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Why is an ottoman coffee table so good?

Whether you want to serve latte, cappuccino, espresso, Americano, or doppio, a coffee table is a great addition. Did you know you can choose an ottoman to complement the traditional coffee table? If you would like to boost your living room elegance, you can consider an ottoman coffee table. 

ottoman coffee table
Ottoman coffee table @Amazon

This unique piece’s advantage is that it serves as a coffee table and an ottoman for various needs. It looks gorgeous, more inviting, and your guests will feel at home. This piece of furniture is a blend of comfort, casualness, and style. It creates a welcoming and warm ambiance in your home. Here we look at how an ottoman coffee table can enhance your living room and all the finer details about this stylish piece.


An ottoman coffee table coordinates the colors of your room and is the focal point of attention. A classic option can bring rustic in your living room, whereas a modern piece can create an air of affluence and sophistication. It’s a showstopper for any occasion and an excellent way to show off your living room to guests. 


An ottoman is versatile and can serve a wide range of functions. You can use it to serve coffee, exotic wines, snacks, and other food items during a party. It can also be a suitable storage space for your books or magazine. 

Some can have an open shelf, while others are hidden, and this provides extra space for storing blankets and cushions. Also, you can tuck away some clutter for a quick clear-out. A sizeable ottoman table can provide a suitable area to play board games with your friend.

You can set the ottoman next to other furniture in your home to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. If you have a spacious house, consider a larger table for lounging. In this way, you get to enjoy every piece of your home. 

A coffee ottoman creates a round table design where you can have a chit-chat with your friends or family after dinner or when taking an afternoon snack.


Another benefit of having an ottoman in your living is that it enhances your comfort and a place to crutch your legs after a tiring day. Unlike other coffee tables, ottomans have cushioned upholstery where you can place your feet for maximum comfort. 

You can also use an ottoman as an additional seat if you have more guests and move it near the TV to watch your favorite shows.

Adds a touch of class to your living room

An ottoman coffee table brings some softness and warmth to your living room. If your living room has hard furniture surrounding every space, an ottoman coffee table is visually appealing and adds class to any room.

Space savers

The advantage of an ottoman coffee table is that you can tuck it away when not in use and pull it out whenever you want to use it. The best part is that it’s lower than the sofa or table and thus you can hide it away to create more space.


The ottoman coffee tables are often made from denim, tweed, or child-friendly leather materials. The table offers a flat place, and the edges are not sharp, and thus, your child is not at risk of injury. 

Whether it’s rectangular or curved, an ottoman creates a comfortable area for moving around thanks to the soft material.

Choosing an ottoman shape

The shape of the ottoman coffee table depends on the seating arrangement of other living room items. Ideally, the size of the ottoman should correspond to the size of your room.

Rectangular ottoman 

rectangular ottoman
Belleze Taburete rectangular ottoman @Amazon

A rectangular ottoman coffee table is the best choice if you have little space in your room. This type of ottoman’s advantage is that it’s slim and long and can blend well in a rectangular or straight seating arrangement.

Square ottoman

square ottoman
Adeco square ottoman @Amazon

A square ottoman fits perfectly in large spaces. Besides, you can use it if your room has a rectangular or square shape.

Oval ottoman

oval ottoman
Oval Tufted Ottoman Stool @Amazon

An oval ottoman is a space saver and ideal for apartments or where space is limited and is suitable for any sitting arrangement.

Round or circular ottoman

Tufted Round Ottoman @Amazon

A round ottoman fits well in a large room, and unlike the square option, it doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s a versatile unit that will accentuate a square, curved or rectangular seating layout.

Choosing an ottoman upholstery material

An ottoman is a multifunction piece of furniture that you can use to serve coffee, snacks, and other drinks. However, depending on the material, it’s essential to use a tray to prevent damage in case of spilling. Upholstery ottoman coffee tables can get stains and are hard to clean.


The ottoman fabric features different prints, patterns, textures and comes in a wide variety of colors. For this reason, it’s popular with many people. Depending on your preference, you can choose the type of fabric that will match your room decor and other furniture at home.


Leather is yet another material popularly used to make an Ottoman’s upholstery. Leather is classic, elegant, formal, and sophisticated. 

If you’re looking for a more durable piece, you can go for genuine leather as it’s resilient and doesn’t wear out quickly. Synthetic leather may not be the best option since it requires a high level of maintenance.


From our discussion, a coffee table is an excellent addition to any room and has various uses. On the other hand, an ottoman coffee table screams luxury and comfort from a decor standpoint. If you’d like a comfy place to prop your leg, an ottoman is the best option, thanks to the soft edges. It creates an elegant flow and matches the aesthetic feel of your room. 

Since it’s incredibly versatile, the ottoman coffee table is an excellent value for money. Further, it’s a last-minute-saver when you’re looking for an extra seat for your guests. So, spruce up your living room with an ottoman and enjoy all the trappings it will bring along.

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