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Who here hasn’t dreamed more than once about putting all your coffee makers all in one? Well, that’s what the Ninja Coffee Bar is all about. It is a kind of drip coffee machine with advanced brewing technology that will let you make all different types of coffee, just like if it were several machines all in one. They call it the “coffee bar” precisely because of its multi-functionality: it can brew all sorts of coffee, unlike regular coffee makers, usually only suitable for one type of coffee.

There are several different models of the Ninja Coffee Bar. We’ll talk about the three more popular Coffee Bar coffee makers and what improvements there are with each of them.

Ninja Coffee Bar-CS kind of drip coffee machine with advanced brewing technology that will let you make all different types of coffee

Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

What they all have in common, however, is Thermal Flavor Extraction.

Thermal flavor extraction technology, a Ninja exclusive, works by precisely calculating the ideal temperature for each brewing method- but not just that! It knows proper duration, bloom for each option (down to the millisecond!), and the appropriate saturation levels for each of them. They’ve figured out every single detail that makes a coffee tremendous, and they’ve created a technology that can carry out an astonishingly exact recipe every single time. The best coffee your machine can make, every time. It doesn’t leave anything to chance.

What’s so great about thermal flavor extraction is that the Ninja Coffee Bar is a one-of-a-kind machine meant to make very different types of coffee; without something as precise as this technology, the whole thing would be a disaster. It would be like trying to force a regular drip coffee machine to make your iced coffee: it’s just not going to happen. The whole process is set in stone. This function makes it possible for the Ninja Coffee Bar to be many machines, all in one.

And now, to the machines! Let’s start with the classic & standard Coffee Bar.

Ninja Coffee Bar CE251 – The classic

A good-looking coffee maker that looks like a fancy drip machine but leveled up, it’s got great functions like programmable delay brew, which lets you set a brew ahead of time. It also comes with a permanent filter (which is neat, disposable paper filters are a tedious thing), a twelve-cup glass carafe, and a scoop.

You get three different options with this coffee maker: one is to make several cups at once, which is the “small batch” option. It brews a carafe, which is about four cups of coffee. There’s also the “brew” option, which will brew a whole carafe – twelve cups, give or take. It depends on what cup you’re drinking!

You have the “classic” option, a standard, regular brew with no tweaks whatsoever. It is probably the option you’ll be using more often.

Finally, we have the “rich” brew option, which is another word for strong. It brews a coffee that is stronger, thicker, and packs quite a punch.

The classic & rich options are the main two ones here, and we are going to be seeing them in all the other machines, as these two are the basic options offered by the Ninja Coffee Bar line.

Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 – the specialty coffee maker

With the next in the line, Ninja went all out. It looks super different from the classic one, to begin with, and it’s got many extras. The carafe is just a little smaller, holding ten cups instead of twelve, but you got a lot more size options: full carafe, half carafe, XL multi-serve, travel mug, XL cup, and cup. That’s a LOT of options. And who doesn’t like having a lot of options?

Aside from the classic brew and rich brew options, we’ve got two extra options: over Ice and specialty.

Over Ice makes a concentrated coffee brewed over plenty of Ice. The entire focus is watered down. It’s so concentrated that you don’t need to worry about drinking it all before the ice cubes disappear: it’ll still be thick by then. Probably our favorite option.

Specialty brew is even more concentrated than the previous one. The purpose is to bring out a more comprehensive array of flavors, and it’s safe to say it’s the closest the Coffee Bar machines get to an espresso. You can make lattes and other espresso-based drinks with the specialty brew as a base.

Ninja Coffee Bar CP301 – The Crown Piece

It is truly a premium, high-end machine. The full name is longer than a Game of Thrones name: “Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-IQ Tea and Coffee Maker…” etc., etc. We get the point: it can do a lot of things.

You got all the brew options from other models (classic, rich, over Ice, and specialty) plus an unexpected one: cold brew! That’s right! You can now even make cold brew with your Ninja Coffee Bar!

The carafe is the same size as the specialty coffee maker and has the same size options (full carafe, half carafe, XL multi-serve, travel mug, XL cup, and cup).

As for tea, it’s got a convenient way of brewing tea using tea bags. It works just like with coffee – that is, the same brew options. You can make regular tea (classic), strong tea (rich), over Ice, concentrated (specialty), and even used the cold brew option to make super refreshing herbal teas in the summer.

This one is where all the features and functions come together and truly shine in the multipurpose department. What’s more, all of its features are carried out with a lot of precision, making it a high-quality coffee maker that can make a coffee as good as any other machine in its price range. Yet, it can brew many more types of coffee than other machines.


There’s no way around it: the Ninja Coffee Bar line is incredibly worth it if you think all the use you can get out of it. It’s at least four different coffee makers – all in one! One can’t help but love such a practical coffee maker.

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