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Here we answer to Nespresso machine FAQ in one single article!

What is a Nespresso machine?

This is a type of espresso machine that works with coffee capsules instead of ground coffee. These capsules contain a single dose of espresso inside (about 14 grams of ground coffee), and everything you need to do is insert the capsule and press a button.

Nespresso machines come in two forms: original line, which is the standard. These machines are compatible with all manner of coffee capsules like reusable capsules and different brands. Then, we have Nespresso VertuoLine, which is a different type of machine. They brew differently and therefore use a different type of capsule. VertuoLine machines are only compatible with Nespresso capsules.

Now that we answered what the Nespresso machine is let’s get to answering the Nespresso Machine FAQ!

Which is the best Nespresso machine to buy?

It all depends on your personal preference. You have small, simple machines such as the Essenza Mini that take almost no space and are very straight-forward, with only one working button.

You can also find something such as the Lattissima, which looks more like an espresso machine and has a milk compartment. This can froth milk just like a commercial machine, preparing cappuccinos and lattes with just a couple of buttons. It even pours the milk by itself!

We have plenty of Nespresso machine reviews available on our site that will definitely help you sort this out.

What is the latest Nespresso machine 2020?

Nespresso’s latest release is the Nespresso Momento 120, a state-of-the-art machine that surpasses all previous releases. It’s a hybrid between home and commercial use, and it’s got all the features and functionalities you could dream of.

Nespresso’s official specs for the machine

  • Weight: 16 Kilogram
  • Water tank capacity: 3 Litre
  • Dimensions(WxDxH)(cm): 300mm x 500mm x 420mm
  • Pressure: 19 Bars
  • Used capsules container capacity
  • Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo preparations
  • Pressure pump up to/max 19 bar
  • Semi-automatic capsule insertion and ejection

Which is the best Nespresso machine for a latte?

That would be the mentioned Nespresso Lattissima. This machine was designed for latte lovers, being able to froth milk in a matter of seconds and pouring it into your cup. It can also make cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Nespresso also offers the Aeroccino, a stand-alone device for frothing milk that works great and comes in a bundle with many other Nespresso machines. So, basically, it’s not obligatory to buy a latte-oriented Nespresso machine if you want a latte. You can just use the Aeroccino!

Should I buy Nespresso original or Vertuo?

It really depends on what you appreciate more. For example, regular capsules are already pricier than other coffee types, yet Vertuo capsules are more expensive. However, they do offer more size options, and the quality of the coffee is undoubtedly superior.

Original machines are also compatible with all sorts of different brands. Specialty and artisanal-type capsules that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy with Vertuo, you can go with the original line.

Vertuo offers a more premium experience: it’s Nespresso’s response to specialty coffee and other types of gourmet options that Nespresso didn’t offer before. Besides, Vertuo machines brew coffee differently, achieving a higher quality espresso with lots of crema.

Can you use Nespresso pods twice?

No! Pods are meant to be used once, then discarded. To reuse would be as pointless as reusing coffee grounds. All you’d get is a watered-down coffee.

If what you’re looking for are reusable capsules, a quick search will yield good results. These are empty capsules that you fill up with your favorite ground coffee and use them as you normally would with regular capsules.

nespresso pods
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How long does a Nespresso machine last?

Because all Nespresso machines come with an integrated descaling system, which includes an alarm that lets you know whenever the machine needs descaling, they have a longer average lifespan than usual: over ten years.

However, we see no reason why a Nespresso coffee maker could last more than 20 years if you take proper care of it. The trick is to descale using Nespresso descaling fluid, use soft water, and try to give it an in-depth cleaning at least once a week.

Are Nespresso machines worth it?

Most definitely. More and more people are buying Nespresso or otherwise single-cup coffee makers because of how convenient they are. Also, it’s the best way to make espresso at home without having to learn how to operate a complicated espresso machine: simply pop the capsule in, press a button, and watch as espresso pours out!

While it may be true that Nespresso is a bit pricier, the amount of time you save more than makes up for it. Plus, single-serve machines are the ones that consume the least electricity, so that’s something.

Is Nespresso as good as real espresso?

Yes. Nespresso machines are equipped with high-powered water pumps that can produce up to 15 bars of pressure (and more, in some cases), which is needed to make an espresso. Usually, most commercial machines can produce either 15 or more bars of pressure.

So yes: it is, in all senses, a real espresso. It’s as good as the stuff they make in the café.

Does Nespresso coffee have crema?

Because of what we talked about before, Nespresso coffee will always have crema. It is this pressure that helps extract the oils in coffee, which help in forming the crema. Most brewing methods involving pressure, such as the Moka pot and the Aeropress, will have some crema.

The crema in Nespresso coffee is usually abundant, more so in VertuoLine machines.

Can you use any capsules in Nespresso machines?

In Original Line machines, yes, you can. These machines accept all sorts of different capsules no matter the brand and can even use reusable capsules.

As for VertuoLine machines, it’s more complicated. We’re starting to see the first attempts at reusable capsules, but still, no other company can manufacture coffee capsules for these machines other than Nespresso. And it’s a bad idea to try reusable capsules in these models because the brewing method is very different. Stick to Nespresso!

Is Nespresso as good as Starbucks?

This depends on which coffee you order at Starbucks! But probably yes, because there are so many different Nespresso options that you’re bound to find one you like as much as your usual order at Starbucks. Or more! You never know.

Also, it’s cheaper than buying coffee out and more convenient. You save time and gas money. Win-win!

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Do you get anything for recycling Nespresso capsules?

The feeling that you’re doing something, no matter how small, to keep our planet cleaner. That should be enough!

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