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Costco is an American multinational corporation that runs a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. The company opened its first warehouse in Seattle in 1983. It has since expanded to Canada, the U.K, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with more than 785 warehouses worldwide. In 2015, Costco was classified as the second-largest retailer in the world after Walmart. It was also ranked at #14 on the Fortune 500 list in 2019.

Costco’s premier membership offers its affiliates the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise. It aims to make your shopping experience more pleasurable by fusing specialty departments’ convenience with exclusive member services. With such a great variety of merchandise on the shelves, it may get a little tricky navigating the isles to the coffee section, especially if you haven’t had your wake-me-up-shake-me-over shot of espresso.

We have put together a list of different coffees that you can get at Costco to suit every taste bud and upcoming home barista. There are some whole bean coffee blends for those with grinders, ground coffee blends for those who need a quick fix, and some coffee pods and capsules. We understand that coffee enthusiasts may not agree with this last one, but just for good measure, we threw in an example of instant coffee for those taking caffeinated baby steps.

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Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

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Folgers Coffee has had a rich history in America. Starting from the 1850s, Folgers Coffee survived the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906; it was part of the ‘goodies’ sent to soldiers enlisted in the war during the 1940s. The company also introduced the AromaSeal canister in 2002. They adopted the slogan ‘The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Is Folgers in Your Cup’ with a jingle that pushed Folgers to become one of the most recognizable advertising pieces in American culture.

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee is made from mountain-grown beans. It blends a rich, consistent taste and an eye-opening aroma to entice you every morning. They collect their beans from remote mountain coffee plantations in Central America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. The classic roast blend is made from 100% pure Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Folgers coffee is available in four different brews: mild, medium, medium-dark, and dark. Apart from the Classic Roast, Folgers also has a decaf option and hazelnut or vanilla flavored coffee available at Costco.

Lavazza Espresso Italiano

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Lavazza is an Italian coffee brand that has been at the forefront of artfully blending authentic coffee for over 120 years. Blended and roasted in Italy, the Espresso Italiano is a smooth and robust beverage for anyone who loves authentic espresso. Lavazza pays close attention to creating a sustainable way of operating by looking closely at their coffee producers’ cultural, economic, and environmental conditions.

Created from a 100% premium Arabica coffee blend with beans sourced from Central and South America, the Lavazza Espresso Italiano’s medium roast delivers high aromatic notes of fruit and flowers, a rich body the uniqueness of Italian coffee crema, and a delicious flavor. Each blend is carefully selected, roasted, and ground according to the specified quality standards and contains no GMO.

This coffee can be brewed in a drip coffee machine, an espresso machine, a French press, a Moka pot, or used to prepare a cold brew. You can find the 12 ounce or 2.2-pound whole bean bags at Costco.

San Francisco Bay French Roast Coffee

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For over 40 years, San Francisco Bay Coffee has been perfecting the art of growing and roasting coffee, managing sustainability, and practicing fair trade. They are committed to pushing the envelope for coffee farming by offering innovative products that minimize waste.

Blended from beans sourced from Central and South America, San Francisco Bay French Roast coffee is grown sustainably under certified Kosher standards. Grown at an elevation of 1,200 to 2,000 meters, the 100% Arabica beans used in this blend make a fine brew when coarsely ground for a French Press or finely ground for a magnificent and robust espresso.

The beans in this coffee are roasted until all the flavor oils rise to the bean’s surface, creating a full-bodied, dark roast with tasting dark chocolate and toasted cinnamon notes. The coffee has a delicious smoky finish. You can find this whole bean coffee in a 2-pound bag at Costco.

Keurig Everyday Favorites Coffee Collection

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While our mornings may sometimes be manic, we all appreciate the simplicity of popping in your favorite K-cup and receiving caffeinated goodness in seconds. Depending on how you feel that morning, you may require a dark roast to reboot your brain enzymes or something lighter for a calm, breezy day. You can’t go wrong with the Keurig Everyday Favorites Coffee collection.

