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What is Scooter’s Coffee?

Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil. It has led to many entrants into the market, but only a few brands have made it to the people’s favorite spot.

Among the best coffee houses in the country is the Scooter’s Coffee franchise. Famed for its quality services.

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Scooter’s was founded in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles as co-founders. It began as a drive-thru coffee house in Nebraska.

The couple had dreams of joining the big league and controlling a percentage of the coffee house market share from the beginning. Decades later, they have been able to do precisely that following the three primary rules they set down. One was to have their coffee houses situated in ideal locations, Secondly, offer high-quality drinks and finally offer excellent services fast.

At inception, these three core values enabled Scooter’s Coffee to grow from a single coffee house in 1998 to a franchise of more than 300 stores by 2020.

Wondering why Scooters have a smiley face on their cups? It all began in 1998 when Linda, one of the co-founders, added the smiley face on every cup, and the results were overwhelming. Clients came back with positive feedback, and that’s how they incorporated the face into the brand.

Scooters Menu

Over the years, Scooters have offered a wide variety of drinks. The drinks range from hot drinks, iced drinks, smoothies, food, and blenders.

These are the major categories of what you can get at Scooters. Under each of these general categories is a wide variety of beverages and food you can choose from.

Scooter’s most revered beverage is the Caramelicious; it’s their signature best-selling beverage. There’s a way they make it that keeps people coming back. Sales from the Caramelicious are always on the rise year in year out.

Additionally, Scooters have added the healthy beverages category that has continued to rise in high demand. People continue to become more health-conscious. Under this, they have sugar-free drinks and beverages.

Continued innovation in the Scooters menu has seen the franchise sustained growth. In case you wish to have a personalized custom drink, Scooters baristas are always more than ready to serve you. They will customize it to your preference and serve you with a big smile.

At this point, you could be wondering what has led to Scooter’s sustained growth spanning over two decades.

Why Scooters Coffee?

Great Service

Baristas at Scooters are always wearing a smiling face.

Their services are fast, so in case you wish to just hop in for a cup of coffee, then Scooters is your best bet. 

In a matter of minutes, you will have your quality drink served and customized to your preference. Most people hate queuing and having to waste time waiting to be served. Their fast service has endeared them to many.

A Wide Variety of Drinks to Choose From

Scooters coffee has the most diverse menu in the coffee world. They have the right beverage for every mood.

Hop into any Scooters coffee house and have your day enlightened by their friendly staff offering quality drinks and meals.

Multiple Locations

The number of Scooters coffee houses has continued to grow. Now heading to around 400 stores and many others in development, Scooters is making a mark in the coffee market.

Clients always remain loyal to a brand they can associate with, even when in a different location. The good thing with a franchise is that the services are standardized. You will get the same excellent services no matter the location.

Great Environment

One thing that keeps clients coming back is the welcoming ambiance in every Scooters coffee house.

Who wants to be served coffee on rickety furniture?

Their cozy furniture, choice of music, and happy faces will make you forget your troubles, even if for a while.

It makes you feel like you are part of one big family. It’s this customer-centric approach that has led to the rapid growth of the franchise.

Subscription Programs

Scooter’s coffee has a program that you subscribe, to be supplied with your favorite coffee for the duration you wish. You can choose from either whole or ground coffee beans or your favorite mixture.

The flexible plan allows you to save a dollar on every purchase. Also, once you buy it, it will be delivered to your doorstep. This plan has endeared Scooter’s Coffee to many.

Scooter’s Coffee Franchising Opportunities 

Due to the increased demand for Scooter’s coffee products in different states, they are always open to more franchisees willing to join the growing brand.

Scooter’s has put in place friendly terms for franchisees joining them.

To be their franchisee, you need:

  • Access to a minimum of $100k in cash 
  • Experience in leadership
  • Hands-on and keen on details
  • Passionate about the coffee business
  • A minimum net worth of $500k

Franchisee Benefits

Once you have met these qualifications and filled out the relevant official documents, the following are the benefits you stand to gain as a Scooter’s franchisee.

  • You will have access to their qualified marketing professionals
  • Assistance in construction
  • Steady growth in the industry
  • Operational support
  • Up to 25% in profit margins
  • Consistent royalty
  • Access to products at a wholesale price
  • Easy operationalization

Given that Scooter’s already built a name in the game, you will benefit from an already established brand.

You will be able to mitigate the teething problems that come with a new business faster. Your marketing costs are minimal, given that Scooter’s will promote their brand continuously.

You can never go wrong with a coffee franchise, given that the industry is recession-resistant, and people are always craving good coffee.

Scooter’s Coffee Growth

Recently, Scooter’s partnered with Fareway stores to have Scooter’s coffee products in all their over 100 stores across the country.

Retailing their products at Fares is a strategic move that seeks to bring Scooter’s products closer to the consumer. 

There has been unending demand for these products. Apart from the subscription programs that have been in place, you can now have your favorite Scooter’s product at a Fareway store near you.

Next time you see the iconic Scooter’s logo, hop in and discover all the goodness you have been missing out on, but I have to warn you it will be the beginning of your many trips to Scooter’s.

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