Coffee Tips: The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans


Thousands of people around the world wake up with just one thought – I need my coffee! A fresh cup of hot coffee helps them feel perky, fresh, and ready to face everything the day hurls at them. Right? There is really only one way to get that perfect fresh cup, and that is starting out with fresh coffee beans. As coffee lovers, here’s our secret to keeping your coffee beans in tip-top condition.

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Is a Glass Container Okay for Coffee Beans?

You may have a fancy glass jar to store your coffee beans, thinking this will have great aesthetic appeal and keep all the air out. Pass on the jar and instead, use the packaging that the beans come in. High quality beans normally have a little release valve which allows carbon dioxide to escape without letting air into the bag. When exposed to oxygen, the flavors start to stale within around ten days. Learn more about coffee packaging here.

If you are still tempted to put your coffee beans in a jar, make sure that the jar is opaque. This will protect your coffee from being affected by direct sunlight. Coffee that is exposed to sunlight loses its complexity of flavor as the aromatic oils within the coffee are broken down and gradually disappear. This is because heat or warmth acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions which lead to decay. Ideally, keep your coffee beans in a cool, dark place.

Here is a tinted storage container for you to try! There’s a variety of sizes, so you’re bound to find one large, or small, enough to fit your preference.

Avoid Overstocking Coffee Beans

The ever discerning, cost-cutting customer, may feel it is a good idea to purchase coffee beans in bulk. You may save a little wallet wise, but you lose out a lot in terms of flavor. With coffee, less is more. The beans stay fresh for about ten days once you have opened the pack. Therefore, it is much better to purchase enough coffee to last you around two weeks at a time. Then, grind up just what you need each day and enjoy great tasting, fresh coffee.

As noted above, it’s highly recommended to buy coffee as beans, instead of ground. Learn why in our article, here.

Here’s another container we recommend. This container is vacuum sealed and comes with a handy- dandy scooper, along with a CO2-releasing valve, and a variety of colors to choose from. Best part… It’s under $20!

Can I Freeze My Coffee Beans?

Rumor has it that the freezer is a great place to store coffee beans to keep them fresh. This is a rumor that needs to get shot down immediately! Here’s why. Your beans get frozen up, then you need to thaw them out to grind up and make your cup of coffee. As they thaw out, they retain water, which changes the cell structure of the coffee. Rather than a dry powder for brewing, you end up with a tackier powder that does not taste as great.

Maybe you think the fridge would be better – wrong again. When you take coffee out of the fridge, it starts to condensate, which pushes the oil within the coffee to the surface much faster. In the end, the coffee lacks balance in flavor, and the smell may depend on whatever else was in your fridge at the time.

For our crafty readers, this storage container is for you… This airtight- sealed, black container fits up to 1 pound of coffee beans. But the best part about this is you can draw on it! It comes with an erasable ink pen and is perfect for you to label your container. Check it out!

To ensure you’re grinding your coffee beans to the best of your ability, head over to our article How to Grind Coffee Beans for the Perfect Cup to learn! And when you’re ready to purchase yourself a coffee grinder, here’s our list of the Best Coffee Grinders of 2019.

Know the Coffee Roast Before Storing

Coffee roasts are differentiated by their depth, with some roasts being darker than others. When the roast is darker, it will stay fresher for less time. They also tend to be more porous, which means that they absorb flavors and smells faster. If you are drinking this type of coffee, then once opened, you need to consume it within around five days. Medium roasts stay fresher for a few days more, here’s 7 of the best medium roasts we found in case you want to look for some new coffee.

Learn about the different coffee roasts and determine the best one for you, with our article The Best Shade of Coffee For You.

These tips are best for whole beans, which the experts say will give you the best cup of coffee. When ready to drink the coffee, grind them and use of the ground coffee within a couple of hours. Be kind to yourself, buy a bag of beans, keep them well, and kickstart every day with delicious goodness!

If you have any additional methods you have found to be successful, drop a comment down below and help out your fellow coffee- lovers.

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We’ll brew ya later! ☕️

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