to be available in ground form- with a grind size for drip coffee. So it’s mainly for making drip coffee -which makes sense, but we’re hoping to see it available at least in whole bean form soon. 

Arabica Selection

Aside from these products that are more neutral and all-encompassing, Illy also has a celebrated line of single-origin coffee. These are beans that Illy regularly uses for its classic products but given a very different treatment- and instead of mixing them, they’ve separated them by country. 

The results are, as expected, very exotic and quite fun to try. In all cases, the flavor has a certain familiarity to it, but they each have distinct flavor profiles. They feel like premium coffee while still being affordable, which we absolutely love. 

There’s three of these:

illy arabic coffe
Photo by @amici_ap

Ethiopia – Illy Etiopia

This particular Ethiopian blend is already quite aromatic when processed as it would normally be. But Illy puts emphasis on precisely this aspect of these Ethiopian beans: by being extra careful during the washing process and roasting them to a light roast (3/10), the full aromatic power of the beans shines through. 

Most notably, you’ll notice a fragrant jasmine aroma mixed with a rich roasty smell that fills up the room in a matter of seconds. 

Brazil – Illy Brasile 

Brazil is already known for good coffee. It is one of the world’s top coffee growers, if not the top one. Italy has been favoring beans from this South American country for quite some time now. 

Instead of a light roast, we find here a medium roast. This Brazilian coffee is somehow both balanced yet strong: you’ll find that in terms of flavor and aroma, it is never overwhelming to the senses, but it still packs quite a punch. It doesn’t attack you all at once like unskillfully roasted coffee, but rather you begin to feel its full strength after a few sips.

Colombia – Illy Colombia 

For the last one of these marvelous single-origin blends, we have what’s definitely the most popular one of the three. Colombian coffee has been hailed for decades as one of the best coffees in the world, and we definitely agree. 

This blend has carefully grown and selected arabica beans from Colombia. The roast is just a tad lighter than the Brazil blend, and it has citrus flavor notes as well as a smooth finish- which is just about what you would expect from a Colombian coffee!

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