Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy


Feeling Sleepy

Do you feel drowsy after having coffee? Here you can find some information regarding why does coffee make you sleepy.

Are you among those who always end up worrying about why coffee makes you sleepy? Or why, for me, does coffee act as a sedative drug rather than providing a refreshed mood?

It is not a concern, but you can feel dizzy or exhausted for various reasons after having coffee.

Reasons Behind Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy


One of the reasons that you feel sleepy is that coffee has diuretic properties. When you consume coffee to stay awake, the body starts a cycle of dehydration, which causes fatigue.

Coffee is a stimulant with the active compound being Caffeine commonly consumed all over the globe in the form of different kinds of drinks. It stimulates the brain and helps a person to be active by boosting energy levels.

However, for some people, it acts opposite to a stimulant. They feel tiredness and weariness in their bodies after drinking coffee instead of being energized and fresh.

Due to its ability to communicate with different parts present in your body, Caffeine is considered a strong stimulant. The brain and heart are primarily part of these. Caffeine makes the heart pump faster, which increases the blood flow across the body.

The blood flow accelerates Caffeine’s utilization typically but can also use much energy because of the reduced water level in the blood, which obstructs its flow.

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What Causes Dehydration?

Caffeine is a diuretic compound that, by promoting diuresis in the body that makes a person urinate more frequently, which causes a reduction in the overall water percentage in blood.

It is one of the key reasons why, after drinking coffee, a person feels tired. Dehydration involves the loss of water in the body, leading to thicker blood. It ends up transferring less oxygen all over the body. After that, one suddenly feels exhausted and sleepy.

Caffeine serves as a sedative drug for specific individuals. Fewer levels of oxygen decrease the speed and proportion of the average body working. Gradually, this decrease causes a person to feel sluggish. It can sometimes take hours for the coffee high to kick in as it may not be strong.

Caffeine Resistant

If you are consuming coffee regularly several times a day, the body gets adapted to it, and if you skip any of your daily dose of it, you will feel fatigued, exhausted, or dizzy.

You may not feel high on daily coffee consumption, but missing it would undoubtedly make you want it at any time because it contains Caffeine.

Low-Quality Coffee

Will coffee render you sleepy even though you are a coffee drinker regularly? Well, okay! It can happen if you have opted for a cheap brand of coffee. Some brands or local markets supply low-quality goods that are a blend of low-quality Caffeine with other compounds.

Due to the unusual reactions taking place in the body, drinking such coffee will make you feel sleepy and tired.

When buying cheap coffee, quality is a significant concern as Caffeine is a potent drug. If Caffeine’s quality is not up to the mark, then severe health issues can arise after regular consumption.

Adenosine is a compound in our body that makes us feel tired. Caffeine is capable of hindering and then removing Adenosine from the brain; that is why it is well known for raising energy levels in the body.

So, it prevents your brain from getting tired, but if you do, then the working of the Caffeine present in your coffee might be somewhat irregular.

Too Much Coffee

If you start consuming too much coffee, it can become part of your body and avoid hindering your brain’s regular functioning, which can be one of the reasons you don’t feel active anymore.


Dizziness can be an effect of Adenosine; this influences the brain’s activity as Caffeine reaches the body to make it feel rejuvenated and alert. For that reason, it does not cause the adenosine compound to tie up with cells in the brain that makes you think not fatigued after consuming coffee.

However, adenosine compounds that were present before or were formed during the presence of Caffeine in the body trigger as the effect of coffee begin to fade away.

They start searching for cells when there is no barrier in the way after caffeine levels are down; they tie-up with different cells of the brain and immediately make you feel exhausted and lethargic.
This usually happens after the Caffeine is expelled from the body in four to five hours.

Caffeine and Sugar

Your heart and brain cells activate faster than normal when Caffeine reaches your body. Their faster and higher activity absorbs more sugar, which breaks down the sugar molecules in your body.

Sudden energy consumption and burning of glucose reduce the body’s sugar levels, which can contribute to sleepiness and exhaustion. The use of energy and glucose molecules will make you feel hungry afterward as well.

Instead of making you feel high because of Caffeine, sweet coffee that contains more than normal sugar ends up giving your body a sugar rush. At a very high rate, Caffeine dissolves within the body.

But when it comes to sugar, it mixes much more easily with the blood and the body than with Caffeine.

So, sugar demonstrates its effects even quicker than Caffeine when Caffeine and sugar are consumed at the same time. This can also explain why you cannot enjoy the pure effects of coffee drinking or caffeine intake.

Water is Very Important

The amount of water found in your body plays a significant role when it comes to coffee consumption. Coffee typically leads to dehydration that can end up making you feel tired as well.

If your intake of water is lower than the amount needed, then your consumption of Caffeine might affect you a bit differently. More dopamine secretions in the brain of people who typically drink a lot of water than those who do not. That is because water’s presence in their bodies normalizes the activity of the body. Then, any external drug or treatment may work at its very best in the body without hindrance.

If your water levels in your body are deficient and coffee makes you sleepy, then by now, you know the answer; you can increase your water intake in a day. That would help you get better results from Caffeine and other compounds.

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