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Gone are the days when to enjoy an excellent hot coffee at home, you had to walk down to a cafe or get yourself a set up of huge, bulky coffee vending machines which require lots of space. But, today, everything comes ‘mini,’ even the coffee machines. Isn’t it great? Who would have thought this might happen one day. So today will are going to introduce you to a new, less space-consuming “Keurig K Mini.”

pink keurig k mini machine
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What is Keurig K Mini?

It’s a small-sized, instead, say “very small-sized” coffee vending machine. It’s designed to take very little space compared to the old and classic coffee vending machines. And please don’t go by the size; it does the job effectively. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t even need any extra add ons; just turn it on and enjoy your favorite coffee straightway.

Keurig K Mini does its job perfectly, no matter where it is. You can use it in your office, at home or in studio apartment, it doesn’t matter!

This small-sized coffee maker has a moderate design, and it comes in various old-school shades of fridges which were famous during the late 1950s, having a neat and clean aesthetic design that will go along with the look of modern kitchens as well. Moreover, its pricing is pretty affordable. Not only this, when it comes to everyday use, it’s effortless to use.

But before judging, let’s take a closer look at how good it really is. Will it be able to make a good coffee as you like it? Let us find out.

Features of the Keurig K Mini

The Keurig K-Mini coffee machine is a feature pack machine that is fully loaded with small and very mandatory details and features apart from simple and easy to use.


Let’s talk about its basket first. If you are ok with K-cup coffee, then this is the machine for you as the machine allows only the use of K-cup coffee capsules only. This mini coffee maker does not come with a portafilter; thus, you can’t use ground coffee. This is usually a deal-breaker because we are not convinced that a coffee machine would ever be so dependent on pods for making coffee. It might be a company’s strategy by bounding the customers to use only their products, the only one thing we are not sure about. However, we guess this makes the ‘mini’ Keurig really ‘mini,’ eliminating some features.

Ground coffee with the filter basket is extremely easy to use. Also, it will be friendly to the environment as you don’t have to use those pointless little plastic containers. Yet you can only use the products provided by Keurig. So apart from redistricting the quality, it also restricts the variety.

It also comes with a removable drip tray which will help you keep your kitchen, room, or office neat and clean. The best part is that as it’s removable, you can fit a large mug for instant coffee.


Keeping aside other things, the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is a go-to product as it’s a very light coffee maker machine when you compare it with other products out there in the market. It weighs less than 5lbs! So you can easily take it with you on vacations, camping sites, student hostel, etc.


Keurig K -Mini measures only 4.5 by 11.3 inches, and its height is around 12.1 inches tall; nevertheless, this doesn’t affect its compact and convenient existence. It also consists of a small storage part that is used to fit the power cord. This, in turn, helps in keeping its size smaller and easier to carry the machine for traveling purposes. The water tank holds up to 12 ounces of water, and it must be refilled you brew a cup of coffee. You need at least 6oz of water, sometimes more. It depends upon your desired coffee mug or portion.

It saves energy

It’s also a smart coffee maker as it saves on energy by automatically turning itself off after 90 seconds of standing unused, hence proving its intelligent technology and pocket-friendly electricity bills.

A little bad news here. If you are a world traveler who wants to get hold of this machine, then note that the Keurig K Mini is usable only in North America as its adapter is not universal. So you have to buy a universal adapter if you want to take this baby with you. 

As we mentioned, the price of this device is very economical, but this varies from color to color. That might sound weird, but this is true. The cheapest version is the black version. If you want to get a different color, you have to pay twenty dollars more than the price of the black-colored version. We don’t understand the logic behind this, but company policies. 

The Keurig K Mini in Action

Apart from its design and compact size, the Keurig K-Mini offers a lot at this price tag. As we said, it’s extremely easy to use because of its simple control panel on the front. As standard, you will get a power switch and a function to control the brew without any hassle. One of its advantages is the drip tray; it’s best in the business to catch the drops. The drip tray really does its job pretty well. You can roam around without worrying about the cleanliness to leave the coffee to brew.

We have experienced that the coffee machines usually make a lot of noise irrespective of whether it is cheap, expensive, small, or big. But this is not the case with the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker machine. So if you enjoy starting your day early, then this machine is best for you as you can have your favorite brewed coffee early in the morning without even disturbing the family members or your neighbors, thanks to its silent machinery.

black keurig k mini in action
Black Keurig K Mini In Action @Pinterest

The Final Decision

Keurig K-Mini is the best in the business. As we have already said, it is simple to use and looks beautiful irrespective of where it is kept. It can be tagged as perfect for few reasons, such as its easy to carry and operate. The small size and the weight make it the best coffee machine to have as you can take it with yourself wherever you want, vacations, camping, and even school. It is portable and easy to use. The machine will help you in making your favorite java really quick without even affecting the taste. Also, the cleanliness will be maintained so that you don’t have to worry about the usual mess created after making a coffee for yourself.

Though it has a downside, it only uses pods that can harm the environment, but it all depends on you. You can buy this as a traveling coffee maker

Nevertheless, this machine will make sure that you will enjoy your favorite coffee! As it worth every penny you spend.

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