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We recently wrote an article on the marvelous Ninja Coffee Bar coffee makers. It became apparent to us only after that there’s a lot of room for experimentation and many fun recipes that you guys could enjoy. This article is, essentially, a collection of non-standard recipes that play around with the pre-set options on the Ninja Coffee Bar and that we’re a thousand percent sure you’ll appreciate and, most importantly, have fun making. Keep on reading various Ninja Coffee Bar Recipes.

Because there are a few different machines and each has other options, we’re also going to tell you which machine we’ll use on each recipe. Let’s do this!

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Ninja Coffee Bar Hot And Cold – Freddo Espresso

What’s something that everybody likes?- Besides coffee, of course! That would be ice cream.

A Freddo Espresso is a drink native to Greece (also the homeland of iced coffee in general) which combines ice cream and coffee. Here, you’ll be making a refreshing type of iced coffee that, instead of using bland ol’ ice cubes, uses ice cream.

We strongly recommend using vanilla or French for the ice-cream, as these two flavors go amazing with coffee. Here’s our vanilla ice cream of choice, and here’s a great choice of French vanilla.


Take a mug or, preferably, a tall glass and put a big scoop of ice cream in it. It should take up about half of the glass.

Place the mug on the tray and, using your coffee of choice, brew, selecting the “over ice” option.

No sweetener required. Enjoy!

Ninja Coffee Bar – Chai Coffee

We can’t stress enough how good spiced coffee is. Particularly black coffee with spices: it’s the nectar of the gods, and they’ve known this in the Middle East for centuries.

But since we’re not so good with spices like they are, let’s choose a blend of spices that we know is delicious and relatively familiar. That would be chai mix.

Chai is just another word for “tea,” actually, which refers to this spice mix in particular. It’s got cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and a bunch of other things. It’s got a sweet, warm flavor profile with unique synergy with coffee, which is why we love it so much.

For this recipe, we’ll be using chai tea bags. Depending on how much coffee you’re making (in cups), use that same amount of teabags. Since we’re making half carafe, we will be using six tea bags, but you can adjust depending on how strong you like it (or making less/more).


Place six chai tea bags inside the glass carafe.
Brew using the “half carafe” option. Use your coffee of choice – preferably something medium or light roast.

We recommend sweeteners. Use syrup for better results. You can also go for a vanilla chai flavor, which is just as good as regular chai- or better!

Ninja Coffee Bar Specialty Coffee Maker – Café au Lait

The specialty coffee maker’s “specialty brew” option is suitable for many beverages, but it seems tailor-made for making café au lait. It’s got the right texture, and it brings out the right amount of flavor.

Café au lait is essentially a type of latte, just much more significant in volume and more balanced. Time to break out the giant mugs you’ve got in your kitchen!

We didn’t suggest a particular coffee until now, but we strongly recommend Volcanica’s Guatemalan brand, simply because we’ve gotten great results with it. If not this, we still suggest you use Central American coffee because of its natural mild sweetness. It’s perfect for café au lait.

We’re using skim milk for this recipe. If you don’t or can’t drink dairy, you should go for coconut milk, as it’s got a vibrant flavor and will infuse the whole coffee with its creaminess.


Using x1.5 the amount of coffee you usually use for one cup of coffee, brew using the specialty brew option
Froth the milk slightly using your Ninja Coffee Bar’s frother.
Pour the milk, add sweetener, and enjoy!

Ninja Coffee Bar Hot and Cold – Yuenyeung

One of the selling points for this coffee maker is that it can brew tea and coffee: coffee and tea. But – what if you can’t choose? Well, that’s when you make yourself a refreshing Yuenyeung!

Yuenyeung is an ancient, traditional beverage originating in the island of Hong Kong. It is prevalent there, made by mixing coffee, tea, and milk. A pinch of sugar (big pinch, actually), and you’ve got yourself an irresistible drink.

While most medium-roast coffees are ideal for this recipe, we strongly recommend the use of good tea. Most black teas and their variables are suitable for this kind of combo. Red tea (Pu*erh tea, a fermented, premium sort of black tea) is better if you want a less bitter, more balanced tea.


Brew one cup of coffee with the specialty function.
Brew one cup of black tea as healthy as you can.
Mix both in the same mug or container, add milk as desired.
Sweeten and enjoy!

One of the beauties of this drink is its creaminess. You can either use whole milk or, if that’s too high in fat content for you, use oat or coconut milk, which are also very creamy. Still watch out for that fat content!

As for sweeteners, syrups will add texture and creaminess. If you’re using sugar and similar sweeteners, add them to the mug when you’re brewing coffee. The high temperature will dissolve it. This way, you don’t have to be stirring it after mixing all the ingredients.


And with that, you’ve got some exciting new recipes to try and to show off to your friends. Because making coffee with your Ninja Coffee Bar is never dull, and we guarantee you’ll always be finding new recipes to try with it. If you know of any great recipes that we could add to the list and share with the community, let us know!

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