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Some people like to enjoy a cup of coffee every once in a while. This can be for different reasons like the taste, the energy, or simply the experience of hot bittersweet liquid making its way down your throat. Each of these is valid and a huge part of drinking coffee. But some people only like one of these and would rather skip the others. If you are one of those who would rather taste the flavor, then it’s a pretty rough world out there. Every kind of coffee substitute will either involve the energy boost or the warmth going down to your stomach.

Thankfully though, there are a ton of coffee candies that will allow you to skip those two. And fortunately for you, we have put together a definitive guide so you can find the perfect one that fits your taste.

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Coming straight from Indonesia, Bali’s Best. This hard candy is perfect for those who don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer the bitter and dark taste of chocolate. It doesn’t have too much sugar, so the sweetness won’t overwhelm your mouth straight away. Instead, it will take things slow and let you appreciate the muted coffee taste while also giving you the well-deserved flavor of a treat.

The consistency is quite interesting. It’s a bit sticky and melts very easily, so you shouldn’t keep it anywhere warm. The candies will melt into the wrapper, and you will never be able to get it out. But because of this softness, they are delightful. Unlike many candies, it invites you to let it melt instead of chewing it up.

The largest pack you can buy consists of 12 sacks. Someone did the math in the reviews, counting each sack as having 43 individual pieces. In total, that comes out to be 516 pieces! That’s crazy! Want to know how much this costs? $18.28. Or if you want to know the price of each candy, then it’s three and a half cents per piece. You won’t find a deal this good anywhere else.

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Another famous brand of hard candies coming from Indonesia. You can get them in regular coffee or cappuccino taste. Both of them are amazing and very rich in taste. Although this candy is even less sweet and more full of coffee. We can give you an exact number. 2.45% of each candy is coffee extract. That isn’t enough to provide you with an energy boost, of course, but just right to give the candy a very potent coffee flavor.

These are candies that will not melt at all (okay, they will, but they can take much more heat than others). This is because they are half cream and half candy. But these two things are never mixed. The candy is on the outside, and the cream is on the inside. It melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Let’s talk about the price now that we have established how great these small treats are. Each flavor comes in batches of 200. You can get smaller jars of it, but you will get more product for less this way. For the cappuccino candy, you need to spend $13.85. It comes out to be a little under 7 cents for each piece. Much higher than Bali’s, but some would argue that this price difference is worth it. The regular coffee ones cost $15.85, so a little under 8 cents per piece.

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These candies are from Turkey. If you are from Europe, then you surely know about the brand ‘Damla.’ The sugary sweetness that all children like because the taste is very intense, and there are a ton of flavors it comes in. And finally, we have one that can work for adults as well because they are not nearly as sweet as the usual ones. Well, you will still fear diabetes after each candy, because they were made for people with an insane case of a sweet tooth.

The consistency is what makes these special, though. They are soft, so at first, it feels like you are biting into the gum. But then the thick and creamy filling will flood your mouth, and you will be made sure that you got the right treat. They will most definitely get stuck in your teeth, though, so beware of that. If you have loose dental fillings, then please don’t try them, there is a very good chance that you will either completely pull them out or the sugar will get trapped in the cavity.

Each bag has around 15 candies in it, and a small bag costs $2.99. That is a little under 20 cents per piece. Expensive? Yes. Still worth trying? Absolutely. The cost really shouldn’t deter you, as this experience is one of a kind. And you still don’t lose much if you end up not liking it in the end.

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Toffee and coffee are rarely mentioned together. We don’t understand why, though, as these candies sure made us wonder why there aren’t many more brands out there who make them. They are rich in taste, and you can’t tell the difference between the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee and these candies. Yes, they are that great.

But of course, all toffees are sticky and messy. They get stuck in your teeth and all over your mouth, and they struggle to clean out. But that’s what all toffees come with, so if you like them, then these negatives will not matter at all.

Once again, these candies can’t be bought in huge batches. The biggest you can get weighs about a kilogram and costs $19.99. Pretty decent for such a delicacy.

Quick note: it’s really easy to overindulge with these toffees. The whole bag contains 4341 calories. Over two times the recommended amount for the average adult for a day (and even then you haven’t eaten anything nutritious). Please watch how much you eat because toffees are generally easy to gain weight with, but these are even worse.

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We included this candy because it can work for anyone. It tastes just like freshly brewed coffee, as the manufacturers got the aroma just right. You can even get it in different flavors like French Vanilla and Caramel Cream. But that is not all. These candies managed to taste great and remain organic and vegan. They will perfectly fit your dietary needs. It also lacks preservatives, coloring, dairy, or high fructose corn syrup. So if you are worried about what your child eats, then this is the perfect snack for them.

The consistency is just like any hard candy. It melts if it gets a little warmer than room temperature, so keep it in a fridge or a dark room where the sun doesn’t shine on it. Once they melt, the candies will be tough to eat.

A bag is about 110 grams and costs $5.99. This sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, it is, unfortunately. Although this coffee candy is considered to be “premium” for an excellent reason, the price reflects that. We highly suggest trying it out if you have the opportunity to do so.

If you love the taste of coffee, then you need to have a couple of coffee-flavored candies in your pocket at all times. They make for perfect treats, small energy boosts, and snacks for when you are just bored. So make sure to try out one of the options we gave you because they are amazing for all these purposes.

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