Keurig was established in Massachusetts in 1992. It targeted the office market when it launched its first brewers and K-Cup pods in 1998. The home brewers were later introduced in 2004. Since then, they have been livening mornings with their selection of single-serve coffee containers.

The Everyday Favorites K-Cup pod coffee collection includes 100 K-Cup pods. The pods feature four much-loved flavors from brands operating under Keurig. This particular set comes with Nantucket medium roast coffee from Green Mountain coffee roasters, Newman’s Own Organics unique blend, Panera dark roast coffee, and Tully’s dark French roast coffee. The Keurig Everyday Favorites Coffee Collection K-Cups are all recyclable and work with most pod coffee makers.

Peet’s Cafe Domingo K-Cup Coffee Pods

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Based in Berkeley, California, Peet’s Coffee Company has been brewing and serving over 2 billion cups of coffee each year from its retail stores. They have built their reputation for craft roasting and delivering freshly roasted coffee beans to order.

Taking more than five years to perfect Peet’s Single Cup, the company has put their blending and roasting procedures under a microscope, designing a specific dose for each blend and a grind parameter that they ensure to the micron. Peet’s Cafe Domingo is deployed through a mesh-like filter, allowing the smooth, balanced flavors of 100% Arabica beans to fill your coffee cup.

Although Peet’s Cafe Domingo has some caffeine, it has no GMO features, it is gluten-free and follows Kosher restrictions. You can also find the Lavazza Espresso Italiano available as ground beans (for those without a grinder) and as K-Cup pods.

This K-Cup set found at Costco can comfortably serve 60 espressos.

Ruta Maya Organic Decaf

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When looking for truly organic, decaffeinated coffee, you can’t go wrong with Ruta Maya Organic Decaf.

This coffee only uses Arabica beans grown at high elevations and harsher weather conditions in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. This particular climate slows the bean’s growth, producing more refined flavors once the beans are processed, roasted, and ground. Ruta Maya’s shade-grown coffee is a habitat for various species of birds and butterflies that help reduce global warming. Grown on mineral-rich volcanic soil, Ruta Maya Coffee is free from all chemical fertilizers. This ensures that their production methods are responsible for cleaner air, land, water, and beans.

Ruta Maya uses the Swiss Water process to decaffeinate the beans, and they are roasted in small batches to monitor the quality and roasting variables closely. This organic coffee has a rich and distinctive taste without the trace of bitterness often found in dark roasts.

Starbucks VIA Instant Colombia Coffee

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The Starbucks brand needs no introduction. They are a household name synonymous with coffee, and they have stores in practically every major city around the world. If you are craving a Starbucks coffee that is just as good as a freshly-brewed ‘cuppa’ from the store, you could try the Starbucks VIA instant coffee Colombia. Starbucks gets its beans from the highest coffee plantations in the majestic Andes mountain range.

This is not a coffee for connoisseurs, but people trying out coffee and do not have a coffee machine. All you do is tear open a packet of VIA instant coffee Colombia, add hot water, wait 10 seconds and relish the smooth, balanced taste of 100% Arabica micro-ground coffee with a signature nutty flavor. This medium roasted Colombia gives off complex herbal notes with a walnut-like finish.

Let Your Morning Coffee be Strong Enough to Wake the Neighbors

While there are plenty of coffees lining the shelves at Costco, these are the ones we are currently obsessed by. The official Costco coffee is made under the brand Kirkland that has signature coffee blends from Costa Rica, Sumatra, Rwanda, and Guatemala.

Kirkland’s Signature House Blend Medium Roast, Espresso Blend Dark Roast, and Decaf House Blend Medium Roast are part of the Starbucks brand and are labeled with a “Custom roasted by Starbucks” stamp. Even though they may seem like an untrustworthy version of coffee, Costco has gone out of its way to ensure they are still offering you the best of their products.

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