Coffee Crema Composition: What is Coffee Creamer Made Of?


Some men and women see creamers as unhealthy and method too artificial for his or her liking. Others view it as a first-rate solution to change the milk. Either side has very convincing reasons, but you possibly have not heard the first group’s arguments. So let’s see what is coffee creamer made of.

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Non-Dairy Cream

Well, this will sound quite disgusting, so prepare yourselves.

Most non-dairy cream‘s main ingredient is corn syrup. Which is essentially just sugar. So you’re consuming a ton of carbohydrates right off the start. And we all know how unhealthy that is, they don’t call it “white death” in some countries for no reason.

The next is soybeans or cottonseed oil. This is only in there so this “cream” has a thicker consistency and doesn’t feel and look like water.

You also might be wondering where the color comes from. Once again, this ingredient isn’t natural at all. It’s called sodium caseinate. It comes from actual milk, but barely has any pros about it. All it does is make the “cream” white and a bit thicker. But it’s also a nutrient suppressor, which means that it makes it harder for you to absorb whatever else you consume.

And the last one is a kind of phosphate that stabilizes all this.

In case you gather the braveness to pour yet another non-diary creamer into your espresso, then I applaud you. Check out “Is Coffee Creamer Unhealthy?” for more info if you should be putting creamer in your cup or not.

What Does All This Mean For Your Health?

So now you know what is coffee creamer made of and if you are asking what would happen if you used it once, then the answer is simple: nothing. There are basically no short term side effects to creamers, so you can use it every once in a while. It’s still good for those who are on the road and can’t carry around a carton of milk. Looking for a healthier method to creamers? Try making it at home in “How to Make Coffee Creamer at Home“.

But when you take the long term effects into account then you might not want to stick to creamers all the time, as they do more damage than you would think.

Let’s take Coffee Mate’s Liquids as an example. Many people have experienced nausea, dizziness, vomiting and liver dysfunction. These are all serious things that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So why are people still going crazy for them?

Well, mainly because they are called dairy-free. Which is true, but you might be better off with a little bit of a stomach ache or flatulence, than these long term effects.

But generally, there are so many more things that can happen to your body if you use creamers constantly, so watch out for your health. Check out this dairy-free plant-based coffee creamer we found.

What Can Happen To Your Body in the Long Term?

The short answer: way too many bad things.

If you are on a weight-reduction plan then one of the most obvious side effects will be the weight gain (which will be very obvious even just after a couple of weeks). Because of the corn syrup, you are consuming way more carbohydrates than you normally would. (Especially if you chose a dairy-based product, which is known to have protein and fat, but lacks carbohydrates.) This can really get you off your track while dieting, so either uses milk or skip it entirely.

But the worst part of creamers is the trans fat, which we all know causes heart problems. Long term use can result in a stroke, but some cases of type 2 diabetes have been linked to too much trans fat in a person’s body as well. Be sure to also take a look at “What Alternatives are there for Coffee Creamer?” for more options to your cup in the morning.

It also lowers your HDL levels (your good cholesterol) and raises your LDL levels (your bad cholesterol). This means that if you have an already existing heart condition creamers have a good chance at making it way worse.

Check out this list of vegan coffee creamers we found for you so you don’t have to worry about your health when you think of a cup of coffee. Take a look at “10 Vegan Coffee Creamers You’ve Never Tried” for more.

It must have been shocking to learn all this, but there’s a good chance that you haven’t done too much damage. If you don’t experience the negative effects of creamers (or don’t seem to notice them), then you are likely to still okay. At this point, all you need to do is go back to milk or any milk alternative. Just skip the creamer, it’s not worth it if you want to use it regularly.

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