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We all love coffee for the taste. But if it was only a tasty beverage, it wouldn’t be so popular. We also love coffee because it energizes us- and because of the many health benefits that coffee offers us. 

Dr. Charles Livingston founded Lifeboost with that in mind. Everybody loves coffee, but there’s something deeper that we can benefit from here. It gives us the energy to do our daily work. It keeps us alert, healthy, and so on.

Keeping in line with these beliefs, all of Lifeboost’s coffee is grown to enhance all of coffee’s natural properties while still keeping it fresh and delicious. 

What makes Lifeboost coffee better?

Spring water washed

To extract the beans inside the coffee cherry, a certain process must be followed first. The fruit is first sun-dried, and only then we can carefully extract the seeds within- our invaluable coffee beans. These, however, need to be thoroughly washed to get rid of all the layers of fruit that remain stuck onto them. How clean do you reckon that water is? 

That’s right. That’s why Lifeboost guarantees that their coffee beans are washed with 100% pure spring water. You’ll feel the difference in the taste! 

Third party tested

Not satisfied with a USDA certified organic label, Lifeboost goes above and beyond to assure you, the coffee lover, that no harmful substances have been used on these precious beans. Third-party testing means that an organization without any stake in the matter -neutral- tests the beans for many different things- like heavy metals, pesticides, etc. 

We’re excited to say that Lifeboost coffee passes every test with flying colors. It tastes better just knowing we’re drinking pure, natural coffee! 

Low Acidity

Acid is a very important component in coffee. It complements and balances out the taste of coffee. But too often we’ll find that certain coffee -even if they’re “premium”- tend to be overly acidic- giving us acid reflux, heartburn, and so on. 

Lifeboost coffee beans are grown to minimize these negative aspects of the acidity in coffee while not sacrificing the good that it brings to its flavor profile. 

Nicaraguan Single Origin

If you’re not familiar with Nicaragua, it’s a fairly small country in Central America that has only recently entered the world market for coffee beans (around the early 2000s), but it has quickly risen to the most popular ones. Why?- because Nicaragua only grows the best of the best. 

Nicaragua grows arabica coffee exclusively, making it the only country that does so, and on top of this about 95 percent of all coffee grown in the country is certified USDA organic. Amazing! 

We have selected three of their products to share with you today because we’re a little obsessed with them at the moment, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do! 

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast – Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee – Non-GMO Whole Bean Coffee Third Party Tested For Mycotoxins & Pesticides – 12 Ounces

As you may have guessed, we are lovers of dark roasts, so it should come as no surprise that we absolutely loved this blend. 

But be warned: it’s quite dark, so drinking it black might not be the very best idea of all. But it is a great coffee to make espresso for all sorts of purposes like lattes, and so on. We think it pairs the best with iced coffee! Just brew one or two shots of espresso, pop some ice in there, and pour condensed milk to your heart’s content. 

This coffee has a rich, deep flavor profile that feels roasty and smoky and leaves a slightly bitter after taste much like dark chocolate does. Enjoy! 

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee – Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee – Non-GMO Coffee Beans Third Party Tested For Mycotoxins & Pesticides – 12 Ounces

Medium roast coffee is always a must-have. It’s good for practically everything. This particular medium roast coffee was made with a very specific function in mind: to be balanced- in other words, to be an all-rounder kind of coffee. 

Because of how delicately balanced the taste of this coffee is, you can break it out for practically anything. Want black coffee? Latte? Heck, you can even use it for a cold brew with surprisingly great results! 

This coffee has a rich, balanced flavor profile with hints of cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate. It has a medium body. Enjoy! 

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee – Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee – Non-GMO Coffee Beans Third Party Tested For Mycotoxins & Pesticides – 12 Ounces

Decaf coffee is not something you buy everyday but, as we’re about to show you, can come in quite handy. 

First of all, there’s something you should know: caffeine is bitter. So the sole removal of it will make any coffee much more palatable- making decaf coffee a great option for people who are really vulnerable to bitterness, children, and so on.

In our team, we’ve got one particular member who suffers from a heart arrhythmia and can’t really have any coffee, so we’re grateful when we get high-quality decaf options such as this one so that they can enjoy a good cup of coffee!

This coffee is mild, with hints of caramel and roasted cereal. It still packs quite a punch despite being decaf. Enjoy! 

In conclusion, we think that Lifeboost coffee is simply amazing, and we can’t get enough of it. For starters, it’s a super wholesome American initiative by a doctor nonetheless, which really inspires trust and confidence. It’s not like we’re spending money on faceless multinational corporations! 

But the real reason why we love Lifeboost coffee so much is that it is absolutely delicious. And don’t get us wrong: we’ve had plenty, plenty of Nicaraguan coffee before. We love coffee from this country and are always seeking new alternatives because it is so good, but Lifeboost really has outdone all other Nicaraguan coffee to date. 

And, to top it all, it’s natural, organic, and low in acidity! 

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