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Nespresso Machines Subjective Review

As valuable as raw specs and a list of features are, a human, subjective review can be even more important. So, in this article, we will give you a subjective Nespresso machines review. Because the biggest predictor of how much we’ll like a machine is how we feel about it, and by reading other people’s reviews, we can imagine how we might feel.

In this article, we’ll look at different Nespresso machines and their most liked reviews – as well as the most disliked reviews. We’ll also go over what some of the things (positive or negative) that people seem to be repeatedly saying about them in these reviews.

To avoid bias, we’ll leave out any info on the authors of these reviews.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini

Best Review: 

“I bought myself an Essenza Mini for the holidays. I liked how small it looked, and it fits perfectly on the counter. It takes up less than half the space my old drip machine did.

I’d been making coffee with a relatively new drip machine. I enjoyed grinding my own beans, but, truth be told, I enjoy this coffee way more. It’s way tastier than I expected and thousand times more convenient.”

What people are loving

  • “It tastes like real espresso!”
  • “Materials are very good quality.”
  • “Makes very little noise.”
  • “My family and I are loving this machine.”

What they’re not loving

  • “Nothing new.”
  • “Coffee is not as good as with other models.”
  • “Button malfunctions every once in a while. Annoying.”

Nespresso Vertuo Next

Best review 

“Love it! It’s my 3rd Nespresso machine. This one you can program with your phone via Bluetooth, change settings, and get reminders and updates on your phone. It’s pretty neat! My favorite one so far! I always recommend it to my family and friends!”

What people are loving

  • “I love the look!”
  • “Coffee tastes great, no matter what kind of capsule you’re using.”
  • “Super easy to start using. I got it delivered, and in less than 10 minutes, I had put it together and was drinking delicious coffee.”
  • “This machine is rather narrow and takes up very little space. I really like this about it, as I can fit it anywhere I want.”

What people complain about

  • “The app doesn’t really let you make coffee via your phone.”
  • “Can’t use any other capsules besides Vertuo.”
  • “A little pricey compared to my previous Nespresso machine.”

Nespresso CitiZ machine review

Best review

“I’ve always been an espresso drinker, but I don’t really like big machines. I got this one because I saw it was neither too big nor too small, and it’s perfect. It makes killer espresso, and then I just froth the milk myself as I’ve always done. It’s really perfect for me and the best part of my day.”

What people love

  • “So small, everyone at home loves it. Best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten.”
  • “I have the red model, and it really makes my kitchen pop.”
  • “Wouldn’t have expected such quality of coffee for such a small machine. Impressed.”

What people complain about

  • “I spent extra money on a fancy warranty- useless! The machine started leaking, and I was told it was entirely my fault. Don’t waste your money on warranties! They have no intention of reimbursing a single cent!”
  • “It has a small leak, and there doesn’t seem to be any solution.”
  • “I was having trouble with it and called customer support. They were no help at all.”

Nespresso Lattissima One

Best review

“I expected to use it like once or twice a day. I ended up loving it so much we drink at least 6 cups a day between my wife and me! It’s really great, and the quality of the latte is just amazing. I hated going to the coffee shop anyway; this machine has made my life much easier.”

What people are loving

  • “Pretty small, considering all it does.”
  • “Best design I’ve ever seen on a coffee maker.”
  • “I can make several lattes in a row without having to refill the thing too often. It’s honestly the best thing I own.”

What people complain about

  • “Frother is inconsistent, kind of hit and miss.”
  • “If you don’t clean it often, it starts smelling because of the milk. High maintenance, which I really didn’t expect.”

Nespresso Vertuo

Best review

“I’ve never owned a Nespresso before, and I wasn’t so sure about this one. However, after having it at home for three months, I have to say it’s worth my money. It makes great coffee, it looks better than all my friend’s espresso machines, and it’s simpler and faster! Couldn’t be happier.”

What people are loving

  • “The espresso is so good!”
  • “It looks slick and futuristic, the most stylish coffee maker I’ve ever had.”

What people complain about

  • “Not that much better compared to my old Nespresso machine, and much more expensive!”

Nespresso Inissia

Best review

“I read that Breville had collaborated with Nespresso. Not really a fan of capsule coffee, but okay, I love Breville, so I bought this one cause it was super cheap compared to the rest of them. I freaking love it!! It makes decent espresso, and it’s super small and cute. I am officially a fan of Nespresso!!”

What people are loving

  • “We have one at the office, and I use it every day. I’m getting one for myself next Christmas.”
  • “I have found it’s portable and light. Moved two times, and it was a breeze.”

What people complain about

  • “Sorta underwhelming. Wish it had more options. It just has the one button, and that’s it.”
  • “The capsule lid jams all the time.”

Nespresso Creatista

Best review

“I’ve always loved fancy coffee, but knowing myself, I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to learn how to use an espresso machine. Then I saw this beauty – it was like a barista machine but way simpler! I’m super happy I bought one. I make all kinds of fancy coffees for my husband and me at home with relative ease. Love it.”

What people are loving

  • “Steam wand works just like the one at the coffee shop.”
  • “Makes the frothiest lattes.”

What people complain about

  • “Marketed as a kind of commercial machine, but it’s just a Nespresso machine with a steam wand. Nothing more.”
  • “To narrow, it’s easy to make a mess when frothing milk.”

Choose wisely

We hope that this article Nespresso machines review helped you, because we think the subjective human experience can help you more to get to know the machine and choose the right one for yourself!

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