Yemen & Coffee: Everything You Wanted to Know


Most likely, you don’t know about the importance of Yemen when it comes to coffee. Especially if you only recently started learning about it.

This is quite a shame, as Yemen should be more known for its coffee. It’s unique and amazing, especially given the circumstances. And you should most definitely try it no matter if you have been drinking coffee for a while or are only a beginner.

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The Connection Between Yemen and Arabica Coffee Beans

Besides the close locations, you likely wouldn’t guess that Yemeni and Arabica coffee have anything to do with each other. And unfortunately, there are not many specific facts about the relationship between the two, only legends and myths. If you hear something about the connection between them, then look up some facts and verify it first before you accept it as a fact.

For example, some say that Yemeni coffee might have been the origin of Arabica. It is simply something the locals say there, no facts behind it. But if we think about it, then this occurrence isn’t that unbelievable. First, the two are grown close to each other. Arabians taking the idea and improving it could have easily happened. Secondly, Yemeni coffee is pretty similar to Arabica, just slightly less potent. But that can be explained easily, as people in Yemen never had the resources and tools to make finer coffee, like people in Arabia have.

But of course, Yemeni coffee is also connected to Ethiopian coffee, but the claim that Ethiopians took the coffee and refined it is quite unbelievable, so we would rather leave that topic alone.

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The Origin of Yemeni Coffee

You probably know about “mocha” coffees. They are a kind of coffee that is blended with chocolate and is a trendy drink nowadays. Well, this wasn’t always the case.

Yemeni coffee was initially called Mocha coffee. This originally happened because the beans were grown near the city called Mocha (or also spelled Moka, Moca, Mocca). Although, that wouldn’t have been enough to give the name. It was the main export point for coffee in Yemen, and it was the city that made Yemen pretty famous for its coffee.

But because of the name, people started believing that Yemeni coffee is supposed to have chocolate notes or be flavored with chocolate. Well, these things are not true at all. The rumors are completely false, yet they somehow still arise, even after this untrue fact has been cleared up.

Simply said: do not buy Yemeni coffee if you want it to taste like chocolate. It won’t. Don’t believe those rumors. If you want something like that, then it is available even in Yemeni coffees, but you have to specifically look for them because they don’t taste of chocolate by default.

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The Yemeni Coffee You Can Buy Nowadays

We now know that the farmers struggle to keep their plants alive, and it’s even harder to make them flourish. Because of this, it is tough to find some good quality coffee from Yemen. But we are here to help.

Here are the top 3 coffees from Yemen that you should try:

1. Al Mokha

If the name feels similar then good for you. It is called Mokha because it is a traditionally made coffee which is the same as the world’s first coffee.

Mainly because this is the actual first coffee in the world.

We don’t get why more people don’t know of this coffee. It’s a dark roast, has a full-body, and is very creamy. Also, if you were looking for that chocolate taste then here you go. This one has chocolate notes that instantly pop out while drinking this fantastic, bold coffee.

But the best part might be that this brand of coffee is doing something amazing. It was first established by a group of Harvard students who wanted to help Yemen stabilize its economy. Well, this coffee became popular, and they are on their merry way of succeeding.

Any coffee lover must try this. It is the original coffee experience!

2. Mokha origin reserve coffee: Yemen light roast

These beans are almost the same as the last ones. They are from the same brand, so you will be supporting the economy and the local farmers still.

But this is for those who like lighter roasts and would rather skip the dark ones. It has a much creamier consistency while remaining just as potent and full of flavor. But you get to skip the bitterness.

This one has citrus notes! We don’t know about you, but it seems exotic, and that is a good enough reason for us to give it a try. But it also has the perfect finish with a delightful chocolate taste that stays in your mouth for long after you have swallowed your drink.

It also gives a strong punch to those who drink it while tired. It is full of caffeine and can easily wake you up in the morning.

3. Coffee bean direct: green unroasted mocha java style

Please note the word: “unroasted.” If you buy this coffee, then you will need to roast it yourself. Which can be positive or negative, depending on how much energy you are willing to put into your coffee.

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This blend took 400 years to perfect, and that process is still going on. You can try this one. After all this time of careful growing and selecting, it has become one of the best coffees in the world mainly because it’s a blend of coffee from Mocha and the Island of Java.

It’s also made traditionally, which is a rarity nowadays.

But let’s talk about the taste since that is the most relevant part of it. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything for sure as the flavor will almost depend on the roast.

It can have chocolate, tobacco, citrus, or even hazelnut notes. But some people even noticed marshmallow ones! These beans have several varieties, so you will find what you are looking for. It will just take a little bit of experimentation.

But generally, it has a full body and a vibrant taste.

The coffee grown and processed in Yemen is unique. It is made with a ton of work in unfavorable conditions, and it still comes out tasting delicious. It is a must-try for every coffee lover, as they provide you with the full coffee experience.

Will you try Yemeni coffee? Or any of the beans from the list above? Tell us down in the comments below! Be sure to also check out “5 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in America” for a list of the best drinks you can find around.

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