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You will end up with unsatisfactory coffee if you do not grind your beans uniformly. You can’t solve an uneven grind no matter how much time, effort, or resources you put into the entire process of coffee making, no matter how good your coffee machine.

However, if you’ve come this far, you’re probably aware that only a burr grinder is the best option in the world of caffeine. This is where Rancilio Rocky enters the scene.

You’ll know for sure if Rancilio Rocky is right for you after reading this Rancilio Rocky article. So read on to learn all the information. Thanks to its track record of performance and durability, Rancilio is one of the world’s most regarded coffee hardware manufacturers.

Rancilio Rocky Design

This grinder is full of knuckle-whitening durability.

rancilio rocky grinder
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Motor and Burr Design

Both the 50 mm flat steel burrs and the 140-watt motor are designed to handle commercial duties, making them enough for home use. The motor has a running speed of 1725 revolutions per minute, which is fast for a domestic grinder, and the outstanding design compensates for that.

An intelligent feature available in this machine is when the Rancilio Rocky’s motor begins to overheat, the thermal overload cutoff feature kicks in and shuts it off. If you grind a large quantity of coffee at once or if a grain gets stuck in the burrs, this can happen.
The burrs have a built-in screw that keeps them from crashing against each other when set to “zero”.

This means that the burrs remain sharp for an extended time.

Rancilio Rocky Grinder: Hopper & Grounds

The Rocky SD design is devoid of a dozer or ground container. You have more versatility and freedom when using the dozerless design. The Rocky model has a dozer; the machine delivers the same quantity of grounds with a switch’s quick turn. It works competently when filled up to the maximum level but appears to retain old ground coffee.

Regardless of the model, the unit comes with a 10.5-oz blue-tinted plastic hopper. While it is aimed at protecting your beans from harmful UV rays, we do not suggest storing your beans in the hopper in the first place.

Rancilio Rocky: Appearance and Looks

You’ll appreciate the Rancilio Rocky grinding machine if you like the elegant design. Its stainless steel shell, black front panel, and hued blue plastic pieces boldly declare its history as a tried-and-true coffee equipment powerhouse. You might also look for an all-black edition. It doesn’t matter which one you pick; this machine is sure to ignite a debate.

rancilio rocky coffee grinder
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The Rocky grinder isn’t significantly larger than other standard burr grinders in terms of size. However, it is larger than most budget-level grinders, measuring 4.7 x 9.8 x 13.8 inches. This device, on the other hand, is a colossus. You’re not going to be able to pass it around your kitchen because it weighs 15.4 lbs. In reality, we recommend taking the assistance of a friend or family member during the installation process.

Cleaning / Maintenance of Rancilio Rocky

Don’t be alarmed if you find coffee dust on your Rocky SD grinder when you unpack it. Every unit is factory-tested, according to Rancilio. Since this unit gets parts from its industrial counterpart, it needs very little maintenance to stay perfect. What you need to do is do some simple maintenance every few months or so. Depending on how much coffee you grind every day, you’ll want to fine-tune your grinding machine every year or two.

We’ll deduct points for the additional effort involved in removing the hopper and top burr. The hopper must be removed from the body using a long flat-head screwdriver. To do this, gently unscrew the top burr, which is finely threaded. Often, be extra cautious when trying to screw it back in, as cross-threading is a common occurrence. That is going to be a costly alternative.


The Rancilio Rocky grinder is without a doubt a long-lasting machine. Every component, from the powerful motor to the sturdy metal frame, is built to last. The burrs will process any kind of bean that you put in it. Even though this grinder is intended for home use, it can easily handle the workload in a moderately commercialized environment such as an office or common room.


Given its high price, this machine has a surprising lack of extra features that might make your processing work easier. You can find the basic pulse grinding button on the lower left of the front panel.

The Rocky SD also includes a portafilter holder that can be removed to allow you to ground straight into your portafilter. Due to the lack of a dosing feature (in the SD model), you’ll have to look or weigh the grind amount.

Additionally, what’s difficult is changing the ground scale. Coarse grinding requires constant pressure, so you’ll need to keep the button down with one hand. Don’t move the hopper if you keep down the frame. It’s only after you have found the correct settings that you will be able to fine-tune the grind. Thus, you have to try and twist your body to choose the correct setting.


The Rancilio Rocky SD shines brightest in this situation. Its commercial-grade burrs guarantee that your grind quality is outstanding, no in what environment you use the machine. With its 55-step settings, you can pronto shift from French Press to espresso. If you turn it all the way up to the coarsest setting, you’ll get coffee pellets rather than fine particles.

If you want an exceptional French Press ground, stick to a configuration of about #40. It yields a fine powder that will clog most other devices at its best. This unit, on the other hand, isn’t winning any speed competitions. To grind 15 grams of coffee at #0, expect to wait around 20 seconds.

The great thing is that the Rancilio Rocky grinder will grind fine enough for a portafilter that isn’t pressurized. The first ten choices are for different styles of espresso grounds. However, you won’t be able to adjust your grind to get the perfect shot. You should be fine as long as you aren’t competing in a championship.

Value for Money

For a professional barista or a coffee fanatic, you can find it odd to invest so much. This grinder could serve as the base for a home user who wants to use professional coffee equipment. Finally, you must determine if the excellent consistency and all-around capability are worth the price you are paying.


The Rancilio Coffee Grinder is an excellent home brewer’s device. If you enjoy experimenting with precision espresso dosing, this grinder is not for you. However, if you are looking for a quality grinder that will fit well for various brewing purposes, the Rocky is a great pick. Like other more long-lasting options, better-equipped grinders, the Rancilio Rocky grinder is undoubtedly king.

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