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What do mac & cheese and coffee have in common? That’s a great question. The infamous Kraft Foods has stakes in both industries! You heard that right. They really know what people want. Besides making everyone’s favorite boxed meal, Kraft Foods owns the company Yuban Coffee!

Yuban Coffee has done well for itself for years before Kraft came into the picture. People were enjoying it at the beginning of the 20th century. Kraft only bought the Yuban Coffee Company in 2003. But it was making this unique blend for years and years before that. All of these years later, we are happy to share that they still know what they are doing. Yuban has some mixed reviews. So we are here to lay out all of the facts and let you decide for yourself!

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Where Exactly is Yuban Coffee From?

That’s the beauty of Yuban Coffee. It is a blend of beans from all over South America, but the company promises that it contains only arabica beans. All of the roasts that they offer follow this idea. Single-origin coffee has a time and place, but this is not it. Yuban coffee blends have been choosing blends for so long that the flavor is hard to beat.

It is hard to find details on which countries the beans come from exactly, which is not necessarily normal. It is still important to note that South America is full of rich soil and ideal growing conditions for coffee. From there, the beans are roasted in California and shipped out to wherever they are needed!

Yuban’s Quality

The quality of Yuban can be seen in its certification from the Rainforest Alliance. It is approved due to the “30 percent minimum Rainforest Alliance Certified content“, as of 2006. At the time, this was a bit of a game-changer as far as what was offered in the United States. Third Wave Coffee had yet to become really even an idea, so the sustainability and transparency associated with the Rainforest Alliance was a newer priority. Luckily, Yuban met those standards from the start and can continue to stand out for that reason.

Is it Expensive?

Arabica beans are typically known to be a bit pricier, as compared to robusta beans. The growing conditions need to be perfect to get the beans where they need to be. Yuban coffee manages to use arabica beans without having anything close to outrageous prices. Upon being bought by Kraft, Yuban’s prices did raise the slightest bit. There was a notable spike in 2014 after the price of arabica bean prices went up, which is a reasonable correlation. They still managed to keep the prices some of the best on the market.

Reaching only the minimum requirement of the Rainforest Alliance also helps the price of the coffee, because it is not as expensive to make non-organic coffee. This may be an issue for some people, which is completely valid, but it is a great option for people who cannot afford more expensive brands.

Overall comparing price to flavor, it is an amazing deal! Check out these following Yuban coffee blends we found for you to try:

It is not likely that you will see Yuban coffee sold at your local coffee shop, because of it’s big brand name and large circulation. Coffee shops tend to offer smaller options. Simply scope out your local Targets or Walmart coffee aisles in order to try the best that South America has to offer. Amazon is also a great option to get your hands on it ASAP without leaving your home!

Thank you for reading about the South American special that is Yuban coffee. If coffee from South America interests you, consider checking out the “Best Coffee Brands from Guatemala“. Head a bit more north, into Central America, to check out the “Best Coffee Brands in Costa Rica” too.

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