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Where you have your coffee is incredibly important- almost as important as what kind of coffee you’re having. There are several different types of coffee tables out there -such as live edge and round coffee tables- but today, we’re focusing on one of the most classic of them all: the square coffee table.

We don’t really have a favorite, but instead, we think that each coffee table has certain advantages and qualities that make them stand out and differentiate themselves from another. There aren’t any right or wrong coffee tables: each type is unique.

And with that in mind, let us explore the different aspects that make the square coffee table good or bad depending on what type of coffee drinker you are. First, let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages:

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Square Coffee Table: Pros and Cons

Pro: It’s Always in Style

Much like a nice suit, square coffee tables are always in style, no matter what kind of house they are in. They’ll never look out of place whether it’s an old-timey house or a post-modern place full of art pieces about the square coffee table fits in just about anywhere you put it. 

And that is definitely a great plus. Not all of us have a great nose for decorating, which means that something like this is the best option for us- the safe play.

Con: Not Very Dynamic

Truth be told, the square coffee table can get old very quickly. Unlike tables that are more dynamic, like live edge coffee tables, square tables can be rather forgettable.

For that very reason, square coffee tables are definitely not a good choice if you want your coffee table to stand out or to be the centerpiece of a certain space in your house- they will often go unnoticed and are better for practical purposes than for aesthetic ones.

Pro: Best Shape of All

If you’ve ever played Tetris (or if you even know what Tetris is), you’ll know that a plain square shape is actually a blessing. They can fit anywhere- be it a corner, a snug space between two couches, or simply stand alone. Because of their well-defined shape, square coffee tables have the most potential for playing around with where they are positioned.

On the other hand, other coffee tables don’t really offer this advantage at all-so in this aspect. Square coffee tables really have a tremendous advantage.

The square shape also makes them much more portable than other tables, which is something that comes in quite handy in case you ever move or simply want to move your coffee sesh space to another place in your own home.

Con: Go Small or Go Home

There’s something you should know right now about square coffee tables: they don’t work on large scales.

Sure, coffee tables are by nature small already, but there’s still a wide spectrum. While other types of coffee tables can easily be quite large depending on your needs, square coffee tables are… not as malleable. A large square table is very inconvenient, chunky, and is always in the way. This is why after a certain size, most dining tables are rectangular instead of square.

So- if you have a large space that needs to be filled with a larger-than-usual coffee table, the going square might be a mistake. Best to keep square coffee tables small. In fact: the smaller, the better!

Square Coffee Table Styles

Not all coffee tables are created equal. However, let’s take a look at some square coffee tables for inspiration, divided by style:

Rustic Square Coffee Table

The most classic of coffee tables: all wood and straight to the point. You won’t find any hidden nooks or extra levels in a good rustic coffee table- for some reason, they always look worn out and quite old despite being actually brand new.

This look goes great with anything, but most importantly, it is the feeling that gives this type of coffee table its charm. The feel of wood, the impression of a trusty old wooden table- that’s something that makes having a nice coffee even more relaxing.

When it comes to rustic, unprocessed wood like this- the chunkier, the better. The raw feeling makes for a very hipster look that you’ll find a lot of the most modern coffee shops have been going for.

One pleasant advantage to these is that stains of all kinds -and particularly coffee stains- are not really that noticeable. The wood absorbs a lot of it, and even when they do stain a lot, it doesn’t stand out at all.

coffee table
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Modern Coffee Tables 

Modern coffee tables are much more aesthetically pleasing than old wooden tables. They have much more refined shapes and usually are minimalist, and employ a classy color palette. However, they may not be fit for the same kind of use as wooden coffee tables.

They are great for coffee – but that’s just about it. Modern coffee tables aren’t fit for meals: they are better for drinking just coffee and maybe have a small dessert. But that’s just fine.

If you’re looking to buy one of these coffee tables, beware of lighter-colored ones. Because you’ll be using them mainly to drink coffee, they’ll quickly get stained- and coffee stains are very resistant. Instead, go for darker colors: that will make your life easier.

What’s your favorite type of square coffee table? Well, there are a lot of them, so it’s okay to have more than one favorite type. Share with us all about it below in the comments section!

That’s not to say that this type of coffee table doesn’t have the same level of practicality as rustic coffee tables. Because of their design, a lot of these have two different levels, so they are essentially two tables in one.

The top-level is where you can place your coffee cup, while the lower level is great for keeping things around that you would usually need whenever you sit down for a coffee- things such as books, work laptop, and such. It’s extra convenient because they are separated, and you don’t really need to risk any coffee being spilled and ruining your books, magazines, etc.

Photo by Adam Przeniewski on Unsplash

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