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Roasting Coffee

Roasting coffee at home is the ultimate coffee lover’s dream. We’ve posted a few articles on the topic, so it’s about time we started talking about the more difficult aspect of this: buying a home roasting machine.

Roasting machines are of a different breed. Because of this, it’s scary to get one because, well, there’s no real popular knowledge about them. Unlike with coffee machines, you couldn’t think of a good home roasting brand or even a type of roasting machine.

Well, that’s alright. There is no need to know how something works to enjoy it (much like with magnets).

After a lot of time going through home roasting machines, we think we’ve finally found one that really works wonders for this article- it’s both incredibly easy to use and requires no prior experience nor knowledge, and it does a phenomenal job roasting coffee. You really can’t tell the difference between a professional roast and this one.

It’s Nesco’s Professional Coffee-Bean Roaster in short Nesco Roaster! Here’s a detailed review of it below.

Nesco Professional 770-Watt Coffee-Bean Roaster

  • It takes about 20-30 minutes to roast your coffee with Nesco Roaster.
  • Super powerful, 770-watt motor ensures a fast and thorough roast.
  • Catalytic technology makes for a smokeless and odorless roasting process.
  • Can roast up to ⅓ pound of coffee beans in one go!

Let’s see what we got here.

Nesco roaster
Photo from Amazon

Nesco Roaster Description

On the left side of Nesco Roaster, you can see the power- the motor and all of the complicated stuff that makes this roaster work so perfectly. On the right side, we’ve got the chamber, which is where the green coffee beans go.

This chamber is made of a very resistant type of glass and has two fill lines- the first one indicates how much coffee beans you have to pour for most roasts. The second one says “dark roasts”, and is a little lower than the second one. This is because beans expand more during dark roasts, so you need to use a little less quantity.

In the center of the chamber is a metal spiral that will continually move during roasting. This movement is crucial for the roasting process and ensures an even roast.

Then, we’ve got the display and control at the base of the Nesco Roaster machine. It’s made up of a very small digital display and five buttons. These are:

  • Up/down: with this, you control the roast levels as well as the cooling time after a roast. Very useful. 
  • Recall: it lets you reset to the previously entered roast time. 
  • Start: start roasting coffee once all the required settings have been set. 
  • Stop: you can stop a roast at any time with this button! 

The LCD display will help you navigate all these options. There are also small green and red LED lights next to the start and stop buttons, indicating which one of these options has been activated last. Quite useful when you’re busy.

Final Word About Nesco Roaster

All in all, we think that Nesco Roaster is an incredible roaster to use, and we’re sure you just won’t get enough of the freshly roasted coffee made with this roaster. Happy roasting!

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