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In the world of beverages, there aren’t many doubts as to what are the world’s most popular beverages. While coffee is definitely one of the most popular beverages globally, it can hardly rival alcoholic beverages, which are drunk by the barrelful every day around the world. 

What would happen, then, if you were to combine the two? And we don’t mean in a very traditional and frankly quite boring way like with coffee liqueur- something more modern, more casual, and easier to drink. That would be Pabst’s all-new coffee drink- Hard Coffee. 

What are hard drinks?

To clarify, Pabst Hard Coffee contains alcohol. Hard drinks are beverages that contain alcohol- the word “hard” is added to the name of something that does not usually contain alcohol to indicate this fusion. 

Good examples of this are hard seltzer, which is the combination of seltzer water (usually just carbonated water) with alcohol and hard cider. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon – Hard Coffee

pabst hard coffee
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Of course, you can’t simply mix coffee and alcohol and hope that it will taste good on its own. No. Instead, they combined those ingredients and flavors that compliment the flavor profile of coffee the most: creamy milk and vanilla. The sweetness of vanilla balances out the bitterness in coffee, while the milk’s creaminess makes for a delicious texture. 

And that’s what makes this drink so good: it’s creamy, it’s sweet, and it’s got all the goodness of coffee. What’s best, it’s got a five percent alcohol by volume – 5% ABV.

It comes in twelve-ounce cans. Each can has about 272 calories, which isn’t low, but it’s not high either. About what you’d expect from a drink such as this one. 

Here is some more nutritional info about Pabst’s Hard Coffee:

CategoryMalt Liquor
Alcohol Content5% ABV
Calories per Can (12 ounces)272
Carbs per serving33.4 grams
Flavor ProfileCoffee, Vanilla, Cream
Best Serving Temperature35-40° F

Pabst Hard Coffee – Review

So, without further ado, here’s what we think of this drink:

The first few sips are straight up heaven. It feels very creamy, just like an iced latte or even a frappuccino, except for the fact that the sweetness here does not overpower the rest of the drink. It’s just enough sweetness, which is also brought down by the presence of alcohol. 

This brings us to the next point- the acidity and general sourness that alcohol brings to the mix is surprisingly good. It’s confusing at first because it’s such a strange combination, but you’re thoroughly convinced in just two or three sips: this is a match made in heaven. 

The only not-so-positive thing we do have to say about this is that there’s not really much of a buzz going on, caffeine-wise. We’re not sure what the caffeine content is for this drink because Pabst doesn’t offer this information freely, but we’re pretty sure we could drink a whole six-pack before feeling energized like you normally would after drinking something with coffee in it. 

All in all, the flavor is heavenly, and it’s such a good alternative when you want to break the habit and drink something fun instead of beer and the like. 


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