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Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

If you like the traditional Keurig K-Cup Brew System, the Keurig K55 can give you even more of what you want. The ease of use and the speed at which it can brew your favorite cup of coffee set this single-serve coffee maker apart from other Keurig coffee makers (less than sixty seconds).

If you want to update your Keurig coffee machine or try a single-serve coffee maker for the first time, the Keurig K55 is a great option! This Keurig K55 review will provide you with all of the details you require to decide whether or not this coffee maker is right for you.

Keurig K55 Features

The Keurig K55 has several valuable features that make it easy to use. Here are some features to expect from your K55 Keurig:

  • Removable Drip Tray: If you’re using a more oversized travel mug, the drip tray can be removed.
  • Descaling Function: Calcium and other sediments will build up in your Keurig K55 over time, causing it to malfunction. The built-in descaling feature, when used, helps extract mineral deposits and maintains your Keurig in good working order.
  • 3-Button Control: After turning it on and inserting your favorite K-Cup, all you have to do is pick the size of coffee you like, and your Keurig will do the rest.
  • 3 K-Cup Sizes: Select from 6 oz, 8 oz, or ten oz! Different sizes will enhance or weaken your favorite K-Cup flavor.
  • Removable Water Tank (48 oz): The ability to remove the tank makes adding water a breeze. And also it can produce up to six cups of coffee before needing to be refilled.
  • 2 Water Filters: Even if you don’t have filtered water, the built-in filtration systems keep your coffee delicious and aromatic.
  • Auto-shutdown feature: After two hours of inactivity, the auto-off function will switch off your Keurig.


The Keurig K55’s efficiency is primarily focused on the brewing rate. This coffee brewer brews a cup of coffee in under a minute. This makes it the ideal device for those who are constantly busy and on the go. Its brewing rate isn’t just for the sake of advertisement, either. It has been thoroughly tested in both Keurig K55 reviews and by consumers, and it reliably clocks in at exactly one minute!

The keys are simple to see and use. There are five buttons in total: three for showing the amount of coffee you want to make, one for turning on the Keurig, and one for turning on the auto-shutdown feature. Even the most inexperienced Keurig users should have no trouble brewing coffee with this machine.

It’s effortless to take off and reassemble removable features. The drip tray is easy to put on and take off. And also, the water tank, even when full of water, is simple to put back into the foundation.

Another of the great attributes is the descaling option, which aids in the removal of mineral deposits. Keep reading to learn more about this function in the maintenance and cleaning section.

Generally speaking, the Keurig K55 is among the best-built, full-featured coffee makers available today. We test a wide range of single-serve coffee machines and devices, and this model is consistently one of the most common.


The Keurig K55 has an easy, essential, and simplistic design that retains the elegant, clean design that Keurig customers have come to expect. The K55 comes in a range of colors, including red, white, blue, and black, as an upgrade from previous models.

Aside from its appearance, the Keurig K55’s architecture is intended to support the machine’s goal of being simple to use. The K55 has all of its buttons in one convenient place. The coffee size buttons light up, and the power and auto shutdown buttons have green lights to show whether they are working or not.

The Keurig K55 retains the sleek, futuristic look that you’ve come to expect from the Keurig company without sacrificing its simple design and user-friendly features.

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Depending on your K-Cup you end up using, the taste given by the K55 is reasonably straightforward. You cannot adjust the water temperature, which may restrict your cup of coffee’s flavor variety. You can experiment with the cup’s size to increase the strength of your coffee. If you add water, the coffee will be weaker, and it will be better if you boil with less water.

Some users have mentioned the plastic taste of their coffee. This may be because the first activation did not run a few empty cycles in the coffee maker. It may also be a warning that the coffee is too light. If you have a taste for plastic, go a few cycles through the Keurig without a pod, run out the descale feature, and consider brewing coffee stronger or experimenting with different K-Cups if your tastes remain the same.

The K55 also comes with an optional empty Keurig K-Cup coffee adapter that can also be used for ground coffee if you like a specific roast. You will want to follow the instructions strictly if you use your own coffee, since overflowing the coffee maker can be caused by putting too many grounds.

Keurig K55: Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the key reasons consumers say they select a Keurig in the first place, according to many. Standard brewing creates a lot of mess and requires a lot of washing. K-Cups eliminate that.

They do so because the K-Cups never get in touch with the Keurig internal components.

That being said, as with many coffee machines, even with the excellent filtration system on the K55, you will eventually have to go through the descaling process.

The K55 removes the need for a descaling solution. It has an integrated descaling process that aids in removing mineral deposits from the water route, which you can save some money.

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The Keurig K55 is unrivaled when it comes to a primary, easy-to-use, and dependable single-cup coffee maker. It makes excellent coffee for one person or a party (as long as you have sufficient K-Cups). It is very durable and easy to clean and is one of the most basic coffee makers available.

Customers searching for their first-ever Keurig brewer believe that it is appealing to have as it delivers top-the-line coffee quality.

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