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What is Breville Smart Grinder Pro?

Breville must have taken a page from Apple’s playbook while designing the Smart Grinder Pro. 

Set out to modernize the home grinding experience, Breville developed a machine that is easy to use, convenient, and practical. Its user-friendly features make grinding hassle-free for beginners by providing numerous settings that allow it to maintain a professional touch.

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Let us take a closer look over this grinder’s features that make it so successful compared to the classics.

–      4.5/5-Design

Breville’s design team did not stop with “good enough” features as they jam-packed with useful features to make your morning routine smoother than ever before.


While the Smart Grinder Pro does not reasonably appear to be as smooth and stylish compared to others, it does come out to be a Breville premium product. 

It looks great next to any espresso machine on your kitchen counter or coffee station. 

To align with your other coffee appliances, you can get Breville smart grinder in red, black, or brushed steel.

Burr & Motor Design:

Burr & Motor Design is a company that specializes in 40 mm conical steel burrs which will provide you with a consistent grind every time. 

The burrs rotate at 450 RPM by a 165-watt motor to prevent excessive heat aggregation in the coffee beans. 


This grinder is pretty large and may not even fit into your kitchen cupboards due to its dimensions of 8.5 x 12.5 x 16.3 inches.

Moreover, for your and the machine safety, we will not suggest storing it there in the first place because it is about 6.4-pounds and isn’t much portable. 

Additional Features:

When building this machine, Breville considered the end-user by giving two portafilter holders that are magnetically attached and can be removed anytime. 

The magnetic base plate prevents the spiling of coffee dust into the portafilter.  

One is for a conventional 58 mm portafilter, and the other portafilters are 50-54 mm in diameter.

Cleaning Ease:

The cleaning of the machine is made to be as simple as possible. 

You just have to remove the top burr by unlocking the hopper and pulling it off.

You may use the supplied brush to brush away any visible residue. We suggest that the cleaning of the grinder should be done once a month for its effortless functioning.

Hopper and Grounds Bin:

This grinder’s hopper capacity is 1 pound (18-ounce). However, it is irrelevant as we do not propose storing beans in the hopper.

The hopper’s lock system, on the other hand, is one of our favorites. The hopper shuts the bottom section, making it airtight, ensuring that the coffee beans remain in the hopper.

Even if the hopper is stuffed, this feature makes it simple to remove or transfer coffee beans for cleaning.

–      4/5-Grinding Capability (Settings, Range, & Consistency) 

The Breville coffee grinder’s 60 distinct grind settings provide extreme flexibility in grinding for various brew types. 

Although the grinding range of this grinder is minimal, it provides flawless stability and unrivaled power.

Regardless of the setting, the coffee grinds are uniform in size. You also have ten steps of micro-adjustments built for significantly finer or coarser grind without altering the complete setting. 

–      4.5/5-Ease Of Use

Sit back and grab your coffee mugs, as this section is going to be a bit lengthy. 

Let us start then.

To get access to the “smart” features of the Breville smart grinder pro, you have to make Use of the Smart Grinder Pro’s centrally mounted blue LCD panel that displays the grind time, the number of cups or shots, and the grind setting.

The drawback is that the overwhelming number of potential combinations with all these buttons is confusing. This isn’t necessarily what we would like to call beginner-friendly.

Nevertheless, once you have been through this process a few times, it will be easy to work with.

A short demo: 

1. After plugging the grinder into the socket, put the required coffee beans into the hopper (do not over-fill).

2. By using the side-mounted dial, choose the grind setting with which you want to work.

3. Further, select the grind time from the LCD screen.

4. Finally, press the start button to begin the grinding.

Nonetheless, the “smart machine’s function” does not end here. It has another feature that makes it an excellent piece of machinery.   

Precision Digital Time:

It gives you absolute power and a perfect shot every time by allowing you to switch and program grind time in 0.2-second increments.

You will have to program a different setting for different grind categories like plunger, filter, percolator, and espresso.

Moreover, you can also adjust how many shots or cups you want to grind for. The “smart machine” will measure and set the right grinding time for you.

Start/Pause Button:

If you want to settle the grinds into your portafilter before finishing the dose, the pause feature is handy for this time.

Manual-grind Button:

You can find the manual grind button right where the portafilter is inserted. 

For manually controlling the dose, you just have to press the portafilter unless it clicks, allowing the system to start grinding. If the portafilter is removed, the grinder will come to a halt.

–      3.5/5-Durability

The Smart Grinder Pro’s finish and are flawless, with plastic body panels and steel casing to keep it stable when in Use.

The material used is strong enough to make it long-lasting.

This fancy widget, on the other hand, has a range of electronics built into it. 

When it comes to perseverance and durability, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. You might wind up with defective parts that will stop working one day for no apparent reason. 

But the fact that Breville gives outstanding customer service is a saving feature.

–      4/5-Value For Money

The Breville smart grinder pro’s nothing more than a checklist of incredible features. 

Together with its ludicrously convenient number of grind settings features, it has an eye-popping low cost. 

Many burr grinders cost more than the Smart Grinder Pro but have fewer settings and are less powerful.

One will need a ton of good luck in finding a grinder that has been made by keeping the customer the mind at such an affordable price tag. 

If the other benefits weren’t enough to sway you, the cost price could be.

–      Specifications

  • Product Brand- Breville
  • Model Number- BCG820BSSXL
  • Product Name- The Smart Grinder Pro
  • 1-year limited Warranty
  • Coffee grinder, cleaning brush, and two portafilter holders included 
  • Available in sesame black, cranberry red, and brushed stainless steel colors
  • 8.5 x 12.5 x 16.3 in- Product Dimensions
  • Price- $199.95
  • SKU- 021614056559

–      9-Overall Score


As compared to the other grinders, the Breville smart grinder pro’s grinding accuracy is the best. 

Plus point, the machine is pretty quiet, and its ability to brew espresso is especially noteworthy for a grinding machine at such an affordable price.


The obstinately complicated user experience necessitates either a solution or patience.

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