The Future of Coffee: Coffee Tea Bags (Steep Brewing)

Step aside French press; there’s a new sheriff in town.

Whenever we think about preparing coffee on our own, several images instantly come to mind. From a French press to a coffee maker, there are so many ways for the modern coffee enthusiast to brew the perfect cup of joe. But even as you identify an abundance of methods to get your daily fix of coffee, the idea of making coffee from a tea bag sounds pretty unusual.

So what is it that sets making coffee from a tea bag apart from brewing it in a traditional coffee maker? Seeing that the answer isn’t that easy to find even on the web, I am here to tell you all you need to know about making tea bag coffee through steep brewing. Learning this information will help you understand what the method is all about. You might find it to be good enough to set it as your go-to way to prepare coffee. 

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Traditional Steep Brewing is Common, But It Comes With Its Issues

First things first, it is essential to look at other popular methods of preparing coffee. This will help you know why exactly preparing coffee through a tea bag is even worth your time. By itself, steep brewing coffee is one of the oldest and simplest methods of making coffee. All that you need to do is to pour hot water into a container that has your selected coffee grounds in it and watch as the magic happens. 

While steep brewing sounds fun and straightforward, you have to put up with the consequences of having to separate used coffee grounds from the brew itself. You can use a mesh to keep coffee grounds separate, but that has its side effects. Coupling hot water with unfiltered coffee could also cause specific reactions in coffee that make it unhealthy. Such include the effects caused by the French press that results in the release of bad cholesterol into your body.

In some cases, the hot water might infuse the coffee grounds to the extent of losing their original taste and become bitter. This could ruin even the mildest of arabica coffee and provides a brew that could only be enjoyed with a certain sense of tolerance. This makes a case for tea bag coffee as an alternative method – but it is also not the only choice that people have these days.

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Cold-Brew is There Too As a Method, But It’s Not All That Dependable 

Due to the consequences brought about by steep brewing with hot water, many people turn to the method of cold brewing their coffee. This involves infusing coffee into chilled or room temperature water overnight, preferably for more than 12 hours. 

The resulting brew is a mild-flavored, cold coffee that represents the coffee grounds’ intended taste to a T. It keeps the French press’ adverse effects at a minimum level, only providing you with a pure-tasting coffee that you could enjoy without any worries. Well, as long as you remember to soak your coffee into water overnight.

It is not everyone has the penchant for putting up with the harmful effects of steep brewing such as French press, or wait to slowly infuse coffee with cold brewing. Both methods seem to lose their advantage of simplicity pretty quickly. To steer clear of these problems and still enjoy their coffee, coffee enthusiasts are turning towards making coffee from a teabag. 

How Tea Bag Coffee Can Help

As compared to traditional steep brewing and even cold brewing, using coffee tea bags for preparing coffee is still quite an unconventional idea. With that being said, it helps you stay away from the issues mentioned above. It even provides a kicking cup of coffee that tastes good and comes without any significant side effects. 

To make use of the idea, you can make your coffee tea bags to put your favorite type of coffee, and prepare high quality steeped brew every time. The method doesn’t require you to steep your coffee for hours on end, nor does it ask you to drink it unfiltered. In fact, from making tea bag coffee to drinking it, the process only takes a very little time. 

As explained above, the procedure starts through making your coffee tea bags, which can be created pretty easily after a practice session or two. Once you have your coffee tea bags for coffee ready with you, it’s all a matter of putting one in a cup, pouring hot water, and letting the coffee grounds infuse their flavor to make a steeped brew. 

As stated above, the infusion process doesn’t take a lot of your time. The time taken depends upon the coffee you are using and the taste that you want to acquire from it. But some factors remain constant in the form of convenience, taste, and effectiveness that this process offers to coffee consumers. 

You Have a Variety Of Choices At Hand

While making coffee from a teabag, you can use your own choice of coffee. You can even go as far as to add your preferred sweetener or any other flavorings to the bag. This way, you can have your brand of coffee with you wherever you go. There’s no need for fretting about soaking your coffee a night before you are having it, or worry about additional health risks due to having unfiltered coffee. It is also better than the dried coffee extract that you have come to know as instant coffee. 

Overall, tea bag coffee provides many benefits as a method to have your coffee. While some people state that it doesn’t defeat the punch of a French press or the nuanced flavor notes of cold brew, that opinion remains subjective for the most part. If you are even remotely interested in this idea of making tea bag coffee, it is best to try it yourself. At least you will get to see how it turns out for you.

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