Top Coffee Trends of 2021


Coffee Trends

The everyday bustling coffee shop scene of studying students, remote employees, and laughing buddies has briefly disappeared from our sight. At the same time, enterprises need to restrict their occupancy and adopt social distancing solutions. The coffee shop culture can include short-term adjustments, though one thing remains the same: people adore their coffee. So, let’s see which coffee trends are born this year and why.

As artistic and cultural epicenters, coffee shops navigate what it takes to work with persistence and ingenuity during a pandemic. Grab a cup, and dive into the top coffee trends of 2021, from foreign coffee drinks to subscription services.

International Coffee Flavors

During the pandemic, coffee enthusiasts turned to the internet for coffee recipes to stir their curiosity in foreign coffee flavors. With several Asian coffee drinks coming into play as the caffeinated drinks of choice in 2021, we expect this trend to rise.

Café Turkish

Turkish coffee is a coffee dissolved into water with an extra-fine grounded coffee. Turkish coffee has a strong coffee bean flavor and is served in 2-2.5 ounce Turkish cups.

You may offer a cold-water palate cleanser with a small, sweet item such as chocolate or Turkish delight to counteract the gratuitously extracted coffee bean flavor of Turkish coffee.

Making Turkish Coffee

The secret to producing Turkish coffee is the fine Turkish grind consistency, which most burr grinders can not achieve and requires an additional Turkish grinder tool. Any variety of coffee beans can be grounded to Turkish coffee consistency.

turkish coffee
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Dalgona Coffee

A Korean whipped coffee fad, Dalgona coffee, was first made famous on TikTok in March 2020 and spread by the masses over the next eight months.

Four ingredients are found in Dalgona coffee: instant coffee, water, milk, and sugar. Although Dalgona coffee is subtle, it captured the public’s attention with its pleasing presentation of fluffy whipped coffee resting on top of ice-cold milk. During the covid-19 pandemic, people mastered making basic Dalgona coffee, and now it will push the trend to make unique coffees on this foundation.

dalgona coffee
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Vietnamese Coffee Trends

It is not shocking that Vietnamese coffee drinks would take away some of 2021’s warmest Foreign Coffee Flavors. Vietnam is also the second significant producer and exporter of coffee in volume. Most of the coffee beans in Vietnam come from the Robusta genus.

Double caffeine strength, increased acidity, and a thicker mouthfeel are traits of robusta coffee beans. The preparation techniques of ca phe trung (egg coffee) and ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) Vietnamese coffee drinks balance the intense flavor of robusta beans and produce drinks that both coffee connoisseurs and amateurs can enjoy.

robusta beans
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Simple Coffee Beverages That are Easy to Make

Instant brewed coffee to make at homes is a growing market. Also, many coffee drinkers working remotely from their residence are unable to hang out in their local cafes.

While many are looking for simple means to replicate the high-quality coffee house experience, others will improve barista talents to try various coffee drink styles, and craft foreign coffee savors in 2021.

Instant Coffee

The appetite of consumers in instant coffee grew before Dalgona coffee, and coffee sales have snowballed ever since. However, instant coffee would not be just part of more complicated beverages but will be in the general public’s focus. Although customers want instant coffee to be easy, they are not willing to compromise their taste. In 2021, companies will battle to be the most popular brand of a better deal, delish, and balanced in the industry of organic coffee.

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Ready to Drink Coffee

As customers grow more fitness-conscious, canned coffee could overtake soft drinks in 2021. In 2018, it was proclaimed that ready-to-drink coffee is the fastest-growing sector in the retail coffee industry and the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drink. The leading RTD coffee consumer is generation Z customers (born between 1995 and 2007); 46% of this age group were buying ready-to-go coffee. These customers are concerned with the effect on the climate. So, 2021 RTD coffee will be made keeping in mind the environmental footprints.

Recyclable Coffee Pods

Although several coffee lovers love the idea of single-use pods, they still worry about the environmental effects of plastic pods. To remain significant in 2021, coffee pod manufacturers will tackle customer issues and offer recyclable coffee pods.

Photo by Łukasz Rawa on Unsplash

Coffee for Wellbeing

The move to healthier coffee will flourish in 2021 owing to an increasingly health-conscious audience. While recent Harvard School of Public Health studies show that coffee may reduce the risk of type two diabetes, some consumers have outdated views that coffee is harmful and are searching for coffee alternatives. Also, many who appreciate the health benefits of coffee want to include nutritional boosters and vitamin supplements.

Excellent Additives for Coffee

Consumers who have the latest knowledge about the innate health benefits of coffee want to strengthen them. As coffee is part of several people’s everyday routine, adding nutritious additives into their coffee allows them to take supplements so this is one of the coffee trends that will live this year.

Nutritious Additives

  • Mushroom Coffee: Add herbal mushroom powder with medicinal properties to your black coffee and enjoy the benefits like good digestion and smooth bowel movements. It also acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Turmeric Coffee: By adding turmeric to your coffee you increase its medicinal value. Turmeric has an anti-microbial effect in traditional medicine. You can easily brew turmeric with coffee to enjoy the health benefits.

Subscription Boxes for Your Favorite Coffee

By looking at the consumption of coffee and purchasing habits, coffee boxes become relevant and useful in everyday use and will become one of the top coffee trends of 2021 for sure.

Roughly 80% of the consumers like having their coffee at home, and 46% of these coffee drinkers buy pre-grounded roasted coffee. Coffee houses and roasters are gradually introducing subscription services and giving consumers customized deliveries of coffee.

New coffee trends will build unique business ventures in 2021. Around 84% of Americans take coffee often, and of these, 65% drink coffee every day.

Keeping up-to-date regarding coffee fads and understanding how and when to promote them for various coffee customers will help companies prosper in any environment.

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