Simpatico Coffee Review and Buying Guide


Though drinking coffee has proven several health benefits, its caffeine content and acidity can cause stomach problems for many individuals. Alexander Fink was one until he discovered Simpatico coffee on a trip to Mexico. He found that the brew from these Mexican coffee beans produced a cup that was thoroughly easy going on the stomach, while still preserving the rich elements of good quality coffee. Fink ended up founding a company called Simpatico coffee, and these beans have since seen a meteoric rise in popularity for its minimal acidity and Simpaticos high standards of quality. In this article, we’ll review all the essentials regarding Simpatico coffee. This includes the conditions these beans are grown in, what the various products offered by Simpatico taste like, and much more. If you’ve historically faced problems with coffee, Simpatico might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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A History of Simpatico Coffee

Simpatico coffee beans are native to Oaxaca, Mexico, where they are grown in the wild. The story of how this brand became popular is a serendipitous one. On a trip to Mexico, Michigan based Alexander Fink’s flight stewardess happened to suggest Oaxaca as a place worth visiting for its beautiful mountainous terrain and coffee.

Like many, Fink would suffer from stomach issues after a cup or two of coffee. But when he tasted the brew extracted from Simpatico beans, he found a rich, creamy coffee that didn’t upset his stomach even after several cups of the beverage. There are two components of coffee that can cause such issues: caffeine, and acids. For those with sensitive stomachs, this can mean bloating, discomfort, and excessive belching.

Coming back to the story, Fink, delighted by his discovery, bought several packs for friends back home, revisiting Mexico and repeating the process until the idea of making a business out of it came up. Thus, a brand of the same name as the coffee beans behind it was born in 2010. Besides shipping their wares online, Simpatico also has two cafes in Holland, Michigan. With time, they have started to offer coffee that is roasted in several unique styles and are not low in acidity, which is the hallmark of Mexican Simpatico coffee.

An Introduction to Simpatico Coffee

There are several things worth mentioning about Simpatico coffee besides its flavor profile. The company is committed to abiding by several high standards of modern production while simultaneously upholding eco-friendly values. All coffee is grown in pesticide and herbicide-free zones, and they are 100% Arabica. Arabica beans are much more flavorful than Robusta, which can often be bitter as a result of being grown in conditions that are not suitable for coffee.

Simpatico coffee is one type produced in regions that experience the ideal climate for these berries. Its seeds are grown at altitudes above 3000 metre high in locations where they receive shade throughout the year. Once the beans are handpicked and transported by mules through the hilly terrain, they are shipped to Holland and roasted using an undisclosed method.

The result is a no-nonsense cup of smooth coffee that might not be as complex or diverse as some of the other brands, but will leave you wanting more and more. The lightness of Simpatico coffee makes it especially ideal for those who live in hotter climates, since one can enjoy a cup of this coffee without feeling the added heat of a fresh brew.

Simpatico Coffee Buying Guide

Simpatico sells various types of coffee beans on its official website, and many of them aren’t the low acidity variant that is associated with Mexican Simpatico. This section discusses all the products available, and how they differ from each other.

There are two types of low acid Simpatico coffee on offer here. The first is the regular bean that has been described thus far. CoffeeReview gave this a score of 87/100 on its website, highlighting its notes of dark chocolate, cardamom, and flowers, along with its full-bodied texture in a blind tested assessment. The reviewer also held that Simpatico fared much better in comparison to alternative low-acid coffees in the market.
The second is a decaffeinated variant of the same coffee. Decaffeinated beans have been steamed and rinsed with a solvent like ethyl acetate to remove 99% of their caffeine content. As you’ll remember from the previous section, caffeine is one of the things that causes stomach problems, and if yours is sensitive to caffeine, this might be the one you’ll want to go for. The regular version starts at $11.79 for 12 ounces, while the decaf is 20 cents more at $11.99. These prices don’t include shipping charges that are applicable on orders below $22.

You would be forgiven for thinking that an acidic Simpatico is blatantly counterproductive, but these specialty roasts have much of the same smoothness as their low acid friends. There are three options to choose from: Oaxacan Gold Coffee, Mexican Amber Dark Coffee, and Absolute Darkness Coffee. The coffees have been listed in increasing order of the extent to which they have been roasted. The Oaxacan Gold is a light to medium roast that is brightly acidic and according to the website, the most popular of the three coffees. The light roast helps bring out the most subtle flavors infused with the beans. The Mexican Amber Dark, as the name suggests, is a darker than the average medium roast coffee. Lastly, the Absolute Darkness is a mix of Sumatran and Mexican beans that are jet black and savory, yet smooth and rich.

All three variants start at $25.99 for 2lbs, and $56.99 for 5lbs. You can choose the way you want your coffee ground, depending on the method of brewing you prefer. They have ones tailored specifically for pour-over, auto drip, and French Presses.


If you’re someone who suffers from stomach issues after the first or second cup O’ Joe, Simpatico coffee is the answer to your prayers. These Mexican beans produce some of the richest low acid coffee available in the US. The company of the same name prides itself on adhering to international standards of quality and environmentally conscious practices. Its classic product, the regular low acid Simpatico costs $25.99 for 2lbs, making it some of the smoothest coffee you’ll drink that won’t cost a fortune. However, the website does offer four more variants, including three specialty roasts and a decaffeinated version of the regular low acid coffee. With this buying guide, you can easily decide which one is for you, and order your own pack through this link.

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