Panama And Coffee: All You Need to Know About Panama Coffee


Most of Central America and South America are known for having fertile soil and other excellent conditions for growing coffee beans. For example, Costa Rica produces some quality, very caffeinated coffee. South of Costa Rica, linking the two regions, is Panama. It is no exception to the coffee region as it is known for producing some outstanding coffee beans.

A majority of the best coffee in Panama is from the Boquete area in the Chiriqui District, as well as Volcan—located near a volcano called Volcan Baru. Panama’s location between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean (think Panama Canal) creates micro-climates. That works hand-in-hand with the volcanic soil to help facilitate the growth of high-quality beans.

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A small country with such conditions could easily be abused to make the most money. Workers are also at risk to have harsher conditions, but Panama is known to have some of the best working conditions in the coffee industry! On top of that positive element, Panama continues to be
known to put their quality over quantity when it comes to coffee. Lack of quantity only becomes an issue when Panamanian coffee is a particularly hot commodity, such as when it comes to Geisha coffee.

Geisha Coffee of Panama

Someone once paid $803 per pound for Geisha coffee beans, at the Best of Panama green coffee auction, making it one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Geisha coffee can be found in other places and originated in Ethiopia like all coffee. It is said that the growing conditions in Panama are what make it amazing. The International Coffee Tasting, with judges from around the world, scores Geisha coffee at 94.1 out of 100 points. That’s an A grade!

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Geisha coffee beans are grown at a high altitude before being dried for eight days and sold green. They can be sold roasted, but green Geisha coffee beans are a bit more familiar. It is quite rare that you will find Geisha coffee being served at a coffee shop, and if it is, a single cup might cost you more than triple the
cost of a standard cup of coffee. The further you are from Panama, the pricier it may be for a brewed cup of Geisha.

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Other Panamanian coffee

Some of us cannot be throwing down a chunk of our rent on a single pound of coffee (although, that might be the new goal). Fortunately, we can still enjoy the other coffee that Panama has to offer. The following brands offer coffee from Panama that is both reasonably priced and flavorful.

Volcanica Coffee 

Offers “Panama Coffee, Boquete Estate”, which is a single origin bean that fresh roasted and solid as whole beans to ensure the best flavor. The medium roast creates hints of caramel with a balanced body.

Café Duran

Has a range of blends from Panama, including their “El Café de Origen Boquete” and “Cafe Tradicional.”

Café Rogusta

It offers only single-origin coffee from their farm in Coclé Province of Panama. They boast of being a sustainable and organic farm, adding to the greatness of their coffee.

Thank you for reading up on all you need to know about Panama and coffee! It is well-deserving of more attention for what it does for the coffee industry.

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