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Hot or cold? Iced, perhaps? You can enjoy coffee in many different ways, but something that is absolutely key to a good coffee is temperature. Warm coffee will always be bland and lacking: just a few degrees off can mean the difference between great and simply fine. What do we do to make sure that our coffee is always at the right temperature? 

Well, there are a million things you could do. There’s reheating coffee, for example, which is frowned upon by all coffee lovers. There are cup and mug warmers, and there are specially insulated cups. But today, we’re gonna take a look at one of the most classic solutions for this problem- and maybe one of the best ones there are to this day. 

Thermoses! Particularly, good ol’ Stanley Thermoses. A good thermos is always around and can save your coffee from losing its full flavor and aroma hours upon hours after being brewed. It’s been helping us keep all kinds of things hot -or cold- for decades, and it’s hands down one of our favorite ways to keep coffee hot. 

stanley thermos
Classic vacuum insulated Stanley thermos @Amazon

Advantages of using a Stanley Thermos

Let’s talk about all the things that we think make Stanley Thermos the coolest out there. 

Multi-purpose lid

All Stanley thermoses come with this lid: it’s designed to be very good at its job, keeping liquid inside no matter how much you shake and bump the damn thing, and yet it still doubles as a perfectly good stainless steel cup. It’s an 8-ounce cup, meaning that it’s the perfect measure for one cup of coffee according to most brewing methods.

Works for all types of coffee

Let’s say, for the sake of this example, let’s say you have three groups of people going camping with you: the first group drinks their coffee lava-hot, the second group prefers iced coffee, and the third only drinks cold brew. What do you do? 

Well, you simply use three Stanley thermoses! Hot coffee will keep its temperature up to 32 hours, which is one whole day, and then some. Cold-brew coffee will keep the temperature the exact same amount of time! Iced coffee lasts the longest at up to 6 whole days at the exact same temperature you stored it in. Absolutely amazing. 

So, really, all you need to satisfy any, and all types of coffee drinkers is to get yourself a Stanley thermos. Sometimes the easiest solution is the simplest one! 

Types of Stanley Thermos

They may all look similar, but there’s actually quite a few different types of Stanley Thermos: 

Stanley Classic Vacuum

This one is the most classic of all. It comes in the legendary green (hammertone green) color, has a thin handle which is actually pretty practical and comfortable to use- plus, it doesn’t’ take up any space!.

You’ve probably seen this one all the time. The key to telling this one apart from all the others is that one, it has a handle and, two, the handle is semi-pliable and quite small. Other models either don’t have a handle or have a chunkier/sturdier one. The body is also wider than the mouth. 

This model is available in sizes 1 quart, 1.5 quarts, and 2 quarts. That’s 32, 48, and 64 ounces, respectively. 

Stanley Classic – Wide Mouth Bottle

Classic becomes more practical in this “wide mouth” version of the classic Stanley Thermos. The wide mouth becomes the body is substantially thinner than in the original or classic version- making the mouth just as wide as the rest of the body. 

Though this one doesn’t have a handle, it still offers some advantages over the previous model. First of all, it’s much more portable: it’s smaller, and it doesn’t have a handle, meaning it fits easily in all sorts of places. Because the body and mouth are the same sizes, it is easier for it to fit basically in any cramped space. Perfect for having on the car, taking to campus, the office, and so on! 

This one isn’t as insulated as bigger models, however. It will keep coffee hot for 20 hours, cold for 24 hours, and iced for 4 days. 

Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle

For all the love for their classic models because they’ve been around forever, are old and therefore proven to work, etc. etc., the truth is that Stanley didn’t stop innovating! The Quick Flip Go Bottle is maybe one of the best examples of this, taking all the practicality that their products are famous for and taking it to the next level. 

Imagine a travel mug. Any travel mug, even one of those expensive ones: the Stanley Quick Flip Go Bottle, is undoubtedly more portable, easier to use, and better at what the actual use of these is: keeping coffee hot. 

The cap is extra leak-resistant and sure to prevent leaks. You can throw it in a running washing machine, and it will not leak! 

What’s the takeaway from all this? 

First of all, Stanley Thermoses are incredibly useful. Some are better for long trips- and chunkier, so probably better for occasions such as camping, hiking, fishing trips, and so on. Then you have some that are slightly more portable and easy to keep around you, such as for road trips and similar. Then you have something super portable that you can keep around in your backpack that’s just perfect for just about any occasion. 

Secondly, Stanley doesn’t feel monotonous like other brands or options out there nowadays. Not only do you have at least three size options for most of their models, but you also get to choose different colors for the bodies other than the classic green. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of advantages to using Stanley. As coffee lovers, we just can’t get enough of these because they help us drink our coffee at peak flavor no matter how long ago we brewed. And that, just that, is frankly quite enough to justify a purchase. We just can’t recommend them enough! We know you’ll love ’em just as much as we do! 

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