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Cold Brew and Takeya 10310

Although it takes longer to prepare than many other forms of coffee, cold brew is the easiest to make because there isn’t much to it. It’s also a lot easier to make, particularly with a low-cost coffee machine like the Takeya 10310.

It’s also an excellently designed cold brewer made of durable, BPA-free plastic, and it’s a more reasonably priced cold brew coffee device making it a great appliance to use.

While cold-brewed coffee tastes more delicate, it’s richer in flavor and less acidic. Well-built cold coffee makers like Takeya’s 10310 can quickly transform basic coffee into a delicious glass of heavenly drink. While it has many positive characteristics, the best features of this Takeya cold brew machine include the listed below.

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BPA-free, Robust Pitcher

Many coffee drinkers use everyday household items like mason jars to make cold coffees, but these vessels have the downside of being more delicate while doing a good job. With this Takeya cold brewed coffee maker, you won’t have to think about its fragility because it’s tough and highly durable.

The pitcher consists of plastic material without BPA, making it safe to use instead of other plastic pitchers used during cold brewing. This material will not give your drink the typical unpleasant plastic taste.

It is also designed to handle high water temperatures, and it is, therefore, useful even if you are going to make a hot brew.

Excellent Fine Mesh Filter

With the fine mesh filter, you can easily keep coffee beans in this coffee maker, as it effectively removes the coffee from the grounded beans.

Takeya does not provide you with a cup that is just as clear as what can be gotten from a coffee machine that uses a Hario VDC-02W paper filter. It is, however, better than what you are getting, especially with other brew-pitchers such as Toddy THM.

This mesh filter saves money in the long term because it can be washed and reused. You would not need to spend money on paper filters while using this valuable device.

Leak-proof and Airtight Container

It’s always a good idea to keep your cold coffee in the refrigerator when it’s brewing. The only disadvantage is that it can easily acquire foreign flavors from other items in the fridge. However, such problems are unlikely to occur with the Takeya 10310, which has an airtight lid. Therefore, it is not a problematic task to hold the cold brew in the refrigerator during brewing.

The tight lid is also wholly leak-resistant and helps avoid a mess when your cold brew is made. This is also a vital element of the coffee maker Takeya.

Takeya 10310: Comfortable Handle

The Takeya 10310 comes with a silicone-based handle. Such a handle will be easier to hold as it provides a better grip when brewing a cold brew or a warm coffee.

The non-slip handle on the Takeya coffee maker aids the user in avoiding injuries. It’s also easier to use when bringing coffee in and taking it out of the fridge.

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Powerful System

This cold brew maker’s capacity is powerful, which means that you can make more coffee in one batch. Since cold-brewed coffee takes a long time to brew, this is an excellent feature because you can prepare in large quantities that should last a few days. The pitcher can handle 32 ounces, which means you can make at least four 8-ounce cups of coffee if you are a cold coffee enthusiast.


This Cold Takeya coffee maker is still moderately priced because of the outstanding build quality and comfortable specifications. This is a significantly cheaper version of the KCM5912SX Kitchen Aid than several others in the class, and it will cost just a portion of what you will pay while buying others.

Advantages of Takeya 10310

  • Mesh filter with high efficiency.
  • More durable and BPA-free pitcher.
  • Silicon handle is easy to use with a good grip.
  • The fixed lid protects the coffee flavors.
  • Cost-effective in comparison to other products in the same class.

Disadvantages of Takeya 10310

  • Certain coffee drinkers may prefer a stronger cup of coffee.
  • Doesn’t seem to use any of the coffee grounds.

Our Verdict for Takeya Cold Brew Machine

The Takeya 10310 will be an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a richer, smoother, and less acidic cold brew, as it comes packed with all of the features you’ll need, including a fine mesh filter.

Unlike regular mason jars and many other cold brew coffee makers, you can never get a cup of coffee full of coffee residue because the fine mesh filter does an excellent job of filtering the brew by trapping much of the particles.

Even better, since it can tolerate high temperatures, this machine can also make hot coffee. Another explanation why a cold brew enthusiast would make a successful purchase is that it is still a reasonably affordable coffee maker.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker Buying Tips

  • One of the reasons for its popularity is that some people actually enjoy the taste of cold-brewed coffee. It has a totally different flavor than hot coffee poured over ice.
  • While even in cold-brew machines, taste differs from one batch to another, especially if you aren’t going to drink it right away: freshness is important in coffee. Choose a brewer with an airtight lid.
  • Don’t give up if your first cup of cold brew coffee isn’t to your liking. To get the perfect ratio of coffee to water, change the drip settings or the amount of coffee you use.
  • The design of cold brew coffee devices is one of the most important factors to remember. If you have unique interests, this will put some people ahead of others right away. Some resemble Mason jars, while others have a beaker-like shape.
  • Capacity is another critical factor to consider. If you just intend on drinking a few cups of coffee per day, a 32-ounce maker should suffice. A 2-quart coffee maker, on the other hand, could be a better option if you have upwards of one cafe drinker in your household. If you want to make coffee for a few days at once, the larger option may be a good choice.
  • You’ll need a filtration system to hold the coffee as the water flows through it, much like other drip coffee brewers. Reusable mesh filters are used in some coffee makers, while paper filters are used in others. You’ll have to buy new filters often with the above, so keep that in mind.
  • Aside from reusability, some filters are better at keeping grounds out of your coffee than others. Choose one that will provide you with the purest cup imaginable.
  • Some coffee makers are more straightforward to use than others due to markings. Look for a brewer with labels that make liquid levels easy to see.
  • However, there are dishwasher-safe coffee makers as well as those that only need hand-washing. You can opt to dispose of the filter instead, as the coffee ground may cause plumbing and sewage problems.
  • You’ll need to have more patience with cold brew coffee makers than you will need with hot coffee instant brewers. In some cases, you’ll need to make it at least an hour before bedtime and leave it to brew all night.

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