Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Machines


Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Plus: excellent coffee and art

The Maestria and Creatista Plus are two Nespresso coffee machines. Both to satisfy those who like a good coffee with milk foam. Above all each one has its style but both have high technology and provides excellent quality to your coffee.

Maestria Nespresso Coffee Maker: A taste experience.

This high-tech coffee maker produces delicious coffee with a milk foam that appeals to all tastes. Its capsule system offers an impeccable experience in terms of taste and cleanliness.

Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Machines

Maestria Nespresso Machine: An attractive design.

The Maestria Nespresso is a unique coffee maker that offers good coffee to these fascinating beverage lovers. Its model is ahead of its time, and so is its technology.
People who own this coffee maker have a captivating design in their hands. At a glance, we can see that this coffee maker resembles a doll. Its accessories give us the idea that it has two arms, and the two control buttons located on the front panel look like two eyes. Its large water tank is located at the back of the device, complete its peculiar and attractive design. It has genuinely fascinating aesthetics.

The quality of the Maestria Nespresso coffee maker’s materials is superior to any other

They made it of highly durable aluminum. Its accessories are of impeccable quality, far from synthetic materials.

The Maestria coffee maker has a frother, whose characteristics define it as one of professional quality, capable of offering the best milk froth. Moreover it has a second cup holder tray on one of its sides.

It has a unique system that allows preheating the cups, and you can regulate its temperature. That is has 9 bars of pressure, plus dimensions that allow you to classify as large. It measures approximately 36.5 x 47 x 36.5 cm and weighs 6.3 kilos. Its Thermoblock system allows our coffee to be ready in 25 to 30 seconds, at a fantastic speed. It has a water tank of 1.4 liters, one of the largest on the market.
On another note, it has an automatic alarm that warns when it is time to perform the decalcification process. The used capsules go directly into a container that can store 15 of them. Its menus can be programmed.

The Gran Maestria Nespresso stands out for its titanium gray color, although other colors are available.

Advantages of the Nespresso Maestria Coffee Maker

Among its advantages are all the qualities we have mentioned. But the programmable menu, the cup preheater, and the professional milk frother stand out.

Faced with a coffee maker with this category, it seems that no other can compete with it. However, within Nespresso, you have an alternative that is also high-end, which can satisfy your tastes, just like the Maestria Nespresso machine. We are referring to the Creatista Plus. It even invites you to create your designs on the milk foam.

The Creatista Nespresso: coffee as a work of art.

The Creatista Plus Nespresso stainless steel coffee machine allows us to prepare a real work of art at home with ease. This coffee maker produces genuine latte art coffee that combines the virtues of Nespresso with Breville’s advanced milk texturization technology.
This coffee maker has a robust stainless steel body, and Nespresso and Breville manufacture them.

We can easily prepare texturized milk with this coffee maker at our liking temperature. Its innovation lies in the opportunity to elaborate real and exclusive works of art with milk. We can also create a variety of delicious recipes. This recipe includes smooth Latte coffees and creamy Cappuccinos.

This coffee maker is ideal for baristas or professional users. But also for coffee lovers with high standards.

The advantages of Creatista Plus

Creatistas Plus Nespresso’s high-resolution display guides us throughout coffee preparation and in its configuration and maintenance. In addition to this feature, it has a semi-automatic electric system.

Its body is 100% stainless steel. Like all Nespresso coffee makers, it has a 19 bar pressure pump. The capacity of the water tank is 1.5 liters which is enormous. It offers a high-resolution display and four creamy levels of milk textures. You can regulate its temperature up to 11 preset levels. It turns off automatically, which helps us to save electricity. It has a deposit for used capsules. And its great advantage is that it offers eight pre-programmed coffee selections. We don’t have to worry about when it is time for the decalcification process, as the machine alerts us. Likewise, its automatic cleaning program is ideal. It automatically brews Flat Whites, latte macchiatos, and cappuccinos in the same vein. It includes a milk jug for emulsions. Its weight is 5.2 kgs, and the dimensions of the coffee maker: 41 x 31 x 17 cms.

Creatista Nespresso machine: an admirable design

This coffee maker has an elegant and modern design with a clean look thanks to stainless steel. As part of this machine, we have a milk carafe with the style of the one used by baristas; a nozzle also accompanies it, designed to create Latte Art. In this way, we can taste a coffee with quality microfoam, along with a beautiful design that invites us to one of our best experiences. Our senses are involved in this experience of drinking coffee prepared by a Creatista Plus Nespresso.

Both the Maestria and the Creatista coffee makers use Nespresso capsules. This design is the only way to ensure its quality.

Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Machines

Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Machines: A difficult decision to make

Faced with the advantages of coffee quality and aesthetics, we find ourselves at a real crossroads when deciding between a Maestria or a Creatista coffee maker. Maestria-Creatista Coffee Machines offer us the opportunity to taste a creamy beverage crowned with milk foam. However, Creatista allows us to make our designs.

We have to enjoy the one we have at home and understand that we have high-end coffee makers in both cases. Obtaining them is our challenge. With both, we want the silky foam that we like so much for our coffee. There is nothing more to ask from Nespresso.

Maestria and Creatista Nespresso Machines

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