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The espresso maker is one of the most relentless coffee brewing machines. On the other hand, it can be delightful to make a great cup of espresso. You can skip the automatic to the manual espresso machines if you want to take full control of your espresso brew process. The best manual espresso system allows you to enjoy coffee at home in the finest quality; they are also called Lever Espresso Machine as they have a lever to press the coffee ground to extract the flavors.

What to Look Out for in a Manual Espresso Machine?

Manual devices have more space for personalization of the brewed coffee than anything else. You can thus tweak your brew as per your preferences. This can be quite enjoyable because it is more challenging.

They deliver a more handcrafted, touchy brewing experience. This enables you to really enjoy the ability to make a great espresso. This is something you cannot experience with an automatic espresso machine.

Normally they don’t need electricity. They offer an energy-efficient expresso alternative that can also be used in rural parts or during power outages. Yes, they are apocalyptic-resistant products.

All right, so you have a high-quality, manual pump espresso machine set in your heart. You don’t want to hurry your decision, however. It’s clever. A wrong option might mean that one thousand (or more) big ones have been wasted in the wrong machine, not to mention the waste of your desirable coffee beans.

manual espresso machine
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How Hard is it to Use?

Manual systems are known to be tricky to use. Not entirely unworthy of this. But just as a Lamborghini is more challenging to drive, it’s also much more enjoyable to drive; if you have the skills.

Although it is a very simple working mechanism, all manual machines need a thorough understanding of the brewing process to produce a good espresso cup.

This suggests that the learning curve here is much steeper than on automatic machines. However, if it is too easy, would it be challenging and fun?

You’re probably the type who likes to tweak and play with your coffee as you have a keen interest in a manual espresso machine. You can experiment with manual espresso lever machines. Some lever devices are much harder to use than others. This is particularly worth considering when you are making your first purchase.

It is hard to make a perfect cup of espresso with a manual unit, but that makes it more fulfilling.

The shape and size of the machine and how sensitive the lever are can affect how easy it is to use. Find a machine that suits your unique brewing style.

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How Portable is the Machine?

Certain types of manual machines are a little more compact than other types. A lightweight unit is suitable for traveling because it can be transported easily. These devices are powered by manual cranking and do not need electricity, so they can be the right choice for people who spend time in remote locations. Please take note that most manual espresso options need electricity for heating up.

If you want a hand-operated machine, choose one which is small and light. Look for a product that does not integrate many complex features and accessories.

How Long Will a Manual Espresso Machine Last?

Understanding of the quality and type of materials used in the hand lever machines will have an impact on its life span. If you choose a model that is made of durable materials (chrome or brass), you can be confident that your machine will be a top performer for many years to come.

Before you buy, find out the procedures for having the device repaired if anything goes wrong. It is possible, and it would be very inconvenient to return the product to Italy to get it fixed. Some kinds of machines may even be more prone to failure than others.
Additionally, it has been observed that a simple machine lasts longer than a complex machine.

Do research before you make a choice to make sure it will go perfectly. The devices are not found in the typical shop, and it may be hard to find a qualified person with the skill.

Manual Espresso Machine: Espresso Machines Review

Here are some of the top manual espresso machines:

Elektra S1 Micro Casa Lever

Micro Casa has a stylish design influenced by early 20th-century coffee machines. The spring-loaded lever is better for consistent brewing. It has a large capacity as the boiler size has a capacity of 18 single shots of coffee.

Since many of its heating components are exposed, it must be handled with care. It weighs 22 pounds and has a premium price tag attached to it, so it’s certainly not a portable unit.

Elektra S1 Micro Casa Lever
Photo from Elektra

La Pavoni Professional Copper & Brass

This machine is made with durable copper and brass material with an elegant design. It has a large capacity for storing 32 espresso shots. It offers tons of space for tweaking, which means you can experiment with your brew.

In comparison with the Elektra Micro Casa, it does not feature a spring lever but a piston, meaning it operates solely on muscle strength, and producing a consistent brew can often be challenging. You also have to have your coffee grind tamped perfectly.
The lightweight design makes it really hard to keep the unit in place when pulling shots.

ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker

The ROK Presso has a robust and straightforward design. The body is made of metal, ensuring it lasts long. The machine comes with a ten years warranty.

The cup of espresso made with ROK Presso cannot compare to what a higher-end machine would make but, that doesn’t mean it is a bad espresso machine. As long as you have the correct beans and get the process down to a “T,” you can still have delicious espresso shots.

The ROK Presso weighs less than four pounds and is pretty light. This also includes a tin to store it. This is an ideal machine for espresso lovers who love traveling.

ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker
Photo from ROK

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