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What is Philz coffee?

Phil Jaber has always been a coffee guy and an entrepreneur at heart. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident as he set up a grocery store in 1978 in the mission district for 25 years.

His love for coffee was also evident as he was always experimenting with different brews any time he wasn’t working.

It’s this love for brewing that bore the first Philz coffee in 2003. His previous grocery store had thrived from the excellent relationship that he always cultivated with the community. These values that he carried over to Philz coffee saw it grow at a fast rate.

In 2005 Philz brought in his son Jacob Jaber to oversee the running of the Philz coffee.

Today Philz coffee is spread across 63 locations in the country. This number is expected to increase, given the injection of more capital from the several rounds of funding that Philz has secured.

Why Philz Coffee?

Philz Coffee is a crowd puller. It’s many people’s favorite coffee house, and many more are willing to join the group as franchisees. 

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So what has led to the massive success of this coffee within such a limited duration?

Quality Coffee

The many brewing experiments that Phil had embarked on, even before venturing into the Philz coffee business, had made him identify the best coffee mixes. 

Since its inception, Philz Coffee has always been famed for the great coffee varieties on its menu. 

The most outstanding aspect of Philz coffee is the notable absence of lattes and espressos on their menu. It has a different approach to the coffee market. Nevertheless, they specify pour-over coffee brands that are personalized.

Every cup of coffee is prepared as you wait, and it only takes 4 minutes maximum to have your coffee ready.

As you wait for your coffee, you could test out their different flavors for next time. Thus, the approach is prompted by the company’s values to keep their customers first and offer a fresh cup of coffee for every person who comes in.

Friendly Environment

Phil has always been a people person, warm, welcoming, and conversational. These are the values that endeared him to many people and led to his previous ventures’ success.

Upon establishing Philz coffee, he carried these values with him developing a culture of people first. 

Moreover, these values won Philz coffee a large loyal fan base as it always feels like home.

Informed Baristas

A common feature with coffee lovers is that they will always question to know more about their beverage.

Baristas should always be in a position to respond to any query raised on the drinks they serve, and Philz coffee knew this from the word go. All the baristas in Philz know their craft in and out.

Ideal Location

Philz coffee houses in all its locations are not only easily accessible but they are also ideally set up and designed. Nevertheless, convenient locations always attract customers.

Fast Service

Customers love fast service delivery, something that Philz coffee has perfected. At times all the clients want is to grab a cup of their favorite beverage to re-energize for tasks ahead, and they don’t have the luxury of time. Thus, fast service comes in handy. 

Friendly Atmosphere

Philz coffee houses always feel like a home away from home. The ambiance, ever-friendly baristas, and staff make you feel a part of the family.

In every Philz coffee store, they have pub tables, bar stools, and retro couches. Unlike other coffee houses, the furniture at Philz gives a welcoming and conversational environment that makes it feel more like home or your favorite cocktail bar.

Professionalism also seems to be among the top values instilled in the company’s culture, and any concern of dissatisfaction raised is always handled fast and ethically. 

Wide Variety

Philz has a range of beverages on its menu. The research department at Philz seems to be always on toes, searching for different varieties to include in their menu.

Next time you are at Philz, don’t fear to check out their latest addition on the menu. You could be on your way to having a new favorite beverage.

Talking of variety,

What’s on Philz Coffee Menu?

As expected, Philz has a very innovative, all-inclusive menu featuring your favorite blends.

The menu is categorized into three broad sections:

  • Dark and Bold
  • Medium and Balanced
  • Light and Bright

Under the three categories is a wide range of selections that are served to your preference.

Philz can even customize your beverage as you wish to have it. They are very experimental and will come up with a name for your customized drink. Imagine That!

The wide variety selection keeps their clientele loyal to their brand in all their stores.

To further stamp their authority in the coffee sector and retain their clientele base, Philz always runs subscriptions that keep them coming back.

Philz Coffee Subscriptions

The subscriptions have worked perfectly for Philz. By honoring their delivery commitment, clients are constantly raising their coffee orders with them.

Under the subscriptions, Philz keeps their clients stocked with their preferred roasts. For those that love specific blends, Philz has a special package for them.

Success with the subscriptions can be attributed to the fact that Philz always delivers on time. Secondly, you can always upgrade your subscription as you wish, and for every two or more bags of coffee you purchase, you are entitled to free shipping.

These subscriptions have enabled Philz to retain its large clientele base across the country. Putting the customer first has borne fruits for Philz, allowing it to thrive in the last few years.

Philz Coffee Future

Many Philz coffee stores in the pipeline are set to be opened in different locations across the country. As it continues with its trajectory path, the demand for its personalized pour-over coffee has grown by a significant margin.

Philz is also leading in innovation in the coffee sector. Their recently launched app that allows you to order in advance and pick up later has seen a surge in sales volumes.

Next time you want to grab a coffee, hop into one of the Philz coffee and taste the difference in quality, service, and atmosphere. Feel the love.

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