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There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy boring old traditional coffee tables and those of us who can’t get enough of live edge coffee tables.

Put simply, live edge tables are an art. A work of craftsmanship that many would argue is the highest form of art when it comes to making tables. And we just have to agree: live edge tables are unpredictable, fun, and super stylish. Every single one of them has a unique shape- and you can even mix materials like wood and glass. 

Of course, live edge tables have their ups and downs (or curves, in this particular case). So let’s talk first about the advantages and disadvantages of live edge coffee tables. After that, we can go into more detail about different styles of live edge coffee tables.

live edge coffee table
Photo by @sawdust_stain

Pros and cons

Pro: Fun, entertaining

Here’s something that doesn’t really happen with any other type of table: you can stand there and stare at live edge tables for quite some time, admiring it and taking in every detail of their shape. Much like looking at a painting, these tables are fun and even entertaining to look at. 

Even the simplest of live edge coffee tables are still going to have a unique personality. A unique shape, and an array of details that makes it just a little more than just a table. You will find yourself noticing new things about your live edge table over time. That’s something you just don’t get with other tables. 

Con: A most inconvenient shape

Because of their unconventional shape, live edge coffee tables can be quite inconvenient. Think, for example, that you would like to fit it in a cramped space- maybe against a wall. Well, good luck with that. If you ever need to rearrange your living room for whatever reason, it’s going to be hard to find the right space for a table like this, too. 

The thing that most concerns us is a scenario in which you would have to move your live edge coffee table from one place to another- long distances. Square and rectangle shapes are perfect for moving, and they fit easily among boxes and similarly shaped spaces. But live edge coffee tables? They really don’t fit perfectly anywhere- one of the downsides of being too unique. 

Pro: Always the center of attention

It’s great to have someone notice the efforts we make to make our home more cozy and stylish. It’s great to feel validated but, when the things we choose look too much out of a catalog, it’s easy for people to simply overlook them. That will never happen with live edge coffee tables. 

Because they’re so unique and even surprising at first glance, people are sure to take notice of your brand new live edge coffee table. They will admire it, discuss it, and probably have a much better experience drinking coffee just because they are doing so on a live edge coffee table. 

Live edge table styles

Now, let’s look at the two most salient styles when it comes to coffee tables: classic and modern. 

Even though we separate them into these two similarly opposite styles, the truth is that live edge coffee tables can easily fit in any sort of environment. They have a sort of duality: even rustic models can appear “modern” precisely because of the live edge. It can also make them appear rustic even though they are actually modern. It really depends on the point of view of whoever is seeing them. 

In general terms, though, we call rustic live edge coffee tables those who are completely wooden, using a single type of wood, and have rather classic colors- natural and unprocessed are extra points. Modern live edge tables, however, combine different materials and tend to have more attention-grabbing colors and shapes.

Classic/rustic style

Without a doubt, the first image that comes to mind when talking about live edge tables is that of the older, rustic style live edge coffee tables. These are usually made from old wood that looks worn out but in the right way. Some of the smallest coffee tables of this style are simply round chunks of a tree’s trunk with legs.

Rustic live edge tables are in most cases taken out completely out of the same place, meaning that the surface is one whole piece, whereas modern style tables can be made of different pieces. 

These tables are great because they still retain some of the farmhouse look that we all love while still having this great uniqueness and personality that you wouldn’t get normally. 

classic live edge coffee table
Photo by @timberchat

Modern style

Modern live edge tables are a whole phenomenon. You’ve got videos on Instagram of craftsmen making these outrageous, incredibly gorgeous modern live edge tables. They can take two different pieces of wood to make the surface that doesn’t quite fit and make a piece of glass that perfectly bridges the gap between those two pieces. The result is astonishingly beautiful. 

But not all modern live edge tables are like that. We’ve also got fashionable wooden-surface tables with skinny metal legs and other such combinations that make for a very modern, avant-garde style while letting us keep the beauty of live edge surfaces. 

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modern live edge coffee table
Photo by @country_charm_furniture


We truly believe that there is a live edge coffee table out there for everyone. No matter what kind of style you’re looking for or what your living room’s aesthetic vibe is, there is sure to be one of these tables that would fit just perfectly. 

The reason for this is that live edge coffee tables are just so varied and can fit into so many different labels while still not being completely identified by any of them. You can easily find a live edge table in a modest home out in the sticks that fits perfectly in there as well as a live edge table in a super modern state-of-the-art mansion that also fits perfectly. 

So- good luck in finding the perfect one for you!

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