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Every alcohol drinker in the US knows the PBR coffee label or has heard about it. At least the Blue Ribbon label is available in various stores. Pabst Blue Ribbon or PBR is a popular brew in the US and a choice for many people. Currently, it’s one of the most loved beers in the US. It has earned a slot among the top beer products.

Just recently, Blue Ribbon products have hit shelves of major stores, and word on the street is that more products are lining up for launch. The incredible thing is the introduction of whisky and more products with high alcohol content. You’ll also find different versions of popular beverages such as Stronger Seltzer, Hard Tea, and other types of brandy.

Without a doubt, the company is committed to adding more unique products. It will lead to a more significant customer base and a boost in sales.

pabst blue ribbon hard coffee
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PBR Hard Coffee Release

The demand for hard coffee drinks has grown to unprecedented heights in the USA, which explains why Pabst is keen on producing and selling this product. For the avoidance of doubt, Pabst is one of the largest companies in the US that manufactures and sells blue, red, and white beer. 

In mid-2019, the company released launched a unique hard coffee product, which is a caffeine-laden beverage. Notably, they make this product from a blend of Arabica, Robusta, and an infusion of vanilla with deep creamy and smooth American milk. 

PBR Hard Coffee is more like a liquored Frappuccino. Most people are trying this unique blend, and Hard Coffee is gaining popularity in the United States, and it’s impossible to miss on the shelves of major stores.

Every aspect of PBR hard coffee is a beer with a fermented malt base that leaves a flavoring liquor taste in the mouth. In other words, it’s like a meeting point of coffee and beer. 

However, it has not been all smooth for such companies since 2010 when the FDA banned alcoholic energy beverages because of safety concerns. However, Pabst adds the caffeine content naturally to prevent controversy and stay in the right books.

PBR hard coffee contains 5% (ABV) content for every 11 ounces can. Most people who take the drink describe lightness from the alcohol and a jittery sensation from the caffeine. A combination of alcohol and caffeine will make your body feel fidgety and head slack. It’s a good feeling, especially if you’d like to proffer your body with the much-needed boost.

If you are a fan of beer in the morning, then the PBR hard coffee is short in the arm and can make a lot of difference. If you wake up to a lazy start, you can boost your day with this hard coffee.

What’s the taste of PBR Hard Coffee?

Upon opening a can of PBR hard coffee, you’re met with a powerful aroma and a familiar smell of alcohol. In a clear glass, the PBR hard coffee looks more like regular chocolate milk. The taste can also deceive you; however, it’s a unique flavor of a liqueur taste with a hush-hush sweetness and a shade of coffee from a distance. It does somehow taste like a blend of chocolate milk and coffee milk. 

The company revealed that the beverage is like your ordinary cup of java loaded with liquor. It’s supposed to taste just like vanilla blended iced coffee. There is a blend of sweetness and a highlight of alcohol flowing through the drink. On the face of it, it tastes like coffee liqueurs such as Bailey’s and Kahlua’s and a spark of alcohol from a distance.

You may be forgiven to imagine that PBR hard coffee is thick by simply looking at the drink. Likewise, looks can be deceiving as the label states that it consists of milk. On the contrary, an imbibe of the drink is a lot thinner, watery, and more floating on the mouth. You’ll enjoy it as it bounces sweet chocolate notes, milky cream, slight coffee, and tinges of vanilla in the mouth.

Is 5% ABV content a lot in PBR hard coffee?

In recent days, brands are making beer with 5% ABV content, although it’s much strong when compared with average beer. Typically, the ABV content for unfortified wines ranges from 5.5% to 16%, whereas fortified wines are between 15.5-25%. 

Hard liquor such as rum, vodka and whiskey have 40-43%. Some more potent blends, such as Bacardi, have an insanely high BVR content of 75.5%. Therefore it’s safe to say that a 5% BVR for PBR Hard Coffee is safe, acceptable, and moderate by all means.

Pundits may argue that the alcohol content is high, but what makes the PBR hard coffee unique is the distillation process that turns malted barley into alcohol. 

Other strong hard coffee products have higher ABV content of up to 8%. However, when comparing the PBR variety, it’s only at 5%. Like most hard coffee variations, the PBR hard coffee is a blend of natural ingredients’ flavor.

Customer Reviews

With the current trend of the digital revolution, consumers of PBR hard coffee are not leaving anything to chance. Some compare this brand to Yoo-Hoo, which is an alcoholic drink. However, others feel it tastes more like Vanilla Monster Java or Starbucks Double shot coffee. Also, others note that there is a White Russian taste with a chocolaty touch.


Are you wondering whether to start the day with a cup of Joe or liquor? PBR has a solution with the launch of its hard coffee. The new cocktail is available in a few states, but it will soon grace almost all stores in the US with growing popularity. Indeed, most liqueur stores in the US are already stocking this product.

Even though PBR hard coffee has a 5% ABV rate, it’s an excellent choice if you want a beverage that smells like malt but tastes like coffee. On a positive note, it’s seemingly a good thing that the PBR hard coffee contains alcohol but tastes nothing like beer. You can pick one and have a try. 

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