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For those who are new to this world of coffee and coffee machines, the name La Pavoni will not remind them of anything. For coffee connoisseurs, this brand is one of the best-known names in the coffee world. La Pavoni is one of the oldest names and brands in the coffee industry. The origins date back as far as the early 1900s.


In Milan in the year 1905, an engineer named Desiderio Pavoni was working in his machine workshop. In this workshop based out of Via Parini, Pavoni was working on making a bar coffee machine. This was the beginning of the Pavoni coffee brand.

The early 1900s was when the coffee manufacturing industry saw some change during the Industrial Age. It was a time when machines were being introduced to every manufacturing process, from military to clothes, from food to coffee. From handmade coffee, the engineers were focused on introducing machines to the job of making coffee using machines.

Several English, German and American designers started to design and manufacture coffee machines for commercial purposes. Today they manufacture a very wide range of products. From the basic home coffee machines to ones that are also used in commercial coffee establishments for manufacturing hundreds of coffees every day and costing well over $1000.

Let’s have a look at some of La Pavoni’s collection of products. Their product range is categorized as below.

The La Pavoni Lever Range

As the name suggests, these are Lever based manual espresso machines. These are finely crafted and exquisitely designed machines with the special Italian look and feel that looks just amazing in the kitchen or a coffee shot.

They are available in various colors, and designs like gold, chrome, and polished finishes compete with either wood or plastic handles. Using them is very easy, and you will be able to make an espresso within just a few minutes.

The Lever machine mechanism allows for better extraction of the Espresso. Extracting the “cream of the coffee”, and this is the true essence of any espresso. The machine is perfected to extract this essence at a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius by lowering the Lever at the right intensity. You have to taste the coffee to understand the flavor and the after taste.

They are priced from 599 Euros to 1,690 Euros to the top of the range series. These are ideal for home or small setups but can still be used in small coffee shops.

Lever Range
Photo from LaPavoni

La Pavoni Semi-Professional Range

By the look and feel of these La Pavoni machines, you will be able to understand that these are made for semi-professional and commercial purposes.

They are manufactured from a shiny stainless steel frame AISI 304 and are equipped with a copper and insulated boiler. The boiler and pressure system can create a high pressure of 15 bars which is used to make coffee.

They can make you the perfect Espressos and Cappuccinos. These can also be used at home to give you that dreamy and creamy coffee, just like the ones from the best coffee shops. Also, the wide range of products offers customers the possibility of making their special brew and experimenting with the tastes and flavors.

They can fill up 2.9 liters of water in the tank. They incorporate advanced features like a dual boiler system together with Pid temperature controllers, temperature stability, better steam pressure, independent espresso boiler, manometer pressure gauges, rotary pumps, and more to deliver you the perfect coffee.

The range starts from 1,499 Euros and goes up to 2,699 Euros.

La Pavoni Semi-Professional Range
Photo from LaPavoni

La Pavoni Combined Machines

As we explore further options, they get just better and better when it comes to features and functionality. This machine comes with an in-built grinder and, therefore, the name Combined Machine.

The Espresso and Cappuccino coffee machine is made out of stainless steel, making it easy to clean, maintain, and also look very beautiful. It has a water pressure gauge, and the internal grinder can grind the coffee beans to 7 different levels.

La Pavoni Combined Machines
Photo from LaPavoni


  • The machine features an active Wide cup warmer plate that will keep the cup warm.
  • Easy to operate with levers and switches that are marked, making them intuitive to use.
  • A detachable water tank enables easy cleaning and can be filled from the top. This can fir 2.7 liters which are enough for 75 espressos.
  • The brass filter holder can fit single (8 grams) and double (16 grams) basket sizes.
  • The grinding speed has been kept low to prevent the burning of coffee beans. The coffee grinder hopper has a capacity of 150 grams.
  • The specially designed Turbo Cappuccino mechanism ensures warm and frothy milk every time due to the turbine effect for milk-based drinks like cappuccino, tea, etc.

La Pavoni Manual Machines

These are exquisitely crafted home coffee machines that will brew you your favorite version of Espresso and Cappuccino at home. They are available in different versions like Baretto, Casabar PID, Gran Café Pressurizzato.

They feature a jumbo brass boiler with electro valve, Pump pressure gauge, Fascino filter holder in chromed brass, Tap, handle and professional inox steam jet, Steam wand anti sunburn, and also push-button switches.

The filter holder is made in brass, and the one cup filter holds 7-8 grams while the two cup filter holds 14-16 grams.

The Casabar PID machine is fitted with a PID mechanism that is used to set the temperature of the coffee being made. The user can adjust this between 80 – 100 degrees Celsius. Also, each machine’s functions can be controlled by the levers and indicated by the LED on the front display. To ensure better thermal stability, the boiler is made in brass.

The Gran Café Pressurizzato coffee machines can make Espresso and also Cappuccino in their built-in stainless steel or painted sheet bodies.

The machine includes a pump pressure gauge, group and boiler that has been made in brass to ensure improved thermal stability, and one single cup filter for both ESE pods and ground coffee. Any leakage happening from the group on the BRTE model is prevented by the solenoid valve.

La Pavoni Manual Machines
Photo from LaPavoni

Coffee Grinders

If you are not buying their combined machine, you may need to invest in a coffee grinder. Of course, you can grind them using a hand grinder, but for the perfect coffee preparation, it is best to leave the process to the experts.

The experts at La Pavoni have engineered their very own branded grinders. Available in two designs, they can grind 250-300 grams and also driven by 95-100 watt motors and fine mills, allowing a wide range of coffee grounds.

The grinders deliver an instant dose of the coffee ground so that you do not have to store them, which will make them lose aroma and flavor. So you can ground the exact amount you need and use it fresh. Also, the functionality, the way they are styled, complements the range of coffee machines we saw earlier. Therefore, if you are investing in a La Pavoni coffee machine, it makes sense to invest in their grinder as well. These machines are priced between 279 – 369 Euros.

coffee grinders
Photo from LaPavoni

La Pavoni Ratings

For the overall La Pavoni brand and their product line, we would like to put some ratings.


  • Extremely good design and workmanship.
  • Compact-sized machines.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • .Not too many bells and whistles. They are designed to make good coffee, and they do exactly that.
  • Sturdy build, long-lasting with a good supply of spares.


  • Price may seem on the higher side.

General Opinion

One of the best companies when it comes to coffee machines, it also comes with a piece of history over 100 years old. So you are not just enjoying coffee. You are also revisiting that part of history when the mechanized Coffee revolution started happening.

Generally, we are very impressed by the look and feel of the La Pavoni machines. They look like impressive pieces of Italian art, something that people would love to admire. They’re going to look beautiful in a home kitchen or a café, and with their exquisite styling, even the box shape does not hamper their beauty.

Also, they are made to last and easy to maintain and use. If you take regular care, they will last decades. I hope the information in the article gave you brief information about the company and set you on your way to buy one of their products.

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